Podcast Episode 18 – Jimmy Domer: Bears, Rattlesnakes, and Bourbon



  • Loves to hunt
  • Recorded this podcast in his pole barn, aka the “patriot ranch”
  • Multiple deer skulls, mountain lion, warthog, rattle snake, alligator and a bear
  • Just got back from a 9 day bear hunt in Riggins, Idaho
Salmon River near Riggins | Idaho vacation, Idaho travel, Riggins idaho
  • Bear hunting, 2 methods – spot or bait
  • Rattlesnake – Killed 12 the first year they were there
  • Loves to bow hunt, but tough for bears because their nose is 14x stronger than a human per Jimmy. I looked it up and it’s actually 2100x stronger!!!
  • Now teaching his daughter to hunt who likes it and got her first kill at 10, first shot
  • Jimmy had a podcast called Whiskey Friday. As Winston Churchill would say… “Whiskey has killed more men than bullets, but most men would rather be full of whiskey than bullets.”


  • Some college, had his own excavating business at 22
  • Flipped houses
  • Started installing countertops for his wife’s business
  • Became GM with about 12 employees, grew to 70 employees
  • Jimmy has an entrepreneurial spirit that drives him in life
  • Resources he provided:


  • Leading his family his a noble driving force in his life
  • Gave up some of his own endeavors, entered the family business to grow up and step up
  • Always had faith, but turned his life really towards Christ after a Mark Driscoll conference
  • Started a church plant in Kent


  • Started to get a dad bod – started up in crossfit for 5 years
  • Home gym now

Podcast Transcription:

Have you ever thought about making podcast with thought, probably too hard to get started. Couldnt be further from the truth when you use anchor. First of all, its free. So, check off box number one. It has easy-to-use, creation tools on your browser or your phone, Acura distributor podcast for you and you can make money. No matter how many listeners you have, it really is a One-Stop shop for all of your podcast knees. So stop delaying and download the free anchor app or go to Anchor. FM to get started. All right, got Jimmy do more here and hes going to intro at The Bourbon Montana, honey, moonshine out of Ennis, Montana Willys, Distillery personal favorite of mine, fantastic lose and delicious. You can only get in Montana right now. In Montana Montana doesnt let the Steelers ship their whiskey or bourbon. Alder Montana. So its the tree and I was actually there in July thats always went to the stillery. Got a little tasting little tour. Willy is a combat vet started up this ability so it was pretty cool to see the Old West Town old west Vibe. Yeah. This is my is my favorite out of their sock, tastes great. Love it and love it. We can get the try this out being as I dont know, when any of us we get to Montana. Welcome back to the core for Life podcast. We got Jimmy dont were here with us. Hes the GM for top Advantage here in Hartville Ohio is a husband, father of three and Avid Hunter which will get into during the podcasts over. Jimmy awesome. Having you here tonight. Thanks for having me. Welcome Miller. Just now where you grew up, where you came from, where youre at today. I love those. Open, any questions, Ohio been here, 37 years, 38 November, so havent left traveled a lot. Then do a lot of places but I grew up here like it here. Its a good place to raise family and I can play I can even I concur you know Sarah rope me in but it is a nice place. Its a good place to raise kids and less. I can convince convince my wife to a head West. Thats thats about the only place it would take me out of here so that the Montana to get some beer, went to school here, family friends here, work here now and yeah, started hunting here. Got it. Nice. Well, good transition to to the next pillar. We dont usually start off with our Beech Hill pillar, but were going to spend some time there tonight. Because I think youre the first really big hunter that weve had on the the podcast and none of us actually have ever hunted before. Yeah. I think that we would all we all would do it and we all get into it a little bit, but Im going to spend some time talking about talking about that cuz I know its a big paw If your life and and what youve done. So just and you just got back from a, from a bear hunting trip out in Idaho right now. So, I may just tell us a little bit about how you got started up and hunting. And obviously were going to dive into that, that there are any trip as well. So Ill preface everything by just saying. I know theres a lot of like, you guys. So you guys are non-hunters, but open to hunting. Theres a lot of non-hunters that dont understand hunting at all