We are blessed by some amazing wives. In today’s episode, you’ll get to find out more about our (waaaaay) better halves. We sit down with all of the Core4Wives – Miranda (Ryan), Sara (Mike), Laura (Matt), and Kendall (Andrew) – to get their thoughts on what it was like when we started the podcast, what the pillars mean to them, how they’ve seen us change through this experience, their favorite episodes, and much more!


Podcast Transcription:

Hows it going, everyone? Glad you could join us for another episode of core for life, where youre host on Mike here with Matt Ryan and Andrew, as we bring you another episode every Thursday to discuss four key pillars in our lives, be fit be driven, be Noble and be chill and how our faith is the backbone behind each of those pillars. Were talkin to some awesome gas along the way as well as tackling different topics all in the pursuit of staying accountable with each other and living Our Lives. The way God intended doing in each week, to see if there may be something missing in your life. Lets jump into todays episode after a quick ad for our sponsor. Have you ever thought about making podcast with thought, probably too hard to get started. Couldnt be further from the truth when you use anchor. First of all, its free. So check off box number one and has easy-to-use creation tools on your browser or your phone, Acura distributor podcast for you and you can make money. No matter how many listeners you have, it really is a One-Stop shop for all of your podcast needs. So stop delaying and download the free anchor app or go to Anchor. FM to get started. We got a very fun episode tonight. Definitely the best looking at the soda that weve had here with all of the, the wire heater core for Wife episode, probably held out this long because we didnt want all the wives outshining us knowing that they be much better than us. You know. Thats our prideful broken sinfulness. I think in us as men in general, but the realest in the exact the realest. So, definitely glad to have them here. I think weve all said it on the mic before that, weve all married up, plenty of times. I feel like its only been me that its been set to a lot more like Mike, you really did Mariah happened at that. So yeah, thanks for that guys preciate it. But if we all can agree with all married up and we all married up, well, so we wanted to get the wives on to show that, you know, were not just doing this for fun out here. Were doing this to continue to improve our lives. Our marriages, are our kids relationships with them, anything that we So again, very happy to have you guys all here tonight and well just kick it around you guys to give some intro. So start off with my wife, Sarah Mikes wife, weve been married for almost 12 years in August and we have three boys cuz might have heard about that before and Im excited to be here tonight with everybody. Honestly, Im a little bit nervous right now, sweating a little bit but It was also a hundred and two degrees in here, but I think we can have a fun night so Im looking forward to it. Matt, you enjoy your wife. and now my wife Laura, Hi, Im Laura. Thats why if weve been married for eleven years, we just celebrated that couple weeks ago we have three kiddos or oldest to school age and our youngest is about to turn to and Im excited to be here. I have just excited to be on the podcast and Im Kendall I am Andrews wife, we have four boys, our oldest is about to turn 11 into days and then we have a seven-year-old and twin 5 and 1/2 year olds. Im just happy to be here. Also, kind of nervous and sweaty. I am Miranda. I am Ryans wife. We have four kids 7 year old twins, a four year old and a one-and-a-half-year-old. We have been married for 11 years. We just celebrated that on Saturday and I am a stay-at-home homeschool mom to all four of them. So Dont sound too excited about it. Oh yeah and Im excited to be here on my face taking some time to hang out with your husbands tonight. Im sorry, its so difficult for some of you here thought this would be our our one and only chance to have a wine on the podcast but we got to mix so theyre a little wrench in it. I mean want you guys all go tell what youre drinking right now. What what what drink did you choose? I just have to see what year what year. I chose a posi Epi also known as a hazy IPA. I chose a nice crisp in cold Chardonnay and I had Margarita on the Rocks but my rocks have melted with salts. No, I know Ive never asked Sarah this but I was curious as to what you guys thought when and what your reaction was when we said hey were going to start a podcast. But I think my first reaction was like, oh okay, maybe a little bit of an eye roll but I just, I didnt really know what that meant. I didnt know what that would look like. I wasnt sure where it was all going. Obviously I I want to be Mikes biggest cheerleader, his biggest fan but I also in my head, its like, well, what does that mean for us? What does that mean for our boys? What does that mean? Time wise, you already work full time. Are you going to be spending more time with your friends and with us? Is it just going to be like a Get to hang out with your friends saying so I didnt know what it would be like at first, but Ive been pleasantly surprised. I think with how well its all going and the way its all unfolded and I know, my boys are proud to say that Daddy does podcast