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This is the final episode of a four-part Quick Hits series where we dig deeper into each of our Core4 pillars.

Today we’ll talk about our beCHILL pillar. What does it mean to #beCHILL? Why did we include that as one of our core pillars?

Join us as we talk about what the pillar represents to us, how we put it into practice, and where we intend to go with it in the future.

We’ll be bringing you these shorter, one-topic Quick Hits episodes every other week! Stay tuned for more great content!

Podcast Transcription:

Are we got our seats? Shell pillar here tonight for a quick hit. And were going to talk a little bit about what this pillar means to us. Why we put it in place and what it means to each of us in our lives. So I think a lot of people might think of it as just relaxing hanging out, but we also incorporate the fact that were serious and a lot of areas whether it be be driven be Noble beef. It takes a lot of work, takes a lot of time because chill is a way for us to also just not take ourselves too, seriously. And whether that be relaxing, with friends with family, but also, with a lot of the things that are going on today with our culture and politics people, take things way too seriously. And theres certain things that you definitely should take seriously, but theres things that you Definitely, do not need to. You try to focus in on the things that you do need to take seriously as the most important things. And then a little bit of forgetting the rest of a lot of, is the beach or Pillar? To Me, is biblical to because God took the Sabbath, you know, on the 7th Day of Creation, he rested and were called to do the same or call the follow Gods example in that. So if we had all of our pillars grounded on faith, but theyre all be driven, you know, it will be fit like all these things that take a lot of energy to take a lot of drive that take a lot of focus. And then we neglect to aspect of taking time off reflecting on what youve done over the past week past month past year, getting back with friends relaxing, then wed really be kind of missing the boat on the, the whole picture of what God wants for our life. So I think Reflecting on be chill, as a pillar. Kind of wraps up the the the whole mission of our of our pillars is to take that time to relax and unwind. Yeah, I think its really the, the balance aspect that we look at it. We know people that are you so focused on Fitness that that kind of neglect, the other heirs. Are there still driven at work that they have come home. And I dont see their kids at all to that that represented more the balance, ass back, that we need to relax. Sometimes we need to take it easy and not take herself. Seriously, I dont know too many people that are there to Noble or more noble than they should be. Just me, one pillar, we dont, you cant be too much of, but that aspect of being able to relax have balance in your life. We felt it was really key in and having a life that God wanted us to live now. So what does that? What does it really mean to each of us, right? Like, what, what does the Beech Hill pillar mean to you? How does how does that affect you in your life? What are you do? Lets start with Matt. I was just thinking about how I feel like being chill is kind of like a long game, like a long game goal. So we were talking about getting burn out or if youre working too hard like youre going to, youre going to run into a wall. Im eventually and youre going to run into either. You dont have enough support at home because youve been at work too much. You know you going to run out of you know energy. Lets see if youre just working out constantly so being chill is you know part of its taking a break from those things and then let yourself recharge, you know, I dont have to get there tomorrow, you know, but 20-30 years from now, where do I want to be? And I think, you know, a healthy dose of having fun. I hope he does. Community with your friends, just a healthy dose of living life and sending some people sending some fun goals like that has been. Thats in Rich MyLife of the last couple years. Its just finding something that I that I havent experienced before that I want to. So picking up a like a longboard skateboard and just messing around in the street you know right now riding over to Andrews house and yeah like I somehow made it to your house. I didnt crash and die you know. So just find stuff little things like that where it can be like when you know, its like me. I had a horrible day, you know, life is hard. It could be hard at home, things are struggling, but you know what? Im going to go out and learn a new skill. Im going to learn how to juggle or just anything, you know being chill I think is it can be just a huge Advantage if youre willing to know, even be a little bit intentional with it and I think thats A lot of what we do is, you know, how do we intentionally plan these things in their lives? So working out, you know, that happens in the morning because its the only time its going to happen. But even with being chilling, relaxing earlier this year and we are challenged to go out and take just time to ourselves to reflect and think about, you know, what, were meant to be. No going to resend in ourselves and have any time, really specifically just spend time with the Lord. I think thats part of being shell to taking time to relax to the step back to re-evaluate a piggyback off that I know. For me, like, in this environment, Ive been working from home now for you, do months, and months. And I feel like at the start of that, like, it was one thing where I used to work in the office and leave my computer there. I come home and and thats my, my family time. And now, its like all time to be work time for me, almost like that. In that be driven pillar could almost take over. I can go home and check emails tonight. After this right now, still finding some of that balance and knowing when we have done, what I need to, Im going to work for on on the be driven side and be able to take time and like be with my family. Be with my wife, hang out with my kids and then be able to prioritize some of those fun things for them is a big difference in total looking at that that my schedule cuz I said you could be working all day every day practically like with working from home now to try to find some kind of balance in there and knowing When you win, when the right time to be able to actually