Podcast Episode 17 – Ryan Bowers from Lorain Fire Dept.


Bourbon: James E Pepper 1776

Ryan was a national ranked college wrestler. He finished 6th his senior year at Heidelberg. He wrestled at 145 his senior year and finished at heavy weight wrestling around 245. He grew 5 inches after high school. 

Some of Ryan’s worst injuries were a herniated disk in his back in college. He tore his ACL his first practice in Brazilian Jujitsu after college. 

His training has evolved since college to 3 on 1 off 3 on 2 off to match his firefighter job schedule. Lorain fire does not run EMS so he has time each morning to work out on his job. He was cramping up this past year because of overtraining so learned he needed to take some time off to recover. He learned to listen to his body more as he got older.

Listens to Macus Filly’s podcast for workout tips.

Abs are made in the kitchen and Ryan discussed the Whole 30 diet that he has done several times over the last few years. He also does intermittent fasting with and 8 hour eating window and a 24-hour fast a few times a year. 

Misery loves company so include others in your fitness goals. Having someone hold you accountable to meet your goals are essential. Asking for help is not a weakness but a strength. 

Going “all in” can also be helpful when trying to meet a goal.

To relax and take off stress Ryan works out. This helps him clear his head.

He also loves to play call of duty on Xbox.

Some books he listens to are: The Dark Tower and Harry Potter

Leadership books include: Extreme OwnershipCan’t Hurt Me,  Obstacle is the Way

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