and they think youre just out there killing innocent animals which totally not true. I mean, The Hunting Community, you know, theres a respect for the animals, respect for the environment and habitats all that. And, you know, I dont get into that a lot and I dont even have a lot of people, you know, harp on it. This this community, its pretty pretty accepted and most places you go. But you know, there is a stigma with some hunting that youre just out there Galen being over here, killing, you know, innocent You know, stuff like that but but a lot of guys are out there and its theres tons of conservation that goes into it, you know, the tags and everything you spend your money on Hunting. It all goes back to, you know, basic preserving wildlife habitat, all that stuff. So just wanted to throw that out, you know, for anybody that might be listening. Thats like, wait this this guy kills stuff. Like way more into it than that. Dont turn off the podcast. You dont know where we at, right now, where we at, right now we are in my pole, barn, which I have dubbed since its conception the Patriot Ranch. East room of a friend at my entire life. Thats a good place to start. Lets just talk about some of the stuff thats in here right now. Okay, so over here we got multiple deer skulls so whitetails mule deer. Theres an Impala from Africa on the table. We got a mountain lion, a warthog a rattlesnake and a alligator and a window right at home right alongside the bottles of bourbon. So yeah, I just got back from a nine days of, including the travel bear hunt in Idaho. Riggins Idaho. Farwest about 12 miles from, as a crow flies from Oregon. So very, very far west. And when the steepest areas in Idaho, You know, a certain points. How far were you from? Probably the next living person like you and your group? So, this is interesting. We had we had a chat about this. So when we got there there, like art, so, I went on a guided hunt. Ive become friends with this guy, hes, hes roughly my age. Toughest guy, Ive ever met solid guy. Raising raising his three kids are on their Camp right now. Three little two, little girls in a little one year old boy and theyre living in, basically up 10 on the side of a mountain right now for for about 4 weeks during bear season. And then they, they go back to their house. But but we, when we got into Camp, he said, hey, we have a giant bear coming into a bait pile. So theres multiple ways you can hunt bears spot. You just sit on the side of a mountain, kind of wait for him to come out there, plum trees, and the open areas, and then theres you can bathe them. So, its legal. You put out the sky by Old candy from the, its like off the floor of a candy shop offer or campus old expired candy. And you put it, he had a bunch of candy corn, those little Gummy pumpkins and chunks of peanuts and chocolate. And this is in a pile on a mountain. You can you put a camera out and see what comes out and come right out for that? You gave me all day long with you gone. I was expecting like a pile of like raw meat or something like that in Greece. They have bottles giant bottles, a bacon grease, and you pour that and stumps around. So they smell it. They come in, and they start kind of consistently coming in there. So the way to drop them off, like, the Deep Mountain and out of the Timber. So, so the property and Acres, tons of fruit. Plums pears apples, and that brings them in from like a big area, brings a man. So theres a lot of bears in that area, but the property next to it. Its about 7,000 Acres. Its pretty remote, like really remote and so there, you got to come to draw him out but scavengers who eat dead animals? You know, fruit I saw the stones were they dug up a hornets nest and my pulled out their beehives and stuff like that. So theyre so weak and hes like not a huge fan. Somebodys going to get it. Im like Im in so three days. We hunted the spare it was on camera at night and this so no other legal way of hunting bears in Idaho is you have hounds that theyll smell a track in the run after the bear, you know, if its been there a couple hours run after the bear and theyll get it up a tree and then you can shoot it in the tree. So It sounds like while youre just shooting fish in a barrel but believe me, its one of the hounds have to be trained, find the track and run them. And then to you got to actually get on the Bear, get it up the tree and then make the shot. So we went up and for three days straight ran dogs around late, they got on some tracks, but the tracks were told it was really dry out there. Theres fires to the south of it and blowing smoke, so it was hard to see it times up there. But, but