Weekly Pillar Post – 9/8/2020



Summer has passed by unlike any other year that I can remember. In some ways, it feels like it never really started. We may have gotten a late start this year but it’s not too late to enjoy the last month before fall settles in. The health benefits of being outside in the sunshine are incredible.

Take advantage of the parks, lakes, and trails in your area. Below are a few ideas to help finish the summer strong and be sure to include your family and friends!  

  • Commit to running a minimum of 1 mile outside per day over the next month.
  • Sign up for a local trail series with the whole family (Summit Metro Parks Fall Hiking Spree).
  • Get the bikes tuned up and see how many days you can get by without a car.


We all want to be better and more successful at our jobs but sometimes that means we need to grow in our knowledge and skill. Learning from other business leaders is an easy way to pick up on tips and tricks they have learned over the years.

Check out this list of books from Business Insider and commit to reading a few before the year is over.

 15 successful CEOs share the one business book they think everyone should read


This year probably couldn’t end fast enough for most people. Between the global pandemic, social justice issues, protests, riots, and murder hornets (seriously) there doesn’t seem to be a ton of good news going around. Let’s change that.

Take some time this week to encourage someone. Here are a few ideas:

  • Write a co-worker a nice email for no reason
  • Send a card via snail mail (it’s good for more than just junk mail)
  • Leave a generous tip for a waiter/barista with an encouraging note
  • Buy coffee/food for the person behind you in line
  • Leave post-it notes around your house for your significant other
  • Give a positive review/comment for a blog post or article

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One of the backyard games the Core 4 has really enjoyed over the last few years is the “friendly” game of Spikeball. I put friendly in quotations, because as you will hear in an upcoming podcast, the games can sometimes end with wrestling (usually between Andrew and Mike).


We’re looking to put together a Spikeball tournament in the Spring (hopefully when all of this COVID-19 business and physical distancing has subsided) sponsored by Core4Life and others. Stay tuned for more info on that!

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