The Purpose Driven Life (Days 36-37)

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The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Lots of content here, so splitting these last 5 days into 2 blogs…

Purpose 5: You were made for a mission

Day 36: You were made for a mission

  • 1 part is shared with other Christians – share the name of Jesus
  • 1 part is unique to each of us – using our specific traits to serve this purpose
  • The Bible gives several reasons why this is so important:
    • It is a continuation of what Jesus started when He came to earth
    • It’s our job to share with unbelievers, not just pastors and missionaries
    • It’s our privilege:
      • Working with God
      • Representing Him
    • It has eternal significance – no matter how happy unbelievers may seem on the surface, there is emptiness inside and are heading for a life of eternity without Christ
    • It gives our life meaning
  • What it costs to fulfill your mission:
    • Requires you to abandon your agenda and follows God’s plan
    • Turn over everything to Him
    • All selfish desires are now meaningless
  • Ending:
    • I was made for a purpose
    • Matt 28:19-20
    • What fears have kept me from fulfilling the mission God made me to accomplish? What keeps me from telling others the good news?

Day 37: Sharing your life message

  • Your life message has 4 parts to it:
    • Your testimony – when you gave your life to Christ
      • We are Christ witnesses, and we are told to share it
      • Each is unique and has its own purpose
      • Bypasses intellectual defenses
      • Divide it into 4 parts:
        • What your life was like before you met Jesus
        • How you realized you needed Jesus
        • How you committed your life to Jesus
        • The difference Jesus has made in your life
    • Life lessons – what God has taught you
      • Wise to learn from experience, but wiser to learn from others
      • Ask yourself some questions:
        • What has God taught me from failure?
        • What has God taught me from a lack of money?
        • What has God taught me from pain/sorrow/depression?
        • What has God taught me through waiting?
        • What has God taught me through illness?
        • What has God taught me through disappointment?
        • What have I learned from my family/church/relationships/small group/critics?
    • Life passions – what God has shaped you to care about most
      • May be a passion about a:
        • Problem – abuse, addiction, depression, disease, etc
        • Purpose – starting new church, strengthening families, training Christian leaders, etc
        • Principle – defending theology, God’s commands, etc
        • People group – young mothers, business leaders, unborn, persecuted, the defenseless, etc
    • The Good News – the message of salvation
      • Need to have a passion for the lost
      • What are you willing to do for those that don’t know the Good News?
      • Who will greet you in heaven because of you sharing with them?
  • Ending:
    • God wants to say something to the world through me.
    • 1 Pet 3:15b-16
    • As I reflect on my personal story; who does God want me to share it with?
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