Week 23 Workouts


As a group, we like to workout together. Meeting together to workout weekly has become a regular part of our routine over the past 2+ years. The morning workout crew constantly changes due to schedules and interest level but if two of us are interested, then we make it happen about 2-3 times per week year-round – even in the freezing Ohio winter – which is why outfits like this happen…

Isn’t this what everyone wears to workout?

Depending on how many guys can show up, we plan a workout based on the equipment we have. It does not take much time to create a workout and I try to take a picture of most, so we have a record. We thought it might be fun to post a few of the workouts we have done, so below are a few from the past week.

In the future, we will post helpful resources we use when planning a workout and review some of the main styles of workouts that we like. Give one a try this week and let us know how it goes! Post your pics on social media and mention @corefourlife using the hashtag #beFIT.

Side note, I like to abbreviate and there are a couple workout acronyms used. If you are unfamiliar with a movement check out this list. Or, a quick google search should do the job.

DB = Dumbbells
T2B = Toes to Bar
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