Quick Hits – beFIT for the Kingdom

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This is the first of a four-part Quick Hits series where we’ll dig deeper into each of our Core4 pillars.

Up first is our beFIT pillar. We call this one “beFIT for the Kingdom” because ultimately, everything we do should be to build up God’s Kingdom; even our fitness.

Join us as we talk about what the pillar represents to us, how we put it into practice, and where we intend to go with it in the future. 

We’ll be bringing you these shorter, one-topic Quick Hits episodes every other week! Stay tuned for more great content!

Podcast Transcription:

Hows it going, everyone? Glad you could join us for another episode of core for life, where youre host on Mike here with Matt Ryan and Andrew, as we bring you another episode every Thursday to discuss four key pillars in our lives, be fit be driven, be Noble and be chill and how our faith is the backbone behind each of those pillars. Were talkin to some awesome gas along the way as well as tackling different topics all in the pursuit of staying accountable with each other and living Our Lives. The way God intended doing in each week, to see if there may be something missing in your life. Lets jump into todays episode after a quick ad for our sponsor. Are we are here in the core for Life headquarters for our first podcast recording and I couldnt be more excited. How about you guess what what what from Matt not a boom, boom, boom, boom new headquarters, new catch phrase, out of out of my basement. Finally, dont have anybody walking over the top of us and squeak in the floor. But this will be a nice change of pace and were going to lot of fun and a lot of good times. So this first podcast year is going to be a quick hit for our bfit pillar and were kind of naming it. The fit for the kingdom because every, and every pillow that we have is backed by our faith in Christ and what it means to us. So were going to unpack that a little bit. Spiller. And were going to kick things off with it talking about a fitness challenge that we just completed with 13 guys. So, Im going to kick it over to Ryan, Sherry to give a little bass in detail behind that. Mike said we had 13 dudes competing in this competition. We had like, 11 total categories, but just wanted to give some highlights on cumulative, totals. So together, we lost a hundred and fifty-two pounds and we lost 31 in off of our waists and this is in about a month-and-a-half. 7 weeks after that for the competition. So then then we also measured them strength stuff. So we bench, then we squatted and cumulatively cumulatively off work. I got to stop saying that we gain 85 lb on our bench and 260 lbs on are squats. So we actually did a 3 rep squat Max there. Very much. Weve been through a lot more. Yeah. A lot of people put up like 45 lb of improvement. Where do you live? I am. So I think day because we initially weighed or measured in at your house and we only had three hundred and thirty-five lb of weight so some somewhere lol but I was one of those people and we also did some cardio stuffs with a row and a run and we took quite a bit of time off that we did some flexibility stuff. And then kind of unique thing for our fitness challenges, we did reading and listening so we be included, categories for Words, read of a spiritual or career Improvement type stuff. And so together, we read 707000 words and we listen to 431 hours of content with a lot. Thats a lot in seven. Seven weeks between 13 guys. So, yeah, its a really great competition. We got a lot of good numbers together and pushing each other building on each others strengths and kind of helping each other out in that regard. And I think the, the question is, why do we do it? And, you know, were all middle-aged men. Youre getting to be middle-aged, man. And were all pretty much husbands fathers, like, why are we trying to compete in these fitness challenges as having part of this child? And now weve done this multiple years just to come roddery and the the group togetherness that we were able to build with part of this. Its always a highlight of my year. We do this. If it feels like youre in sport again, if youre in season for a sport and its like weird as a thirty-five-year-old. I havent played a competitive sport pickup game of basketball here. Theres is about all I can muster these days, but its just fun to compete a little bit. I think its guys. Pushing each other in in Waist physically, that also the reading to component and we got together and head out their Bible reading and stuff that we did is part of the competition. So just that togetherness is guys, I feel like that we have it on on the bell-like as iron sharpens iron, like we get together and do something and push each other and have a challenge. Like, you tend to rise to the occasion, if you dont have anything to push you too, then he attended, it gets tagged in a little bit. So that was one of my big motivation. Something I love every year that really pushes me to take this to another level where I wouldnt have done it on my own or push myself. If you nearly as hard at the root of the the competition where we say, were competing against ourselves, cuz were looking at percentage Improvement by the same time, we know