yeah, it was never. So, I went up there three days unsuccessful. Yeah, we got clothes. We thought we thought so theres one time, the dogs are in the trees, got GPS collars, all the dogs and I went on this long hike and Steve of stuff Ive ever been on went up. The hes like dogs have an entry. I get up there, theyre barking at the tree while here, the bear slept there that night and they backtracked, the bear and Nobert so hyped for nothing, but this is where the bear was. This is where that bear was. So I came off, we were we were smoke that afternoon game off. We gave it gave it a break and my buddy end up shooting it on the last day. And he, he hiked he came back and he look like he was dead. I mean no water. They didnt expect to see it, but they walked miles and had to walk off the mountain. So it was, but he ended up getting, it was a giant old female hair that Jane coming to that bait and hiding in the woods. So we got a couple other things. I think this this rattlesnake skin here was on the table here is from the bear hunt that you were just on. I think you said to me that that was what you were most afraid of some of the rattlesnake. So tell us a little bit about what went down with that. You have respect for things that can kill you. The black bears arent like grizzly bears. Theyre not, you know, super aggressive where theyre going to come after you, you know, and grizzly bears, you know, theyre not unless you cross them the wrong way. Or you know, if you surprised Im there going to be a my charger grizzly bear, super rare in the area we were hunting. So wasnt worried about that. Theres wolves mountain lions and pretty rare to not super concerned about that but rattlesnakes all over the place. So I Ive been to this place for years and we killed 12 rattlesnakes. The first year I was there and I I didnt even know there was rattlesnakes that high up on the mountain. So super like aware that theres snakes werent wasnt seeing many of them up there but my dad hunt with us for a little bit and he was hiking kicked his hat off and went to pick it up and theres one coiled up right in front of him and hes Im afraid of snakes. This guy is 10 times, more afraid of If theyre high pitch scream involved, he was a decent sized snake there. So found a nice camera shaped, log and cracked over the head, which, you know, anybody out there, Ill tell you, they will take a snake out, you know, anytime they see it, and yeah, skinned it out. And that was it one of us to make all the guys out there. Ask you how many rings do they have on the rattle? So thats got 11 11 rings on the rattle when I dont know what does that mean? I dont know. 11 years old or something like that but I will say this one, I killed the first year I was out there. I was sitting glassing forebears with the binoculars and I kept hearing what I thought. Mouse next to me and I looked over and there was a snake, I could have grabbed it with my hand rattlesnake coming and I rolled over the guide and we grabbed the Rock and smashed it and I thought it was huge Sprite, 30in long, this one was 38 in without the head. After I cut the head off in 38 in, so now what happens, worst case scenario, you get bit by one of these, what type of bad situation are you in? So, I always thought youre dead, but they told me that youll get really sick, I still wouldnt want to even, you know, risk it. But because we were so where we were hunting, where I was talking about this bear that nobody, you know, he told me probably werent going to see, it was a 45-minute four-wheeler ride up a mountain, straight up a mountain, just zigzagging straight up the mountain. So youre 45 minutes of the road and then youre probably an hour to the next Like Town, thats actually civilized. So theres a, theres a little town 15 minutes away, but its got like one restaurant, one bar, one gas station, and one stops a pretty much. So they said that you probably wouldnt die. You know. Probably depends on the person. You know, if youre smaller bigger, if you got any, you can get down that mountain, get an anti-venom shot that arm off. Maybe I want to find out but yeah. So the meat after you skin it out, still moves something with reptiles. Were talkin about this before the podcast. I dont know what it is, but the was still, like curling around moving on the ground. When all those hounds came back from not getting the bear. They ate every piece of this snake. It was actually kind of hard to watch cuz you get here. Like I mean people say Battle snake taste like chicken. Id rather eat chicken but I really dont want to eat to try it though. In the Echo. What did you take back this time? Cuz you got to. Yeah, I