Season 1 Finale


In this episode, we recap our first season as the Core4Life Podcast. It’s been a great year and there’s so much we’ve learned, so many cool people that we’ve met, and so much to be thankful for! Join us as we talk through all of those things.

Podcast Transcription:

Hows it going, everyone? Glad you could join us for another episode of core for life, where youre host on Mike here with Matt Ryan and Andrew, as we bring you another episode every Thursday to discuss four key pillars in our lives, be fit be driven, be Noble and be chill and how our faith is the backbone behind each of those pillars. Were talkin to some awesome gas along the way as well as tackling different topics all in the pursuit of staying accountable with each other and living Our Lives. The way God intended doing in each week, to see if there may be something missing in your life. Lets jump into todays episode after a quick ad for our sponsor. Have you ever thought about making podcast with thought, probably too hard to get started. Couldnt be further from the truth when you use anchor. First of all, its free. So check off box number one and has easy-to-use creation tools on your browser or your phone, Acura distributor podcast for you and you can make money. No matter how many listeners you have, it really is a One-Stop shop for all of your podcast needs. So stop delaying and download the free anchor app or go to Anchor. FM to get started. Alright. Cheers fellas. Brought back the Elijah. Craig Barrel proof for our finale episode of season. One this will be as we release it the 40th episode for the first season. So I think we did pretty good job. I didnt think we would get the 40 episodes. 40 is a big number man. I dont know. How do we do when were going to get so excited about that little sad. At the same time to see you to see season. 1 end what where to take a few weeks off, as we recruit for season 2, got a lot of big things, a lot of exciting things come in for some podcast, from guess things that were doing for the upcoming year. Its a couple things are run through for the first year. We were coming up on four thousand total listens as we finish up this season. So thats, thats exciting 13. Countrys overall. And again, like I said, 40 episodes a lot of big stuff. I think one of the biggest We talked about that, we were just most excited about this year and why we were looking to get. It started was just talking with a lot of different people from all different walks of life. Weve you know, weve talked with firefighters business owners, coaches pastors, entrepreneurs, musicians cancer survivors, just people from all different walks of life and its been awesome to get to know them hear their stories. See how are are different pillars? Have impacted people in different ways and their own lives and how, you know, how they are there Fitness is it has affected how they are, you know, how people have different drives than ability that shown in real life and they just all the different resources that we got from him. So, I know weve all learned a ton from them. Weve all learned a ton from each other through this. So its been a been, a wild ride and were excited to see where things go. So if we wanted to go around, talk a little bit about it, some of our favorite moments from season one now, I think what you mentioned is actually pretty cool. Looking at having other people can react to the pillars that we had benefind going into this. Yes, we sat down and we thought through what we want to focus on for the are four key pillars and just having people respond to that and people talk about the impact that those Ive had in their life is going to reinforced kind of our passion from starting this, just a to get those going. And I have people respond so well to it. So, its been cool. Talk with people about that. Yeah, for sure. I remember said nothing and are you sending something out with one of your somebody that had been listening? They put the the pillars up in their office, they had them all and kind of some goals focused around them. So that was cool to see. Yeah, I think we we wanted to do this and corn team head and all these things happen this last year and you put something out there and you just dont know how people are going to respond to it. So it was things that we are passionate about and why Kind of found and accountability that Brotherhood that we talked about a lot and you just dont know how thats going to Lance, which has been really cool and really encouraging to have that people listen to what people respond to that. And just know, you know, that that some of the stuff were going through, a lot of other people are also going through the same things in there, you know, able to relate too young to where were at in life and where Gods taking us. So it was really encouraging. I think this year overall, And I like those four pillars cuz it gives us something to talk about with everyone, you know? But theyre all, you know, theyre different for every single gas. Like we dont bring someone in necessarily for all four pillars, its usually one. And then we learn about these people on a whole bunch of different levels, really like I like the format because I think it works well for podcast. Tell April just getting to know each other more like we knew each other lifting a little bit Santiam Church. Hang out. Do some some fun tivities every now and again but its been cool just to get to know you guys deeper see your walk. See the way youre leaving, your family is your wives, like all that those aspects that you dont really get to see in people everyday you unless you kind of dive in and get your hands dirty a little bit. So I think thats been really cool. Yeah, thats the thing we talked about a lot is we love to have fun together be chill together workout be fit together, but you know, if were not were not hold each other accountable and making sure our identities in all of this Fitness and relaxing and work, and whatever it. If its not continue to be focused and Christ. And were not keeping each other motivated there, then this is all for naught. You know, cuz thats thats the number one priority and we know that with everything that were looking at doing in the upcoming year. Its all going to be focused around that. So, excited again to continue down that path with you guys. And hopefully, again, we got more big things to come the pictures of good point. That, when we started the podcast, we werent sure how secular this would be, or how, like, how much are the spirituality of our beliefs would be. And I would say, even just talking with our guests, weve Pretty, pretty quickly. That what we have in common with these people. What we have in common with one. Another is really our mission. And I think that developed very early on we werent