thats not true cuz were competing against each other. Competition like this, were going to push each other again. The fact that we can direct those desires and drive to something good. So put it into the spiritual and personal development category in the in the words read then listen to and just take that competitive spirit and amplify it towards the Holy Spirit by the Holy Spirit and you have towards that growth is is pretty awesome. So I think thats a cool aspect of this competition and we really liked Drive each other and encourage each other to feel like theres that ailment that we are competing against each other, but Im trying to help you out. Youre trying to help me out with we also realize like were not getting paid for this. Nobody signing a contract after this, you despite Mikes, second win in a row, you know, the answers were also like encouraging each other as we go, even though we all will want to win, we dont want to try our hardest. Theres that element that were pushing each other. Heard you each other to get better. That we wouldnt have that without that competition, that backed well. And I really like the, we started doing the the Bible app YouVersion, doing a plan together, and its easy to invite friends and you keep accountable because you comment on it, and it was, it was fun during the time to be able to do the same plan with the, with the guys to, to read through it. You know, that youre doing the same thing on a daily basis. And I felt accountable to commenting on it and doing it because like I if I already see people commenting on it right now on Final do it then, you know Im behind. So it is it is something that it is accountability, but I think the behavior in that gets back to the identity of what were focusing on in that identity is is, you know, in Christ and trying to be better for what he wants for our life. So that was good and I will say thank you again, guys, for the championship. I will take it. But youre not welcome. But for me, its perfect because my I told these guys, I mean my strategy strategy, its just the way thats easy for me to live. My life is to do. So in, in the winter, its easy to bulk on, you know, you want it, they want to do it, where in Ohio, it gets cold. You got a bulk on that winter, weight. And the holidays come Thanksgiving Christmas and you know so you can pack on that weight, I dunno. I dunno. Andrew knows youre going to pack on the wait, so you got to go hard after the holidays, going to eat hard hard and then cut hard and then you just maintain you maintain from about, I dont know, April through October and then just let it go again, have a good time for a couple months, eat a lot and then just do it again. Repeat, is that? I thought this is like everything we say not to do with a weight loss. Theyre part of the challenge of rubber banding diet, types of highly recommend it to anybody. It works out very well for me, but I will say it. So madly competed with us, he was on the podcast. Matt is probably the most fit four year old that. I know. I thought he was the most fit out of all of us. The competition and met him in last place, 0 points. So shot out the map for that part is like with a test in. His bar was already pretty high and cuz its a percent Improvement, which I think is a great motivator. Get to get anybody at any stage of Fitness can join in on that. But it also, if, if youre in pretty good shape, with Matt already, was he was going to prove a ton so he didnt have a ton of upside potential in terms of the percent proof, an aspect of a game that I love about the competition for that. Also kind of hurt Matt. And that way we can get hard at the end. So if youre pushing towards that Max, I made its its hard to get her to get 10. More pounds are to get 5 more pounds when youre pushing that, so times as well. And hes fast these fit, you can run, its always been. But I think weve already been talkin about ideas of ways to change that up because we want it to be a way to motivate everybody and its it no matter what for me. Its its been a great motivator to get back into it and get to where I want to be. But weve weve talked about some ways to get it to just be a fitness competition and a fit in everything that were doing and get a team component. So, you can even things out and we can get overall winner. So I would love to get over 20 guys. In the competition is likely to jump from 6 to 2:30. So anybody thats listening, you know, were game for anybody to jump into this and I need a few more later this year. Instead of a winter one, any Fitness level were doing percentage Improvement. Were going to make it fun and and achievable for everybody and you have the opportunity to win a sweet belt and we havent decided on that. It might not even be percentage Improvement in overall, just fitness competition and have the most fit person actually win the belt because thats probably not going to be me and Im sure youre going to be happy. I love that. But anyways, that the highlights of the the fitness challenge again to the components of it are really just as mid 30s, early 40s, men here. Were trying to aten as husbands and fathers were trying to keep that competitive spirit because that helps us in our lives. In a lot of different ways, that if we werent