got to and to the other guys, I was with got too and we brought hindquarters back. Unfortunately, it was so quick. We got back yesterday afternoon. I didnt have time to prepare anything but probably going to make sausage and jerky with it. The one thing about bear meat is it has trichinosis, which is the worms, I think, like, in the meat, so you have to cook it to like I think its like a hundred sixty-five degrees, something like pork before, you have to cook it to a certain temperature to kill that off. So Im at Bear me one other time and it was terrible. So, Were good. Were giving it a go cuz you know something we dont we killed we want we want to give it a whirl said World taste like chicken out, anything in Chile in Chile, my buddy wants to do when youre prepping for a trip like this, like youre out there. What are you doing to prepare? What kind of stuff are you taking like these are pretty serious tracks out there at prep time? Yeah, thats a good question. So, this year, I felt the most unprepared physically, like I used to do CrossFit and I think well get in the bfit section, but but I was, Ive been working out, you know, muscle. You love me but not not running, not cardio, but did. All right. Like it. Its it can, you know, going up as mountains, can wind, you pretty quick, but did okay. Didnt get to sorbas ABI, you know? But basically you want to have enough gear like up on the mountain, weather can change pretty quick. Its cold in the mornings cold in the evenings, real hot during the day. So you just, you know, you bring layers, but its real dry. No humidity. And then obviously water you want to make sure or was you just dont know what youre going to get into. So you might you might be chasing a bear for, you know, half a day. So we took snacks and stuff up there, kind of, you know, just in case you were going to be hanging out radios, stuff like that but we are you kind of get to know the gear. You need. You want a good good optics for trying to find a bear. I always carry it back up side are cuz you dont know what youre into, you know, theres a lot of guys who carry snake shot in their pistols. Its basically, like little shotgun shells for Christmas. After the first year, we experienced a lot of snake sound like that if you just respect them because some of them are more aggressive than others and if you find a hammer ship log because of you, I was like, it was like I said it there like that, youre going to see a snake grab that bring down a bear Mission decide on. What what what, what kind of rifle do you need cuz rifles range from the others. 22 that kill squirrels and small game up to you know, 300 Winchester Mag zard kill moose and elk and they said basically anything you can kill a deer with you can kill a bear with so 243 rifle 270 and eating up from that. One of our guys had a real heavy caliber rifle. I took a 30 ought 6. So thirty-ought-six is pretty. You can kill pretty much anything in North America with a 30, odd 6. So you get dialed in right? And you can kill deer and gobert. You kill, moose you kill elk, pretty much. Do you know thats a bare minimum gone so I took no pun intended. Nope, I took a wider, caliber rifle, 6.5 Creedmoor, its another. Its a little bit lighter bullet just as a backup in case, felt the first year, I felt meant my scope. Luckily been it right back in it, it was all good, but I just want to have a back-up plan in case something went awry. So yeah. But yeah, thats pretty much any kind of rifle so that you can archery hunt him, a lot harder. I was going to ask you a bow hunting bow, honey. Bear. In a 20 yards is its pretty sketchy sketchy, but I forget the human nose. So, yeah, its so rifle. You can reach out there to 300 yards, did not miss it sways, right safely, get them. Exactly. Last question on the hunting front here. We got four guys that are not Hunters. How did you start hunting? How did that come about? Did you grow up with it? When it come from my dads a little bit? When I was younger, I all my uncle sounded a little bit. My one local, he honored quite a bit. He was he was known as a hunter and my cousin his son. He hunted quite a bit. So we started, I was probably 14 15 after school. We go home, grab our shotguns and just go out and start shooting squirrels, then we start skin and squirrels out and we were eating those at the time. You know I know why guys are eat squirrels but were just going out just being in the Woods Basement being young. Boissy, no screwing around in the woods one time. We were, we were squirrel hunting squirrel. Calling and a fox came up right behind us. You know, thinking it was a squirrel and, you know, it just, I just love being outside love, being out Outdoors Inn. It hurt me, so went from there, got in the deer hunting. Probably 16. 