Relationships 101


Relationships are SO important.  Wow – such a profound statement, right?  This blog has me thinking about this as top of mind recently based on the phase of life I find myself in.  Plus, some recent happenings have also been placed at the top of my mind as well.

A friend of mine passed not too long ago. It was heartbreaking to hear about and remember some recent interactions I had with him.  Then at his memorial service, seeing his family and hearing his son speak was tough.

My oldest son is 17 years old and will soon be finishing high school.  I don’t think it has fully settled with me that he really will soon be leaving for college, and not too far after that, graduating and going out on his own.

Beyond these two instances above, I have always held and talked about with my sons how important relationships are as we move through life.  Everything material is temporary, and we won’t take any of it with us.  The book, “When the Game is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box” by John Ortberg is a perfect summary of this sentiment.

When I talk about and emphasize the importance of relationships with my kids, I am sure they roll their eyes at me and think inside their heads, “Oh boy, there goes Dad again doing his parent thing….”  I am OK with that reaction.  If I can impart just a slice of this into their minds for them to carry forward as they grow up, then I am doing my job as a father.

The importance of relationships carries into the foundational elements of Core4Life across the board.  For example, “Be Noble,” speaks to our relationship with Christ being critical in our faith walk.  I remember specifically when I was in college, and I experienced moments in my walk with Christ where I transitioned from understanding about believing in Christ to being relational with Him.  That was a key growth point for me with my walk and with life in general.

Taking this importance of our relationship with Christ and carrying this fundamental value to our family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers are so important.  We can have such an impact on others through our relationship with them; far more than anything material-related on this earth.

May we all be a light – within our homes, and out in the world.  You never know the last impact you will leave by operating with this as a guiding focus.

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