Clear Mind – Organize


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been confronted with my lack of organization. First, while doing a recent podcast and sharing my zoom screen with the Core4Life crew +Guest, someone mentioned the massive number of unread emails in my personal inbox (Thanks Dan…). Later that week, when my IT manager at work was installing updates on my computer, he kindly … Read More

Clear Mind – Collect Your Thoughts


Creating space to think has been the primary focus in attaining a clear mind thus far. Curating information turns a corner down the path of focusing on things that are most important to us. If we stopped at this point, I think we would miss the opportunity to create, share, and log the progress that we have made; so let’s … Read More

Clear Mind – Read a Book

MattbeDRIVEN, Book Reviews

As you pulled away from the distractions you probably began to feel freed up to think and ponder new ideas of your own. Instead of constantly consuming news, social media, tv shows, and other low levels of entertainment, you began to think more about things that are truly important to you. Clearing your mind creates space for the consumption of … Read More

Clear Mind – Eliminate the Noise


If you’ve been following along with my ‘Clear Mind’ series so far, you are well-rested and have begun to clean out some of the clutter that has crowded you out and bogged you down. Our energy is on the uptick and we have physical space to starting making things happen. Nice work! Let’s take another step together. We live in … Read More

Clear Mind – Step #2: Get Rid of Stuff


First off, I hope you feel well rested and ready to tackle the next Clear Mind objective. Let’s put that extra energy to good use. It is springtime which means many of you have been getting the itch to spring clean. About two weeks ago, spring cleaning hit my house. Room by room we sifted through the piles of junk … Read More

Season 1 Book Recommendations

MattbeDRIVEN, Book Reviews

One of our favorite questions to ask guests is what books do you recommend? Below is a summary of all the books that were mentioned and recommended by our guests over the past year. Enjoy! Christianity The Resurrection of the Son of God – N.T. Wright Act Like Men: 40 days to Biblical Manhood – James MacDonald Systematic Theology – … Read More

Clear Mind – Introduction & Step #1


We live in an age of endless distraction and loss of focus. When I have a bad week, typically it is not because I did not work hard or apply myself to good things. The week was wasted because I was distracted and did not accomplish what I truly desired. I absolutely hate the feeling that I dropped the ball. … Read More

Throwback Movies for Kids!


It’s raining outside for the 10th day in a row and the kid’s feet haven’t touched the ground in the past 10 hours. You finished cleaning up after dinner but there is still so much time before bedtime routines kick in. How will you (and your kids) survive the next 90 minutes? There is only one safe solution… MOVIE NIGHT! … Read More

The Art of Thrift


One hobby that I have enjoyed over the past few years is thrift shopping. It combines the thrill of a hunt with the satisfaction of frugality. I’ve found all sorts of fantastic deals over the years such as an Italian designer sports coat, Callaway driver and Osprey hiking backpack for less than it costs for a burrito bowl. Thrifting has … Read More

Weekly Pillar Post – 11/16


beFIT – Mike We talk a lot at Core4Life about having a core group of people to keep you accountable, especially when it comes to health and fitness. We as a group have done some great competitions wrapped around that concept that we’ve discussed previously. However, we know that there could be circumstances that prevent that from happening in your … Read More