Faith and Purpose Over Fame and Fortune with Darrell Green


We were honored to be able to sit down and talk with NFL Hall of Famer, Darrell Green at his charity golf outing. For those that may not know who Darrell Green is…he’s a pretty big deal. Arguably the best defensive back to ever play the game and arguably the fastest player of all time, once recording a 4.09 40 time. He was a 2x Super Bowl Champ, NFL Man of the Year, 7x pro-bowler, holding double-digit NFL records…the list goes on and on as he is one of the most decorated defensive players to ever play. But most importantly, he always stayed humble, worked extremely hard, and stayed focused on his main purpose, which was fulfilling God’s plan for his life and living for Him and not fame and fortune.

That led him to start the Darrell Green Youth Life Foundation to develop leaders by making long-term investments in children from at-risk communities. The foundation accomplishes this by supporting students academically, developing their character from a young age, raising expectations, and investing in their lives through committed mentoring relationships. My sister Heather, who we had on an earlier podcast, started this foundation in Richmond, Virginia and they have been running strong now for over 20 years. 

We took the opportunity to sponsor a hole at their golf tournament this year, where we hung out all day, talking with each group and the celebrities coming through about what we’re all about here at Core4Life. We were also able to sit down with Darrell for a bit and record this podcast to hear more about his heart for the foundation. Darrell was quick to mention to us that he turns down most podcasts, but because it was my sister, he was happy to make an exception and we were very appreciative.