is. Our kids are always cheering and saying core for life and core 14 kids, cuz theres fourteen of them between us, I would Echo. What Sarah said about I was like I roll Emoji. I like what is this new thing? That the boys are coming up with to get to spend more time together. Like, is it really going to turn out to anything? Or is it just a waste of time? But I mean theyve been at it for over a year and Ive been really proud of him and the rest of the guys so yeah, its its been good. I think my reaction was like, youre starting a podcast, Im so jealous. So cool. At first I was kind of like the four pillars. What are the four pillars? What if somebody doesnt meet that for pillar in their life? What you going to do it? You know I had all those legs questions about that but for the most part I love listen to podcast though. Thats kind of always like Im bored. And sometimes the things about time dont always like sinking right away with me its usually the initial like that. So yeah. Thats my first reaction. I love all Lauras questions cuz Andrew told me and then he said were going to court in our basement. If its everyones coming over lets do it. I just want to see they come over if thats all it matters. Excited. I didnt ask many questions. I just like that. Sounds great. Lets do it. So, are you guys going to wake up the kids? Like, you guys are so loud and I was just, I guess. Are you guys really answered my second part question to that? Which is how has your reaction changed sounds like for the positive overall mostly? But, you know, I guess on top of that and you said a little bit too. But what what type of impact have you guys seen from it? You know, we we have some stories that we hear from people, but I mean, has there been anything that stuck out to you from the time that we started this a year-and-a-half ago? But I think about is like three people that come to mind. So one of them is Matts dad. I think he really likes listening to the podcast. Hes, Im a widow. So I think its just a great way for him to feel like connected to Matt and his group of friends, he knows all of you. He knows about your lives, you know, he knows your names. Your wifes name is all of that. Also I think my dad has listen to a few episodes here and there. And then our neighbor really loves podcast. And his daughter actually works in like a company that generates Cast or something. So, hes listen to a few, in the last two people I mention, I dont think I have a face background, so I think thats a really cool that people go and listen to the podcast. And they get to hear stories of men who whose faith is really important to them. So I think thats pretty cool. Thats what sticks out to the most of the impact so far. I was just going to say the further reaches of it like when everything started I think I was thinking like our church family or just like people we know and you kind of said your neighbor and stuff, but now that you guys did Len, Howser I was at work and when the girls I work with just was like I was listening. So you guys had Brian sent it to the link to us and I showed everyone at work and some of the Wentworth at work for like I listen to that on my way here so they like had listened to. It had heard about it and they have a Have sons that are our age are in their late twenties and just like Im going to tell my sons about this and I tell their families about this and so just a little bit of us further reach than I really ever thought it would be a me. That sounds very bad but I really just seeing how it has gone out. There is really cool just to see that. Exceeding, our own expectations. Well, we talked a lot about when we talk have a podcast, just the four pillars themselves against that met him already. But beef, it be Noble, be driven and be chill. So usually were getting guys perspectives on that. So I would love to get maybe just a little bit of the female perspective on the four pillars and kind of how thats going to be in packs women little bit differently than men. I definitely think that they are all applicable to women. I think Sarah and I would be in agreement. That the be fit pillar is a little less important to us as we both hate working out. But I mean, its still important to be in good shape and to be active and chasing, you know, your three boys in my foreign that mean all the 14 kids like were all going to be fit just from that. But yeah, I think they are all like applicable to women to like I have gotten a lot out of the podcast to listening to them like listening to the podcast. Like, there are things that Ive taken home from it and apply it to my life. So thats been, like, cool that its not just for guys. Can we let you go around like a little bit? I know each of us got an initially, the guys were sort of assigned a pillar and kind of in charge of that so we thought itd be cool to kind of go around with the wives with your husbands pillar and and talk through what that kind of means to you and reflect on your life. So, when we start made with Laura and the bfit pillar, Matt does all our workouts, youve done a lot of really hard workouts for us elsewhere, but the beat that pillar and what that means in your life. So, the be fit pillar, I think thats one of the things that Matt, and I really enjoy that we shared together as we like to do Fitness, feel like to go on Hikes when we didnt have children and we