Joe Haddad: Leading a Driven Life


***DISCLAIMER*** Someone (who shall remain nameless) didn’t switch the mic again off of the laptop mic, so the quality of the recording is not up to Core4Life standards…our most humble apologies. However, the content from Joe was still very high quality. So join us this week as we sat down with Joe Haddad and listen in on how he started … Read More



We are blessed by some amazing wives. In today’s episode, you’ll get to find out more about our (waaaaay) better halves. We sit down with all of the Core4Wives – Miranda (Ryan), Sara (Mike), Laura (Matt), and Kendall (Andrew) – to get their thoughts on what it was like when we started the podcast, what the pillars mean to them, … Read More

Kory Bays – Man on a Mission


Join us this week to listen in on our conversation with Kory Bays, as he walked through the challenges of starting his own business and his trials of faith through that process.

Podcast Episode 24: Dave Pyper – What makes you come alive?


Dave is a teacher, coach for over 35 years, and the man who gave me a love for history. Married for 35 years with 4 sons and 4 grandkids. Bourbon – No bourbon this week as we kick off our fitness 2021 challenge beFIT Dave was a wrestler in high school and fell in love with the sport in 9thgrade. … Read More

Quick Hits – Flexibility vs. Conviction


What convictions do you stand firm on, and when do you exhibit flexibility? This can apply to politics, parenting, social interactions, and tons of other situations. One of our favorite guests, Marc Benedict, brings that very timely topic to the table.  We talk it out on today’s podcast. We’ll be bringing you these shorter, one-topic Quick Hits episodes every other week! … Read More

Podcast Episode 19 – Jared Sylvester: Cancer Survivor and Miracle Dad


You do not get to hear stories this encouraging every day. Jared was diagnosed with osteosarcoma going into his Junior year of college. He shares his journey through his battle with cancer and how it has shaped him and his future. Whiskey: Long Road Distillers (Grand Rapids, Michigan) – Straight American Whiskey 01:50 – Upbringing: Transition into college and radical … Read More

Podcasts to keep us Driven


I love a good podcast and apparently so do a lot of other people. There has been an explosion of wonderful podcasts in the last decade that entertain, inform, and educate us on a wide variety of topics. At Core4Life we recently launched our own podcast and have been having a blast recording them. We hope you find the content … Read More