Clear Mind – Collect Your Thoughts


Creating space to think has been the primary focus in attaining a clear mind thus far. Curating information turns a corner down the path of focusing on things that are most important to us. If we stopped at this point, I think we would miss the opportunity to create, share, and log the progress that we have made; so let’s press forward.

Thoughts are fleeting. It is easy to lose track of plans, conversations, and decisions. If you were blessed with amazing recall, then maybe this next step is unnecessary. However, I would bet that most of us would love to be able to build upon our thoughts and ideas and would benefit from creating a resource to strengthen our recall and follow-through.  

I have never maintained a regular journaling practice, but the purpose of one has always seemed valuable. Part of my hesitancy towards journaling has been a doubt that it will be useful someday. I have taken many notes over the years during meetings, speeches, and sermons and I rarely go back and review them or find them useful when I do. Most likely, I’m not a great note-taker so maybe I will dive into that topic in the future.  However, if we do not learn from the past and retain value from those experiences then how much progress are we really making? No one wants to learn the same lessons repeatedly.

White Notebook and Pen

I recently met with a friend that is preparing to write a book. His book will be historical in nature, so he is diving deep into research documents, books, and firsthand accounts. Taking notes and writing down his thoughts will help him immensely as he will need to refer to them when he begins writing. In a similar way, we should be documenting our own stories every day. If our intent is to live a full and meaningful life to the glory of God, then someday there may be a family member or friend that would value and appreciate our insights after we are gone. We may also want to pass along advice to those that are walking through similar seasons of life that we have already passed through. What details of life events have we forgotten about?

This month pick one place to journal and jot down notes of what you are thinking and learning. Don’t overcomplicate it at first. We might end up with a big mess on our hands, but we’ll solve that another day. Hopefully, your mind is focused on important things and consuming valuable sources of information worth holding onto and applying.  Write it all down before it slips away.   

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