could do CrossFit at the same time. We love that but in my own life Im a lot of times Im writing, not a lot of times some of the times Im running work out for you guys and your warm-ups and its just I dont know if its like the teaching Gene that I have but just being able to like think through how to organize things. Its fun for me to do that in terms of Fitness right now. I feel like I just started to really get back at it since having the busyness of small children so thats been fun to get back into it so you dont thats how Fitness Works in my sphere of life. Think through how to make a workout so that people puke from it. So usually the goal is at least two pukers but Ill take one. Ill take one that very hard workouts. Im cursing the gym more than more than so yeah Ill get things just trying to keep everybody in shape here you know good stuff to my wife candle. Hear the be driven pillar was what I was originally assigned so Ill just be driven. So when I saw that, I was like I was a little bit confused cuz I dont feel like that I do a lot of things, which I feel like in our little community of life, I try to be involved in, you know, are like PTO which is, I like coming School league with in our schools, in our little community, in Silverlake, in our church, in what I can be. But when I was thinking about it, I think its mostly just comes down to like I just really like people and I like to be around people and I like to know people and I like people to be involved in things like to get them excited about things and so when I was thinking about the be driven pillar and even for you too, as Andrew, youre in the driven color. I do feel like we both just like to be with people and include people and no people. And a lot of times in life, you dont do anything unless youre with other people. And so when youre driving through life and being driven through things, I just feel like thats a big thing that we enjoy. And thats why a lot of the time when I am driven to just do things. So, my drive come from, I have to be involved in everything cuz I have the phone mow so like a little bit of a different career and you work a few jobs but youre also really driven in a way to make sure our kids are having a good time at school and being involved in school activities and things like that. So a little different Taking maybe the be driven, then a lot of times we were thinking about when we were just talking about our careers. I said this on a recent podcast cuz I think Andrew is selling himself short in ways that he stepped up in a lot. The way its like, youre not even counting the fact that youre working 3/4. Sometimes 5 days a week on Long shifts, doing your your job there. Youre youre being a a mom, youre working at the PTL youre doing Silverlake functions, all these other fundraisers. Like I mean youre driven a lot of ways. You just, youre always the hardest critic on yourself and so youre you can be so driven sometimes. You dont even feel it and then it makes you feel like you need to be more driven. So you know thats why we can rest in the fact that we have a savior whos already done the hard work. And yes we need to drive and I need to work hard but we can still rest in that fact. We feel like doo doo doo isnt enough a lot of the time. So the fact that Jesus can give us rest is really good. Remember, because we dont feel like we ever do enough pressure. We got to be driven pillar here. Lets kick it over to Miranda and talk about be Noble. So be Noble, I dont feel like I recognize a lot of nobility in my life right now and I have been talking through this the last couple days. Im like, what am I going to talk about? I think, are my biggest role of the noble right now is allowing him to go out in Ministry, like out into the community, doing this podcast, in the worship band, going to Costa Rica, doing doing the things that hes able to do. While I manage the household raising our four kids, and keeping things kind of moving there, its not always pretty. So teaching them to like look outside of themselves and Like think think about the world and think about how they can help others and learning like them learning to love Jesus. And thank goodness, they do and its so amazing to watch them grow in that way. So, its been its really good to like, Reflect on that the last couple days and see that nobility isnt always outside our own walls but like to, to see our kids instilling that in our kids. And the way they see Ryan pursuing things and like being Noble, husband has been really great. Yeah, I think thats like spot on again, like these, they taste like the weather to be driven or BB Noble. Like, they can take on different forms depending on the role that youre in and and what youre doing at that point your life. So I think that the homeschooling and just being a parent and instilling does Christian values in your kids is huge and we always think of like I have to go out and like do something crazy but I was just being there day in and day out for your kids like that can be exhausting to the like in stealing that and stealing those values in them. Like, thats huge. Its been good to like, look back over it over the past couple days like knowing that were leading up to this podcast and to think about it in a different way because it feels like a thankless job. I mean, Im sure all of you wives would agree with all of your moms would