Easter Thoughts


When I truly stop and think about all that Jesus did for me, it really blows my mind. Fully knowing that I am a messed-up sinner and guilty of breaking his commandments in numerous ways every day, he still chose to lay down his life for me. 

When we talk about our beNOBLE and beDRIVEN pillars, there is no better example to look to than Jesus himself. When I think about Jesus’ sacrifice, it really is the epitome of what we strive to be like.

Silhouette Photo of 3 Cross Under the Blue Sky

Jesus knew full well what he was going to experience on the cross (Matthew 16:21). He knew the pain and shame that came with that kind of death, yet he did it anyway for us.  He understood the task at hand and knew there was no other way to redeem mankind.

None of us would ever be good enough to earn our own way to God. You can look at numerous characters in the Bible and they all messed up in one way or another; and these were the good guys, too. Even today we see all kinds of problems in our society that, as civilized as we have become, are still not fixed. You also don’t need to look far to see issues in the church or pastors that have fallen into sin as well.

As driven and noble as we can be as humans, we still fall short of God’s standard. That is why Easter is so amazing. Despite all of our failings, God still loved us. He still was not willing to leave us in our lost state. 

That’s why the gospel is the good news. When we were not driven or noble enough, Jesus was. His sacrifice covered our failings and we receive his perfect works, so when God looks at us he no longer sees a bunch of weak screw-ups. He sees us as forgiven and our weakness made whole in Jesus. 

Isn’t Easter the best?!?

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