Clear Mind – Read a Book

MattbeDRIVEN, Book Reviews

As you pulled away from the distractions you probably began to feel freed up to think and ponder new ideas of your own. Instead of constantly consuming news, social media, tv shows, and other low levels of entertainment, you began to think more about things that are truly important to you. Clearing your mind creates space for the consumption of … Read More

Podcast Episode 21: Matt Knabe – Musician, Counselor, and Prodigal Son


Disclaimer: The audio on the Core4Life side is pretty bad for this episode. Someone (Ryan) didn’t set up the audio input correctly, so our side of the conversation was recorded on the built-in microphone on our laptop instead of our mixer. Luckily, Matt’s side was crystal clear and he’s the one you want to hear anyway! Bourbon: Western Reserve Small … Read More