agree. Like it feel. It is exhausting and its hard and pouring into our children is like the most important thing that we can do right now. I think we also talked about like your role in the church at the Foster Care Ministry and like, some of the external reach that you have as well. So, thank you selling yourself short a little bit but, you know, youre very humble wives, as Christ. I feel like Ive been less less active like I wasnt Womens Bible study like leading in that way. And with the Foster Care Ministry, covid, his kind of like wrecked, all of that. So thats how I got the Forefront of my mind. But yeah, with the Foster Care Ministry, like that has been a good good Outreach to Jews that, you know what, that different points in our lives. We have different aspects of these pillars. So the nobility shows itself more now and how youre raising the kids and how youre installing these values in. But I think me going through life, theres going to be different seasons of that, that will just adjust through. So, Direct me to the nobility. Whats bring it on Home, Sarah talk to us a little bit about be chill. Thats been Mike is on that. Pill are so well. Good luck, little bit about Beach l. Okay, yeah, you know I I like to have a good time. Laughing is like literally my favorite thing to do but when I think about be chill, I dont know that its always just like having a good time trying to think about how am I to chill or how How do I get to live out that pillar? And I think its about being like being flexible and maybe not as rigid with something sometimes like Im really good at being flexible and being chill until Im not like until my patience has run out and I think patience is also like a big part of that. Chill factor. But, you know, I like to Host, Gatherings and have parties, and stuff. And I like to be hospitable. And I like to make sure that were having a fun as a family, and I forced forced, family, fun sometimes, but sometimes like those things out, were trying to do at first, when I was trying to do some of these fun things with the family, like and then I got to make sure I get that picture that, you know, shows that were doing this thing because then it actually happened, right? And last year, we started something last summer, we start something with our boys and we asked them to help us make a summer. Lets just some things that they wanted to do. And literally, some of the things that came up with were, like, eat popsicles because thats what you do in the summer. Or one of the things, my son Emmett said, was, I want to eat chips. So we ate chips and they had fun out with other things. Like go to the swimming pool and do a cousin over night, but having them try to think about some things of things that they thought were going to be fun. And so, we did. Authentic Christmas and we did it, you know, we did another summer list this year. And so trying to do fun things like that to keep things. Chill at home friend of mine to weave clothes, have, boys. Were trying to do a field trip every week. So weve gone to the park and we went bowling and were trying to plan our this weeks so just trying to get out and do things together. And just just have fun and make memories with our kids and not always worry about making sure the picture happens but just having fun and being flexible in those times. But its that much better when the picture picture happens then gold, but I want to just look at the camera and I dont I dont look at the camera, but right now you know, two summers ago we had popsicles like every single night on the front porch and seriously it was the best summer like the kids just rode bikes and eat popsicles. And after dinner it was so refreshing to spend that time together as a family so yeah, I eat popsicles high on the list. Yes. Go outside. Have fun. Enjoy the summer, have popsicles ride bikes. Get dirty as hell. I do think of You and Mike because its like a friend. I feel like its like a friendship pillar almost like its like a somebody that brings people together and you guys just do that well and I do feel like that kind of all of what youre saying is just doing things that just bring relationships together and you guys are going to that. Thank you. All right, so we went through the pillars and kind of, you know, what you guys your take on them and we just finished up a series where we went through the four pillars together as as score for me, talk that what that looks like in our lives. But you know, that may look completely different to us than it looks to you from the outside. So we just wanted to get your input as to like what those pillars. How theyve been reflected in our lives as your husbands it. What do you see? For example from the throne, the bfit pillar like how do you see that impacting our lives are, how do you see the beach? Illapel are impacting our lives. Like what what do you see and then as a follow-up kind of what we need more work on. Yeah. Were always trying to grow and then were going to put it out there that we suck at certain things. I What you guys think about that? So, to be honest, when I heard the pillars and I heard that beef, it was one of them. I got real excited and then I hear that beef, it is just about being able to play with our kids and keep up with our children and not get that six pack. So, Im a little disappointed. On the contrary, as Ryans wife, Im