Podcast Episode 15 – Meet the Core4 – Mike


This is our 2nd of 4 episodes dedicated to the members of Core4Life; now coming out on episodes 10, 15, 20 and 25!

Bourbon: Eagle Rare


  • Mike grew up outside of Philadelphia, PA
  • Great, supportive parents who have helped him develop into the man he is today
  • 3 older sisters, youngest 9 years older, all married with 3+ kids
  • Moved to AZ during middle school and back to Philadelphia area for High School


  • Sports was his identity growing up
  • Played everything – soccer, baseball, basketball, football, tennis, golf, etc.
  • Played football in college – D1 hands, D3 speed
  • Tore ACL and led him down a new path


  • Was able to keep the competitive juices flowing in a sales career with SpyGlass
  • Worked his way up through different sales, training and management roles
  • From 1000’s of dials a month to 1000’s of miles a month in his car to the 1000s of different attributes it takes to be a good manager/leader


  • Wife – Sara, 3 boys – Ryder – 7, Emmitt – 5, Coleman – 2
  • Challenges of raising children
  • Work-life balance – boundaries and expectations
  • Ryder was diagnosed with a brain tumor 3.5 years ago. Mike talks about how that helped grow his faith
  • Identity now fully rooted in Christ
  • Redemption Chapel and CLC have played a huge part in Mike’s life


  • Lakehouse times with friends and family
  • Outdoor activities with the family
  • Establishment of “funtivities”


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