doing it, its easy to get complacent. It its easy to get lazy. And this helps us all to to stay motivated, stay competitive and it hasnt fun. So I think that point like this translates over to a lot of other aspects in our lives as well, to, like, were doing this competition and, and being it, youre getting in a regular habit of doing something. If thats getting me up in the morning, like your Fitness affects a lot, other areas of your life, as well to do. Im getting up in the morning to work out and Im going to try to read my Bible whenever I get up and making that a habit. And so Fitness aspect that is going to translate into other areas, other things that we want to be more disciplined in and going to affect those areas as well too, and hopefully keep improving those. Yeah, for sure because, you know, Ive been up at 5 a.m. everyday this week and you get that work out in your with guys. So when you get up its not always the easiest thing. But then once youre up and youre working out and youre with guys and then youre youre doing something thats getting your heart rate going after that your day is already going. So its easy to say I dont have time in the day to do something but this guess you going? So then it already at probably 6:30 sometimes 7 a.m. youre ready to get into the devotions, get into the Bible. He dont start doing that kind of stuff before your day even starts before your kids are up, sometimes and then so thats thats one of the benefits. I think it is for when we work out cuz were up at I mean you have to get up earlier cuz you have to come up here. But I have to work out at 6 finished up around 7 and you know, By the time 8 rolls around youve already accomplished like more in your day, then you feel like youve done in the past week. If you havent been getting up so early out, and then the fact that youre boosting heart rate, youre getting that work at in like I havent felt tired during the day during this whole competition. Even though Ive been getting up at 5:30 every morning and getting out and getting at it exercise, why? So, just tired at night when you go to bed real well, but hes yet to build a great night sleep. So were already kind of talking about it, but we all we wanted to give some of the results and why we were doing some of these for the challenges, but the heart of this pillar beef. It is being fit for the kingdom of God. Why do we do it in? General? Is easy to just sit there and not work out and eat whatever you want. And why are we trying to be fit? What are the purposes in our life for what God has called us? To do that. We are trying to be fit. Why is that a filler for us? I think weve mentioned it, a few of them here already. Just that this plan aspect. I think for me for sure one thing we literally talked about I know as a dad and is like a leader of my family have four Sons. Like I want to be a good example to them in that way. And I also want to be able to to play with them in and wrestle with them as they continued to grow up and be able to get to model that for them. I think a lot has like a Christian dad. Like youre youre trying to model not just, you know, a few things youre trying to model lifestyle to your kids as well too and so that lifestyle of being able to be fit to get up, do your devotions in the morning? Have other Godly men around you and be able to do activities with them and and grow and then challenged each other. I think thats something that I want a model to my kids, and that fitness challenge. You know, the in the fitness aspect of that, definitely something that I can one way that I can model that to them as well. Yeah, and I want to I want to see them. Seeing me do that, you know? Im yeah. It is something where you dont want to be like, hey guys, look at what Im doing, but you want them to start to notice that as your as theyre starting to live their lives, you know? So one year and I actually just started doing, I broke out my my Bible, a actual Bible that I havent in a long time. It is so easy. You know, you got that right on your phone when your phone is with you everywhere. So is easy to, just go to the Bible on, on the YouVersion app, but I started to utilize the actual Bible and hopefully, will you do when Im at home? I can leave that out so that the kids could start start to see, 8 Dads getting up in the morning is going to work out is leaving his Bible out cuz hes doing that everyday and I want them to see that like again that we can say a lot of things orchids at the end of the day thats going to just be words to be talked. Action is whats going to be up there in a CR. Dont wear model that? Well, for them, for sure, thats what it is. For me. Its its seeing at that action being the example, letting people see that as a husband and a father as a as a worker as a friend. Like I want them to see that and not just be me saying things and telling people, because anybody can say or do anything like you want people to see that in your life. Otherwise what are you doing? Also to that point in your work were called to take care of our bodies by God, everything that hes given us as a gift. So being able to take care of your bodies and just build it up as best, you can not neglecting that and its another aspect of your life that you have to Take