like, super excited about the be that pillar because like he has got some beef jerky about my muscles. Not Scott Baio man. His dad bought his rascally improved since you started. I mean just the court for a ruling out and working out. Thank you shoulders. Has been sleeping. Me twenties like weekly flyer. Workout really hard. Like lets work on the upper body a lot. I dont want to have any sleeves left us so it has been good to get the PG-13 rating. Thats all staying in. What else? So a common phrase in our house is #b Chill. Because Ryan does tend to be as buff as he is. One of his weaknesses would be patience. So, I say #b chill with the dogs running around. He let me get two puppies to little doodle puppies and they are the cutest and I mean its not really his thing but he loves me, he loves the kids and we wanted puppies so weekend too. And so his patience has not always been there. And so I say #b chill, which is kind of more in the nobility category but you know, its more fun with your patience cuz like I know I think youre as with all of us. We all I think weve talked about it for just struggle with the patients at times to actually take ourselves out of a heated situation with the children and just take a step back and be the adult. So, I think its, its her way of saying, like a like, take a step back and see, you know what? Whats Happening Here. I need to need to work on your patience little bit, right? Like, is it that big of a deal like, can we handle things a little bit differently? Yeah. So is it certainly not setting up like a mean way or a condescending way, but just like, hey, babe, like take a breath and relax. Its okay. Like the dogs are going to be crazy their puppies. Its okay. The children are children, its going to be okay. So did just kind of a reminder just take a step back, take a breath. Lighthearted check. Start our kind of way of doing it. He just poured me a glass of wine and a hashtag. Differently. I said why? It just shows up. Sometimes I dont know why. So has anybody else seen that pill is played out in your husbands life. I think for like the be driven one. When I hear you guys talked about it, a lot of times, like we said, you guys that talk about it in like a career Focus aspect where, for me its more of like a work ethic type thing where its not, like not just that youre moving up in your job or youre getting like, like, youre getting that promotion, but more of like how are you doing your job? Are you working hard or even? Not necessarily your job but other things too. Like a lot of you serve on like the Elder board at church and go making sure you go to the meetings and just other things that you guys are involved in and showing our kids that you work hard for things, I think is really important because I dont think be driven has to be like a moving up a corporate ladder thing is more of a Like a work ethic and just that hard work can pay off and its its a good quality to have. And, I mean, our boys, see Mike work everyday and even that yesterday he got home from got home from work and then he had to mow the lawn and it was 90 degrees outside. And then, you know, even though sometimes its like, I wish Mike was in here with me. But there are also seeing him serve our family in that way which is really valuable. Also. Yeah, thats a great point and I was thinking of like, are they, are they glorified god with their work, you know, like are they taking their job seriously, whether thats taking care of the house and the household or their work? And are they glorifying God? Its easy for him like to be. Hes working remote right now. Like are you glorifying God with your time? Like or are you taking advantage? So, Yeah, thats a good point. From, from what you said, about being driven being more than Just going to put your heart letter. Yeah. He reminds me of like the Bible verse, like, literally almost thought you said like, word for where it is from Colossians 3:23, whatever you do work heartily as for the Lord and not for men. Knowing that from the Lord, you will receive the inheritance. As a reward, you are serving the lord Christ. And I think all of us are really fortunate and that our husbands love the Lord, and that is really their motivation for everything that they do. But thats working hard in their jobs are working hard for their families and like, yes, there are days that are not as great as others but you know, Gods grace is good, his mercies are new every morning and thats really the driving factor in any of the pillars, but in particular, to be driven is driven for the Lord and to glorify God and to love their wives and serve their family as well and their churches and communities. So Currently and just to come off that. Like what I was going to say is a lot of what I see and Andrew that, I think that you guys getting together has really brought it up more but I think he was always like this. Hes been like a lifelong learner. He loves to read books. Like, we ordered books online. Im ordering like, my fiction like easy reads and hes like, ordering the history of Jerusalem and all these like bugs today, Im like, oh my gosh, but he loves to do that and again, with kind of a glorious thing, I feel very fortunate to have a husband that is just for you based in his face because when my kids have issues, I come straight from like the feels. And Im like, this is what, you know, Id