17 got got my first Bow crossbow and start really getting into it and then after seeing some deer in the wild, you know, being that close to an animal and being able to go after it like just just hooked me. Yeah. So I think thats it. Thats it, right? Cuz none of us grew up with a family that hunted wear and you just told us a story about. Now, youre a hunter and that your daughter just got her her first kill, not too long ago. So shes 12. I took her out. She was in the stand with me at 6 years old. Its no, like 6 in a day she lasts about an hour but it was like I didnt care. I took her out to grab the next year. She liked it and she just do you want to do what dad was doing? So, I took her out two years ago when she was 10, put her in a stand, and right? When we walked in the state, and we had a little do female deer down walking around and It walked off and she was so disappointed but Mike its early. Theres a lot of deer hear and 45 minutes later a little little do came out right in front of us and shes like can I shoot it? Im like hold on, I pull my phone out, I get to get a video. I got it all in Tampa, First Shot, Ya, youd found eyeshadow other deer that she had come out in the woods with me, and I found him like, got it and stuff, and she would poke the eyes and be a dad is at the heart. Is that the longer she would like? She was interested in that. But this deer she had killed. We got to it and I start gutting and shes like Im just going to stand over here. Like she didnt want it was kind of weird but we brought it back and made it into jerky and I think we got some steak cuts and stuff like that and she was like thats my dear you know so it was it was pretty cool nice. Yeah thats a good father daughter moment right there. Whoever. Oh, yeah, it was phenomenal. So, she was mad last year. We lost the lease that we had in Southern Ohio, and we didnt really find any. Then shes like, Dad. I want to get out of felt really bad. I couldnt take her out, but this year, we got, we got some different access to some property. So, going to get her back out there, my other daughter, nothing to do with it. Im not going out there. Like doesnt want any more of a girly, girl, more of a girl. So I know you did a a podcast called whiskey Fridays for a little bit and wanted to, at least mention it because we do, we do a different bourbon whiskey each one. So, tell us a little bit about that podcast and what you guys are doing their hunting buddy of mine. Both like bourbon both like hunting. We just said lets it was literally just a screw around time like, Hey, were going to sit around and have a, a whiskey on a Friday. Lets just do a podcast. So we got some basic equipment and started up a thing, didnt have to have a huge format. We did like a Teddy Roosevelt, quote, every week and we did a hit when we did a whiskey tasting, so nice. Yeah. It was a very familiar when you describe it. That way. Speak softly and carry a big stick. Are you going? Are you going to get a Winston, Churchill, quote, on my glass here. Hes whiskey has killed more men than bullets but most men would rather be full of whiskey even bullets through so much. Whiskeys in whiskey and bourbon, talk about where they came from. Talk about the company that you know, to still do all that stuff and just kind of fizzled out. We should we still talk about Reich, resurrecting it, but havent done it yet. So goddamn, we will get with you on that one. Well, and we can probably talk about hunting and all that for a long time. Shall we? If we dont spend a ton of time on that and that stuff on the podcast too much. So thank you for sharing all of that. And lets lets dive into a little bit of the car be driven tiller. Youre, youre a GM for a successful countertop business that my sister-in-law is works with, I know and thank you that you are glad that shes there and finish. Hes been off for a little bit higher than that. Its been rough. I hate I hate to admit it but I will. Shes yeah, Im glad shell be back soon. Walk us through a little bit of how you ended up there your career path and yeah, how that all got started. So I if I had to do a resume, Id have to put some college on. My resume never finished. Ive no degree. So went to Ohio state for a year realized how much it cost and had no like Kind of new, kind of like the graphic design stuff, kind of like business stuff. Im like, I dont have no idea. You know what I want to do. So, I came back when to Kent Stark still same boat and I was working for a guy doing some Excavating and loved it. Loved