sure. Exactly. You know how, you know, focus on our faith we would be. And then in that very quickly turned to, thats who we are. Thats what we want to talk about. And I think that really shaped core for life in our discussions. So that was a cool transition cuz we werent sure at first, I know, thats where I get passionate as when that comes up in conversation yet, but, you know, yeah, youre right. I mean thats what we talked about it. Thats why we didnt put Faith is one of our pillars in the beginning because and that was incorporated into the, be Noble pillar and we wanted that to be something where you dont hate people who are not Christians. Definitely, youre welcome to this podcast. We want to we want you here once your listing is a ton of applicable things to you and your life and hopefully, especially if youre a Dad and your thirties forties, whatever. Going through a lot of this same type of stuff. This is hopefully something thats going to be impactful for you and you can get some nuggets that you can utilize in your daily life, and then, you know, obviously were going to, were going to hammer home on the faith aspect behind everything that were talking about, and thats where things have definitely involved and we know that were going to continue to talk about that. But we want, we definitely want this to be a, a Ministry towards, you know, Christian Diaz and fathers to get them growing in their faith. But you know, I know, Ive talked with people who dont have that Faith who are listening and, you know, theyve, theyve liked it and theyve gotten, Ive got to get stuff out of it, and its opened up room for conversation. And thats really all were looking for. I am kind of happy that we didnt actually put Faith as a pillar because it, it turns out that we know this in our life, but its the foundation for all of our Millers. So, I think being able to talk about that, As we continue the podcast, as we kind of grew, what we wanted this to be and say that we have these four pillars that we need to balance to maintain, but they sit on top of our faith. All of that sits on top of our face. Yeah, I think it kind of separate. I met one of the things that we thought that we, we had a little bit of a, of an age with what we were doing in the fact that theres a lot of different podcast that talk about the faith component with, with everything and theyre great. I mean, Jared Lopes who were going to be talking to him and his podcast is all about faith and how it impacts his daily life. And its a great podcast, ours was more of the, you know, the pillars of different things, the balancing aspect of your life and theres a lot of podcast that do that kind of thing. But normally its more in the secular round, you know? And then like you said, youve got some of those ones that that do that, and add the faith component in and its Faith, Family Fitness, you know what? Everythings like that and then obviously adding in the accountability having a group of four Dudes living life together, trying to create something that hopefully resonated with with guys, especially if they didnt have that already in their life. So what youre saying is the best part is a good things. What were some of your guys favorite moments? Likes favorite episodes or like that was actually my question like 5 minutes ago. I dont know what is all this but its all good. Yeah, I would say like connecting with a teacher that I hadnt talked to you in like, 15 years. He saw that I was doing a podcast. He was thinking about doing a podcast end up connecting talking for a couple hours and just seeing how hes still Walking With God. All these years later, his kids are grown and, and then he ended up getting to come on and be on our podcast here. And I might be at his, at some point, as well to later. So just seeing the journey that hes on that we are past kind of separated for a while, but still came back together and still had that faith is the background of a kind of everything that we do in life. And hes a coach say Piper Peter Piper. So that was one of the coolest moments for me, just seeing that and seeing Christ kind of lived out his life over time how you impacted me for a short while but then were still in that same journey together live in life for Christ Living for our families and how that plays out over his with his life and get to reconnect with him, was was really cool for me. Yeah. Like one of my favorite episodes was our Christmas episode, which is a little bit thrown together last minute, but like, we did it at my house. We had a fire going. I think I was wearing like a stupid cardigan sweater and where had your mustache. You looking great. Thank you. I want to know that I really enjoyed that. Even some of that says without our guest Id say I equally like you know the the podcast we did together as well as our guests are guess were just awesome. Oliver gets brought something great to the table and definitely provide a lot of insight to our theres no show. No show me plastic for me. Like the initial release was one of the biggest moments kind of most exhilarating moments. Like as we are putting this out there for people. Its like you know we had this idea and here it is. And yeah, I was just the insecurities that I have just putting myself out there a little bit and having the response B+ from from the people that weve talked to. So that was just a overwhelmingly exhilarating experience. Just released this and get it go and get out of the wild and see what people thought of it. Yeah, I got I got a lots, a lots of great moments. But like you said, mad and I do like when its just us going through different topics. I know were going to try to do some more of that in the upcoming year and just hit on some different things that are really on our heart. And that were passionate about to spend on all of our pillars yet spending on on the pillars and really what they mean to us. Again, with our faith has, the the backbone behind each. You know, I do, I do love all of the guests that we sat down with Anna forces forces, me and forces us to really ask all those questions and find out their stories and see how theyve been impacted by certain things in her life, that impact us, you know, and thats been the biggest thing. I may just have to say, I had two of my brother-in-laws on and my sister and just talking about some of that stuff through them, is not something that I would just go up to them and normal everyday, life and be like, all right will, lets talk about your life story and how thing of challenges that youve gone through and how it impacted you and how your faith where it was Affected through it. You know, its stuff that really probably not a lot of people do all the time, but man, you can learn so much from other people by just digging into some of that. And then I