come straight from like a motion and everything. And Im just thankful to have injury because then he can come from like this, like, actually like it. Okay, that they feel that its okay, that they go through this and we kind of bow. Each other out which I feel like kind of goes with the be Noble, part of what Ive seen in him. Just with all of you guys too. I feel like, what Laura said, youre all kind of wonderful and that way we just all really enjoy a wonderful husbands but we balance each other out. Well, and his go to the part of improvement. I feel like Andrew has improved. A great deal in the beach Hill pillar because Andrew has very nice. Just a little bit more introverted a little bit more. If he could stay home every day of his life, he may, but he has a wife and best friends that throw them out there, and its great. So, I feel like thats been good with us. I think Im the only one that didnt answer how Ive seen that grow in the pillars. I would probably say it is be driven I think in General, Mattis driven in his career but a lot of times you come home and you want to decompress you want to lay low. And I would say, since the core for, hes been more driven to be more servant minded at home as to sing the needs of, whats around him. Just mind that the kids and meeting those needs. And yeah. So what products are being around other guys that, you know how it should be done and I think encouraging one another, in all these Avenues is super helpful. I think thats a good point in that, the other basis of the core four is to find that group of guys who will hold you accountable. That will hold you responsible for maintaining each of these pillows for keeping them in balance and checking you, if you get out out of balance in any of them, And kind of wrap up with a couple more questions you want to ask you guys and you ladies are huge fans of our so first thank you. You guys are big-time fans are bad like the podcast of the podcast. Thats pretty good right there. But we would also like to hear what is your favorite podcast that weve done since you guys have listened to several of them. So that all of them had at least, I dont know about that. My mine is meet Mike obvious. I learned so much now. I really enjoyed meet Mike and then also recently and probably because its close to my heart but the Andy Shepard podcast with project outrun and I just dont was really cool because you guys have tried so hard to get him. in the studio and to record with him and it was just like roadblock after roadblock and I was like when are you ever going to do this? And this was one that I really thought was going to be a good one and again because you know we have a connection with him with rider and we love project out running what they do, but the way that the Lord worked it out and that that podcast ended up being like and yeah, I want to talk about that face Journey with you guys, that would that would not have happened if you would have done it the first time and the podcastle been totally different. And I just felt like listening to that one, many times I tears in my eyes, a couple different mean, cuz of the content. But just the way the Lord work that out, that hes like, on this Faith Journey. Now, I thought was awesome and incredible in such a beastly, such a God thing that I really enjoyed listening to that one. Well I was going to stay and I know hes going to give me crap about that. Im going to see my favorite one was Matt leaves but Mike again is that too many of your favorite Come out of your mouth. Alright, edited I thought he would be better cuz it wasnt me Andrew. But I think why I really like that episode. It was one of the first ones where you guys interviewed. A guy that I knew, I thought really well. And then I get to hear like the story that Im like, oh wow, I actually dont know this about him, I dont know this about him. I I didnt know that he went through this or that he experienced this through this process. And so, I think that was really cool to just listen to and see there are most mostly men in my life that I dont know that well, because Andrew gets to know them and stuff, but just to hear those stories of different men that were close to in friend group, so Im close to their wives but that I dont get to hear what theyve been through their life. And so I think that was like, one of the first ones that I was like, oh well, I thought I knew Matt really well of it. I didnt know this all happened or, you know, he went through that. So I like that. That was perfect. Thats a, we felt that way a lot of times interviewing people that we knew, and we thought we knew him, but we learned a lot of things about some really cool people this year. Mariah. You listen to all all 50 yesterday? I heard. Yeah, actually. I was painting a lot yesterday and I caught up on some of them but I really liked by it feel like my top two that I really like, Im have been Matt canadys. I thought his like face, like his faith Journey was super interesting. Just how the Lord really like guided his steps and something that seemed really like crazy and just unpredictable to then him being like the prodigal son and coming back to Faith. My my really favorite one. That was also Andy. Yes, meet Mike, I wish I had like tears in my eyes the whole time. I think it was so cool about him is hes on the face Journey but also hes just he just out pours