step away and be like, hey, this is now family time. This is now my know, my time to be with my kids been be created with that and make it fun, Mega fun for them. Do something creative, go on a date. With my wife, those things that seems kind of get lost this last year, we couldnt do as much. I feel like, thats what the, the Beech Hill. Pillar pain has represented this year for me, especially yeah, I think thats a good point. And you as much as the Beech Hill pillars about relaxing and kind of distressing, I think being intentional, like you said in making time and actually scheduling time for stuff, you know, like when my twins turned 7, we decided they were going to watch Star Wars. Like that was the reason you said an arbitrary number, like 27, you can watch Star Wars. And so, ever, since then, weve had Star Wars Saturdays. So my son Lincoln and I like, well just go through. We watched all of the Skywalker, Saga movies, 2 episodes, 1 through 9 week, Watch Rogue one to watch solo. And now were watching the Mandalorian, so hes just like, hes super pumped, every Saturday. Its like, I cant wait until we get to watch Star Wars together on Saturday. And I think, just see how much is he going to remember that? Like thats part of his childhood. Then to that like you do something, its really simple. Doesnt take a lot of time and effort even on your hand but like how significant is that going to be for him? That hes going to remember like a Saturdays like me and my dad chilled in like we watch something together that we hung out like that. I feel like thats huge that little bit of intentionality and go a really long way, spell Super Cat surprise to me part of that is just finding those times that we can coordinate special things with each one of my kids, like finding something to do every whatever with Hannah go on a date, taking her on a date. Going to Sweet Frog with Caitlin and Luke is one so he has no idea. But you know eventually Be intentional with those relationships. And not only the relationships that your family but also like spending time with your friends, like being able to spend paint to hang out with you guys, go on the ski trip, like, do all that kind of stuff, just being able to set aside that time, put aside, all the other stuff, and just, relax and hang out, and just sharpen each other. Thats why I put it there. Any time, were together, like, were bouncing ideas off each other were talking about things that were doing that are working well for us. So even when were being jealous just hanging out, I feel like were still benefiting by having that relationship at being productive. I feel like as well. When I take a break, I come back and I am, Im more motivated, or more sharp, or whatever it is. I like going on a vacation to come back. Like youre just a refreshing, youre on your game again and part of that so you can have a little mini mini vacations every week. You know what the weekend you make sure you have time. I say its yours. You know Saturday morning routine is going to get up. Youre going to have like an hour to yourself. Thats just a little mini be chill moment, you know. PSO2, the wrap things up. I mean I agree with all you guys and everything thats happened with with covid and working for mobile lot of people working from home. Now its easy to just get caught up in work and to your there from 8 to 5 and just nonstop working. So, right. And I think you said to be intentional with it, I have to do that. I have to schedule things throughout my day, to make sure that I am doing certain things to just take away something. At some of that aspect. Yeah, the headquarters is definitely help with some of that, but being intentional scheduling it down. You got to know yourself, you got to know what things are triggers for you and your life, and how to how to do that. But at the end of the day, a lot of it for me is just not taking things too, seriously. A lot of people take a lot of things. Very seriously that are Not really that serious. Ill leave it at that and not upset too many people that might end up with what you want to go get it. Any specific will get it to that maybe at some point here. But, you know, Im in a major on the majors in minor on the minors and majoring on the things that that actually matter to me in my life is living the life that God has called me to do for my family, my wife and my community in friends. So thats what were going to do and well take it from there and hang out with Dad boys. Maybe, what about what about like? What are some be chill, just in the future things out there that weve got planned. That were excited about everything. I eat your bucket list, even like with the upcoming year, I think last year quite a few beachel moments, Mighty got postponed. So, what are some ones that youre excited about for over the next couple months? Maybe the obvious answer would be the lake house, opening up and getting down there. And yeah, its happening at the lake itself. I didnt make it down to the more out there but I was crushed when we didnt have that trip. And yeah, thats going to that will happen with the Sherry RV actually down there, too. Thats right. George Tavern. From the train podcast. Hell give us through Underground Tour. Underground Tour of the distilleries that we need to see. Maybe maybe are postponed it happened for a reason. Some errands right now, like a summer concert, I thought last summer was going to see a lot of concerts. Im just some live music and I did not see anything Country. Concert country all kinds of concerts at Blossom to have with just a couple good venues around here and then everything shut down. So Im looking forward to some live music. Hopefully, at some point, back in the Cleveland area and Im just to get outside, listen to music. Yeah, the thing that sticking out to me is the fact that we got in an all-inclusive resort vacation right before covid hit. It was a perfect idea, it was so cold. One with the Hudsons. It was fantastic. And then covid. Shut everything down. So Im looking forward to doing that again. Maybe then Ill include sore for at least, hell be awesome. Glad you could join us for another core for Life podcast. If you like what youre hearing, please share this with a friend and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at core for life, or check out our website core for life.com. Thats core four life.com to the next Thursday for another brand new episode. Google for Life For Life.