followed up with that and Im Im meeting with Ray, my brother-in-law, every month. Now to tell me hes that I may just the smartest dude. So, I mean, he knows, he knows everything about everything but hes so biblically sound and knows the Bible forwards and backwards. And so just a dive into some of that as Ive got. You know, Im getting more into just the ology and Ive always had a strong faith but tell folks to know a little bit about where that all comes from and and its just go even going through all that stuff just continues to strengthen my faith overall. So thats up has been great. Just again, the fun times that weve had opening up this Warehouse again, shout out to Drew for opening up the, the top Florida and already trying to make it into something, thats going to be awesome. Going forward again, with the commission of continuing to grow this, to, to get more people to, to know and grow in their face. So its been awesome. So, favorite moments and what, about anyting at me, we talked about a little bit already, but anything specific that youve learned maybe about yourself through this or just about anything else through this first season. I think one of the things we had a lot of small business owners in Colorado. We had an Lamoine and Garrett just Lathrop. I mean a whole bunch of guys that has started in a businesses and getting here just getting to hear about their stories. The risk that theyve taken. I thought that was kind of cool. I kind of a cool Niche and I was flipping through and looking all the episodes weve done, that might be one of them. First categories. Yeah, lets list some of the everybody that weve been on me, Ive had a couple firefighters. Weve had, you know, pastors coaches, weve had a business owner and his own business. So I feel bad. I got a lot out of each of those episodes. Just hearing what they went through to kind of start their own business and trying to start a podcaster or website are, you know, some kind of ministry ourself but I got a ton out of each of those upsets and I think no matter what your in, you know, what job youre in, and what job you have, you can take so much from that and have that business owner and entrepreneurial spirit in whatever job you have, you know, a known that and take that. So, no matter what youre doing, Im in, theres a ton to learn their from from all those stories. Yeah, I think personally, weve learned a lot doing this podcast like, myself learning how to set up all the audio equipment and your record and edit, teach you like to add it and like just getting all this stuff going. So we can do this. So just the fact of doing it on there, it feels good to produce something till like put something out when I feel like Im a consumer of everything else you do? You know, I am and where Im doing my roles and responsibilities but miss something we want to put out. So it just feels different. Feels like Im giving back rather than just taking things in the lots of lots of good things learned to talk about little bit about where were going for the upcoming year and some of our goals and where we continue to see this, see this going for core for life. Yeah, I mean obviously one of the big things is expanding on headquarters, you know? Im just getting more guys to come work out here, we have more space, just reaching people locally and obviously using this great facility to record more podcast and bring guests in and just have a cool place to go to really be chill and to function as our studio made it might be might be old tires, stacked up but its a studio. It may be a door with a hole drilled through it. Stuck on to a Bourbon Barrel but I mean I havent seen this before. Im excited for our next round of gas. If we went back and we interviewed everyone that we did this past year all over. Again, we would still have a great podcast. So many different things, every episode we could have gone on, I think 4 hours, know, do you know, the people that we interviewed or doing things that are important and theyre doing things that are really cool in our facility, kind of our area, in our region button, I would say theyre just getting started as well. So those guys were absolutely awesome for all so excited to talk to new people and we got a whole new year whole bunch of connections to make. So thats what thats one thing Im really excited about. Like I mean right now weve got a handful of people that were looking forward to connect with and who knows where were going to be here for now. Thats it. Thats a good point. I was thinking about that, we definitely want to look for those gas and connect with networks a piece. Who have bigger networks because thats going to help us grow and reach more people to again, come to know and grow Christ, which is our main, our main goal with what we looking at. But that was a big thing as having a lot of people within our own region here in Northeast Ohio. A lot of people who have great stories to tell just like people who have those huge networks that, you know, theyre already out there. But yall, this is a way to bring people stories to light. That maybe havent been told before that people have gone. To listen to me, I love that. We were throwing around some ideas on the board. And we came up with the kind of the tagline stories worth sharing cuz everybody who weve talked to has had a story worth sharing, and theyve had things to offer people that are listening that you can use in your everyday life. So its been fantastic. The guests that we have. And like you said, Matt if we went back by straight through again, like we have another great year, I think we said that a number of different times on the podcast me like all. Well, thats thats something that we could drive a whole podcast from, you know, whether itd been, you know, the counseling or adoption or Foster a different day. I mean, that we had talking to different people and thats, thats kind of what this might be another favorite moment. Kind of what generated to the quick hits idea is those conversations, and Matt asking me questions after the podcast, youre welcome, but yeah, I havent liked single topic things that we can dig in dive into a little bit deeper. And then today, I mean not a big stuff, a lot of fun stuff and we hope that everybody has enjoyed it so far. And well look forward to Bringing more, more positive content out there, too. I guess, just continue to Brooklyn the name of God and they need to grow this as much as you can. And thanks everybody for all the support and lessons will see you next year. Glad you could join us for another core for Life podcast. If you like what youre hearing, please share this with a friend and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at core for life or check out our website core for that score, four Google for Life, acidic on for life.