himself so much that its like Like Jesus is moving in his life, like in a way and just, its really cool that he is so focused on others and seeing that Legacy live on. And he talked about those kids who he felt like, he know, left this Earth, but still had a big imprint on those here. So that was a really, really cool one like that from, I got people who hes been doing it for a long time without a faith in Jesus and without that just cuz he knows he know he sees an impact that can be made here right now. And he might not be sure where its coming from. But now hes starting to feel real where that might have been come from in the first place. And, you know, its cool to see that transition with somebody. Andy Sheppard was that was such a great episode. Also add that one of my favorites was Heath Everett Smith and he is the husband of Tasha Layton who is one of my favorites mostly for that reason. Im like, Starstruck by that but its her music has like really spoken to me during some tough times in the last couple years. So like that has been a special connection there that Ryan was able to interview them. All all of you guys were able to interview him aside from that Jared Lopes and Len Howser most recently Things from their podcast, come into my brain every single day. Since Ive listened to them, like about saying, yes, to the kids, as Lynn said, and with Jared Lopes talking about your soul being weary and like my soul is weary and my body is weary but like just recognizing that and knowing that like I need to work on that. Like thats where all of my weariness is coming from. Is my soul being weary not my body being weary. So that has been In the process of being life-changing, you know, its not all fixed yet but like for kids 7 and under has taken its toll. And yeah, I mean other people do way more kids in a way shorter Adrian. But like for me this is been a lot and I see other people would like eight kids and theyre like, I dont know, theyre living the dream but like comparison steals your joy and I feel like Im failing all the time but Its because my soul is weary and I havent been getting my time with Jesus. I havent been being refilled in those ways that are so important. So to hear Jared put it in that way, has been very, very beneficial for me. So Im glad you guys did that podcast like to hear him talking about raising his kids and theyre so grown. And ours are so little and saying, yes, to them when it is so easy to say, no, were not doing that. No, were not doing that because thats easy, but to try to look like fulfill some of their Their request, theres things that will bring them joy and to look at things more from their perspective. Its definitely an area that I have been lacking in lately and so thats brought that back to perspective, #b children to hashtag. season 2 has been strong, so Im And were in season two. Arent we? So early. But our fault for not getting to it sooner, well be back for babysitter time. You guys wont be here. That was my initial idea. All right, last question, we like to ask our guests, this often what type of resources would you suggest? Maybe its something youre getting into right now? That you would suggest to another mom or maybe something to read with your kids or really just anything. I could be a book video, some resources that you want to throw out that people might be interested in. 4 Beech Hill. Since I was Beech Hill pillar, something that we signed up for this summer, to try to have fun and make memories with our children, is the kids bowl free. So if you search that online, you can register your kids and they get two free games of bowling and you get to pick the bowling alley is long, as its participating and sorry. Its two free games everyday, right every time that they offer the free bowling time, if that makes sense. So, we tried it once, it was fun, its a little bit. Mike, was not with me. I was with my friends with seven children with us and we had two two-year-old two are the same. If theres a lot of fighting over the Bowling Ball but I thought it was a really cool idea and weve never utilized it before and so its a fun way for us to you know, have fun with the kids and be chill. So were going to go Friday night with the kids. What it, what is your bowling alley? Park Center North Canton. We signed up at Stonehenge. Okay, well, Ill just go because I was already talking. So I guess under the be driven pillar, kind of something that Andrew and I initially started, when advanced was going into kindergarten, which was a long time ago cuz hes going into 5th grade. And we have set down since then that are restarting, is its a book. Its called pass it on its by Jim Burns and Jeremy Lee. Its all about building a legacy of faith for your children and its all three like practical things. So like for example its all three grades do kindergarten through 12th. Grade, fifth grade for Vance is identity, and still for his fifth grade year. We do it on their birthdays, but his fifth grade. They kind of have the idea of People in your family, just write him a letter about his identity and just kind of things that they see in him and different things like that for Brooks. It is the Bible and so on his birthday will get him like a new Bible will have people write in it, things like that. And then the twins for kindergarten. There is courage cuz theyre going to school. And so it just