Podcast Episode 13 – Dan LeMoine from re:vitalize


In this episode we sit down with Dan LeMoine, the Clinic Director of Revitalize Weight Loss & Wellness Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Dan dives into his love for the game of rugby, his experience as a missionary to the Dominican Republic and his road to becoming a foster parent.  

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Dan opens-up about his work life balance challenges as an entrepreneur. He also shares three key pillars related to health and nutrition from his experience in the health industry and several tips and tools that he uses to stay on top of his personal wellbeing. Dan also talks about how his business has become a trusted resource to the NBA’s Phoenix Suns organization.


Dan graduated with a business degree from Miami University. After a short stint playing international rugby, he began working in corporate finance which ultimately led him to make a drastic career shift that resulted in becoming an entrepreneur.


Just two months after marriage, Dan and his wife Danae became missionaries in the Dominican Republic at Doulos Discovery School. Dan and the Core4Life crew share details and resources that they use to connect with God daily. We also learn about Dan and Danae’s recent journey to become foster parents. Dan dives deep and shares his inspiring faith journey.     


Dan is an avid reader and mentions several books (listed below) that he has been using to unwind. He also shares intimate details about the sacred annual Bro-Festivus gathering that takes place once a year among his closest college rugby brothers.

Quiet Time Resources

Books Mentioned 

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