care of. So and going back to me or the fact that our kids are seeing us, you know, they say that the best lessons are taught not thought. So like when they catch you doing these things youll see in your Bible out in the morning. So knowing that youve been spending time with God, being able to talk to them about oh yeah, I was out working out with you and Mister my chemistry, Andrew Mister, Matt this morning. And I, yeah, thats thats awesome. So just being able to talk to them about those things and have those Godly relationships and the ability to sharpen each other and push each other. I think thats huge in this Fitness aspect to to combine the things that we like to do the challenges with improving ourselves and maintaining our bodies. Yep. Another little thing on on Fitness as far as what drives me for it, as well as I just dont want any limitations with what I can do. And I dont want, I dont want my help to get in the way of an opportunity to serve, or even like an opportunity to. I dont know, to have fun. I mean, I dont know. I want to be able to do what Im doing now for as long as I can you do. And then I want to be able to, you know, if people serve whether its helping someone move, you know, physical things like that, you know, I just dont want any limitations with, you know, what God has in store for me. So thats part of the best part of it for me, as far as, for as long as I can even like to my kids and wrestle with them. I just want to be, to be able to live life, to the full and help him get in the way and Im very quickly. So, according to Mike, you should stop the heavy lifting then Debatable, highly recommend am stopping heavy lifting especially into your thirties. Yet Fitness is different for everyone, but be smart with it and you dont want to be walking around with shoulder injuries. Bust up at me all those things just in general, a long time ago, but its easy to get banged up. And yeah, thats one struggle is too much. So Im too much now cant work out too much. You can work out in the wrong way too much. I said it before I think, but Matt is the epitome of form. So, do you? And thats part of it to write and, you know, I dont compromise form for it and we havent talked this much on diet, but that was a big part of our challenge to like yeah, we were we were working out together. Theres a lot of camaraderie. That but really, what makes a difference is? What are you doing? You know, the 24 hours of the day that youre not working out? And so, we all did a lot of different dieting. A lot of thats, you know, that stuff that we should take with us, you know? And he went pretty much the entire competition dinner to dinner, and I cant break fast at for a weekend yet. So I would eat dinner and then I would not eat until dinner the next day. And thats kind of Ive kept that going. Now, Id pretty much do that everyday and its its easy once you get into it because if youre working, youre doing it, you know, other things got things going on and then I can sit down with the family and eat dinner and enjoy that and eat as much as I want. And not really have to worry about it and cuz I get my all my calories in at that point in time and I dont eat then like a snack later and thats it. So its its tough to start to get in that Rhythm, but once you start doing it, its not its really not hard. So thats that was mine. And then Ryan hates my water cut which I did at the end, but I do the last two terrible. And I dont have time to like, I think thats probably can lead to more injuries. If I just want to hit some goal to be prideful and make myself feel better, or if Im just like a goal for looks or, you know, whatever, I just like to have to flex on people if the motivation is the other way. And thats how can I be functional? How can I be more the kingdom? How can I be serving others with, with my body and then what I can do to help him out with moving, playing with my kids like that, motivations going to drive you to work out, probably in a different way. And its not all for Glory and Ferb for the muscles and when whatever else you doing at 4, thats a big difference in the way that you work out. And the reason that youre working out And if youre trying to be functional for the kingdom, thats, you know, that eagle lifting part of it, is it going to be a part of it? Yeah. Thats thats kind of the whole point of it. All of the pillars that we have. They are all great. Theyre all important. We need balance in our lives, but for finding our identity and any of them, its going to come crumbling down. Its not going to not going to be something thats going to be sustainable. So we know that we find our identity in Christ. Thats how we live our lives. We do these things to be where he wants us to be in whatever is Being Fit. Being driven be no will be in chill hanging out. We do that for him just for the kingdom that for the king of pisses Kingdom. Quick hits out, love or what? Glad you could join us for another core for Life podcast. If you like what youre hearing, please share this with a friend and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at core for life or check out our website core for life.com that score four life.com to the next Thursday for another brand new episode. Google for Life, acidic on for life.