has something for every year that you can kind of build up in your kids. Its basically just trying to be intentional with your kids for every school year. Like I said, we started in kindergarten with dance and then we missed a few years and were picking it back up but we do feel like its really important just and were excited about it. Andrews family did a couple of things that were really cool for intentional things of manhood and just different things that would show them. Like this is your purpose is your identity, all kind of be strong. Bible. So were hoping that in this book is based in the Bible, so were hoping that we can kind of use that for the boys to kind of build a little bit of a legacy to You know, pathan I would say like, the beef it, I dont really have like a resource to use but I think Fitness is she was a pillar. Well, I was just going to roll this one off of my brain is what I thought of. So I think finish with the kids is a lot easier than like most people think we live near all of the national parks like taking your kids on Hikes is super easy. Berry free which is a bonus. A lot of those places have cool nature center. Some of them, theyre still closed because of covid-19 easy way to do Fitness. And then anytime youre like going around the block on your bikes stretching with your kids just them seeing you do those sorts of things are good in terms of other resources for 4. Like young moms are young adult women. I love to follow the Gospel Coalition on Facebook. Im sure go on Instagram but Im not on Instagram, but they just have great posts that are tropical That are based in the Bible that just tackle different issues of, some of them are current events of them, are politics. Usually, very bipartisan. Is there a word on that one? Does that mean? No party. Okay, thank you. And then just to Motherhood and friendships and all those things. So I really love following the gospel coalition. so, my resources, My world is like homeschooling and decluttering right now. So let them be kids. If I Jessica Smart, thats one that I listen to on hoopla and I said, Ryan, you have got to listen to this. This is amazing. And so, like, the subtitle on that is Adventure, boredom innocence and other gifts children need and so, a lot of that is just letting them be kids as the title says, like. So that has been a fantastic book that we have listened to recently when you agree babe very very good and lets see. What are my other ones? How to manage your home without losing your mind and please, thats how I how to do a Dana White. So another audiobook. Thats how I do things. These days is audio book, one airpod in and the other one listening for the children. So Dana K white. Shes got a couple of books decluttering at the speed of life and how to manage your home without losing your mind. And I feel like Ive implemented a few of those things into our lives and that has been beneficial. The minimal mom on YouTube has been amazing. She is a Christian woman who talks about Just Like Home minimalism and she doesnt go all like extreme about it, but Its its been really good to hear her perspective on stuff and is your stuff managing you or are you managing your stuff. And so I am taking truck loads of stuff to the donation center because it is overwhelming the amount of stuff that we have. And then the other one is a little bit, controversial, kind controversial, by John Taylor Gatto. So thats about how did you describe it earlier? Its a look at the institutionalization of public schools or a standardized testing stuff like that. So like that has been very eye-opening to just see that perspective was involved in public schools. Now like you definitely have to listen to that with an open mind and some people will be very mad. I just its very interesting to hear his perspective and like even as not a homeschooler I mean, we are homeschoolers but I think from that other perspective is interesting to hear. So edit that out if you want all different perspectives and some another one I said, Brian you have to listen to this. Yep. Sorry babe and then well make our judgment on it cuz I have not listened to its okay. Its on hoopla audio. So we we appreciate you guys being here again. And can you guys all confirm that you did not make up any of the nice things that you said about us? You can if you can true, okay? David. I mean, I think everything that you guys have said, just speaks to hopefully backs up everything that weve already said and how awesome you guys are, how lucky we are as husbands, you you let us do this stuff to hopefully, continue to grow Our Lives grow others lives, that are around us, but hopefully grow again, our marriages and relationships that we have with our kids to. So thank you. Again, for all that you do, we all know that you guys are the hardest workers. The most driven the hardest jobs at. We would not want to have on a daily basis so thanks for that. And again you guys just thanks for everything you do. We have fun. Well do it again. Ya happen again. Corporate wife take s glad you could join us for another core for Life podcast. If you like what youre hearing, please share this with a friend and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at core for life, or check out our website core for Thats core four to the next Thursday for another brand new episode. Google for Life, acidic on for life.