Throwback Movies for Kids!


It’s raining outside for the 10th day in a row and the kid’s feet haven’t touched the ground in the past 10 hours. You finished cleaning up after dinner but there is still so much time before bedtime routines kick in. How will you (and your kids) survive the next 90 minutes? There is only one safe solution… MOVIE NIGHT!  

The popcorn is popped and there is one thing left to do. Find a virtuous, clean, entertaining, fun for the whole family feature that you have not already seen forty-five times. There are a zillion options on each streaming platform and each service would be happy to deliver its own suggestions based on algorithms, but I would rather receive a suggestion from a trusted friend.  So consider me your friend and let the show begin!

All of the movies below were staples for my family growing up. I have enjoyed introducing each of them to my kids over the past year and hope they mix up your kids movie rotation for the better. It is good to have a few movies on the shelf to bust out when needed and I think these are a few fantastic ones that can easily be overlooked or forgotten. Plus, I’ve also included a bonus film at the end that my kid’s are not quite old enough to enjoy but certainly will one day.

  1. Homeward Bound – 1993

Let’s categorize this one as the original live-action animal adventure film that checks all the boxes. It is an especially great pick if your family includes pets. My favorite character Chance, played by Michael J. Fox, delivers the laughs with his lovable and mischievous character. If you are more of a cat person, then you will certainly enjoy Sally Field’s character Sassy who proves to be one tough kitty. Finally, the wise and loyal leader of the crew Shadow, played by Don Ameche, teaches us that there are many lessons to be learned on the journey back home.

  1. Robin Hood – 1973

There are many iterations of the great Robin Hood story but the 1973 Disney classic is a great place to start with the kids. Plenty of adventure for the boys and a cute love story for the girls to keep everyone in the family entertained. The soundtrack has some gems by Roger Miller and American composer George Bruns. Could this be the most underrated Disney film ever? Word on the street says this one is in line for a live-action remake in the future. Hopefully, that goes well, but I would highly suggest the original if it is not already in your Disney+ rotation.

  1. Sound of Music – 1965

This classic belongs in every top 10 list of musicals. Julie Andrews lights up the screen in her lead role of Maria.  Something about her character reminds me of my mom whom I watched this film numerous times together growing up. My girls love singing the songs and often reenact Lisel’s reaction to her first kiss when I give them a kiss goodnight. There are numerous positive lessons to be learned throughout the story including finding your purpose and the importance of faith and family.

Bonus – When the kids get a little older, give the 1994 Disney film Iron Will a watch. As a boy growing up this courageous dog sled marathon story was a thrill!  

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