Podcast Episode 11 – Marc Benedict from Fidei Architecture


In this episode, we talk with our good friend Marc Benedict, from Fidei Architecture. We talk through the Core4 pillars and the impact they have had on his life as a husband, father, and entrepreneur.

Bourbon: Rittenhouse Bourbon

Mark is married to Shannon and they have two children.

beDRIVEN: Mark started Fidei Architecture with another friend, Dave. They started expanding on Dave’s existing side gig of designing homes and eventually built it up to the point they could leave their full-time jobs to work for themselves. He felt like he was stagnating in his career and wanted to make a change and try to start something on his own. 

They started off well but jobs began to stagnate and Marc ended up going back to work full time with another firm. His partner kept the firm going for another two years as the business grew and marc build a home and kept working for Fidei on the side. 

Marc is a night owl and likes to get in the zone after everyone is in bed to get work done. As a business owner, the hours you spend on the core function of the business can be equaled or exceeded by the hours you spend on the marketing and other aspects of the business.

beCHILL: To avoid burnout Marc tries to make time when he can to hang out with his friends and get quality time with his wife. Making sure he is present and not on his phone during his family time is key to having quality interactions.

beNOBLE: Marc tries to always have some hours each afternoon with his wife and kids. Quality time with them is a top priority even if it means he has to work latter into the night after everyone is in bed. 

He also helped coach a local high school football team but it ended up being too much time and he decided to step away to focus on his work and family.

Marc designed the new addition to Redemption Chapel and likes to partner with churches for their architecture needs. 

beFIT: Marc has been doing the Keto diet and has been able to stick with it and loose 34 lbs. He adjusted his intake to eat more fat and less protein than initially recommended. Halo Top and Quest Bars are his go to snacks. 

Staying active working outside his house is another way he stays fit.

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