The Purpose Driven Life (Days 11-15)

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My notes started to get a bit longer so I’m cutting these down to 5 days at a time. Here are my day 11-15 notes on Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life

Day 11: Becoming best friends with God

  • 6 secrets to becoming a friend of God (1-2):
    • Constant conversation
      • Don’t change what you do, change your attitude toward what you do
      • What you normally do for yourself, do it for God
      • Pray shorter prayers throughout the day vs long, sustained prayers at 1 time
      • Could be 1 liners depending on the situation
      • Train your mind to remember Him throughout the day
    • Meditation
      • Can’t love Him unless you know Him
      • Focused thinking on God and His Word
      • Prayer lets you speak to God, meditation lets God speak to you
  • Ending:
    • Point – God wants to be my best friend
    • Ps 25:148
    • What can I do to remind myself to think about and talk to God throughout the day?

Day 12: Developing your friendship with God

  • This takes desire, time and energy
  • 6 secrets to becoming a friend of God (3-6):
    • You must choose to be honest with God
    • Trust Him always and be obedient
    • Choose to value what God values
    • Have passion toward Him
  • Ending:
    • You’re as close to God as you choose to be
    • James 4:8a
    • What practical choices will you make today to grow closer to God?

Day 13: Worship that pleases God

  • 4 characteristics
    • Accurate – based on the truth of scripture
    • Authentic – no hypocrisy, be yourself
    • Thoughtful – engage your mind, praise him specifically
    • Practical – serving, giving, growing, discipling, etc
  • Ending:
    • God wants all of you
    • Mark 12:30
    • Which is more pleasing to God right now, your public or private worship? What will you do about that?

Day 14: When God feels distant

  • Faith is more important than feeling
  • Tell God exactly how you feel
  • Remind you of exactly who God is
  • Trust God in times of trials
  • Familiarity brings complacency
  • Ending:
    • God is real, no matter how you feel
    • Heb 13:6
    • How can you stay focused on God’s presence especially when he feels distant?

Purpose 2: I was made for God’s family

Day 15:  Formed for God’s family

  • What does this mean?
    • Be with God forever
    • We will be completely changed
    • We will be free from all pain and suffering
    • Rewarded and given positions in heaven
    • Share in Christ’s glory
  • Should be living for this and not for a comfortable retirement
  • Ending:
    • You were formed for God’s family
    • Eph 1:5a
    • How can you start treating other believers like members of your own family?
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