We're just four regular dudes doing our best to improve ourselves in order to help others around us. We've discovered some things that have helped us in 4 key areas of our life that we call the Core Four Pillars - beFIT, beDRIVEN, beNOBLE, and beCHILL. Our goal is to share those insights with as many people as we can and learn even more as we go.

Check out our first podcast episode to learn more about how Core4Life came to be.

Our Core4


Mike Brown

Mike lives in Hartville, OH with his wife Sara and 3 boys; Ryder, Emmitt and Coleman. He has been in sales and sales management and training for a professional consulting company his entire career, so he understands the importance of staying motivated, setting goals and accountability. However, Mike also knows there’s a time to take off the work hat and have some fun. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends and playing outside with his 3 active boys.


Andrew Hudson

As a married father of 4 working in financial services, Andrew knows first-hand the need for good time management and goal setting. He spent the last decade helping others save and invest for success in retirement. His wife Kendall is a registered nurse and they both stay busy feeding and keeping up with their 4 active boys. He enjoys watching and playing a variety of sports especially football, basketball, and the UFC. In the rare moments of down time he likes to relax with a book, board game, or informative podcast.


Ryan Shary

Ryan and his wife, Miranda, are kept busy 24/7 with their 4 kids under 7. Keeping a positive balance between family and work has always been an important focus for him. He's learned a couple things about that over the years and is always striving to learn more. He has worked in IT for the entirety of his career and has experience in almost all aspects of technology and project management. He loves spending time with family, playing hockey, video games, working out, and drinking a good bourbon.


Matt Simmonds

Matt lives in Hudson, OH with his wife Laura and three kids Elaine, Clara and Dean. He has been in sales and account management at a local manufacturer for most of his career. Matt has always loved sports, working out, cooking and learning about fitness. After attending a CrossFit gym for several years, Matt and Laura decided to build their own home gym in the garage. A few years later he opened it up to the "Core 4" and the rest is history.