getting dirty, love, physical labor, and he ended up selling his business and like I can do this on my own, I did everything for him and bought an excavator and went out on my own and had a bobcat and an excavator and had my own business at 2221 22 and didnt have a ton of business since. I mean, I knew I knew Excavating but didnt have a ton of business sense, but not book, smart zigzag. Yeah, so Im always, Im a guy that if I would apply myself, I probably be straight A but Im 280d to apply myself. So Im like BC guy but got hooked up with a bill. Where was doing his stuff. And then the economy tanked, he went out, he was closing the stuff. So I sold my equipment and, you know, I was handy. Id my wife and I its time to remodel the house. And Im like, well, lets flip some houses. So, had some help flipped about six houses and then the rest of the economy, tanked, and it was like, just the worst time to start start that. So, Im like, well, her family business have, this countertop shop real small shop at the time and Im like, Ill go work for them. So Sergeant, stone, countertops, couple of years later gun in the sales and the things. The GM at the time said, he was moving on to something different and so, I kind of got thrown in that role, but we only had about 12 employees and Group from there, obviously, the economy stuff like that. Start coming back and that was helpful. But we had a good solid core group of guys, in bigger business behind behind their big family, business behind there. So we had some Neo support on that learned a lot from those guys and and we grew from 12 employees to 70 employees covid. How end up in that seat? Has it fairing post covid? Mid covid-19 to know where we are right now. So covid, we ended up laying off. Roughly a third, little over a third of our staff will be furloughed. Im so like, hey, we want to bring you back but we dont know whats going to happen. So we ended up Losing about 10 people that either found something else or we couldnt or didnt bring back. So were roughly a little over 60 employees now, but its, weve had seven straight weeks of the busiest weeks weve ever had. So its been crazy. I dont even know how to explain it. And I was pretty good at like, projecting like, hey things moving this way, things are moving, that way. But since covid, its like brand new ballgame, you just flip a coin, like, whats going to be this week? So thankful and blessed that things are turn back around and going, well, I dont like your come just what youre talkin through that we talked about a lot with our be driven pillar that some people. I think they had the thought that you get a degree and youre just kind of sat and stuff just going to fall into place and you get a good career when you get raises into just cut off, Falls in your lap and maybe thats pretty naive. You apply for college students to be thinking that but that just remind you that that every path is different but if you Go to work hard, you willing to learn new skills and keep going to keep grinding stuff tends to work out for you. Like we know covid happens, people get laid off but over time you know people at work hard that are driven that you tend to be able to figure out if ya Find Your Way, find your strengths on an Andre agrees and going to necessarily be a golden ticket to anything and that ability to work hard pay, dividends in no matter what industry that youre going to end up being an yeah, I would agree with that. How do you how do you do at that point with what? Andrew said, how do you maintain that drive? If Im just completely honest, I was born with this weird tick like I no business getting buying an excavator and a and a bobcat and no business flipping houses, and I didnt know anything about countertops. Other than, you know, they got a sink in it and watch it generally flat. We have a nice one of yours and our house. Yes, it works. I can buy stuff on it and it stays there. But I would say, I would say, I was born with this entrepreneurial spirit that I dont know what all you guys do, but if you just hire me to do, whatever, Im going to be like, well I want to make it the best. I want to build this thing up. I want to make it, you know, whatever we can do like think outside the box and and go crazy with it. So thats thats been like a driving force, for me, its personally that even if they said, hey, were cutting your pay 50% tomorrow. You know, we have to, Id still be grinded and doing the same thing like trying to grow it and build it. Like, I could because it just thought Id be bored if I didnt know. Sweet. Weve had that conversation with a couple of our guests. Now, we talked about that entrepreneurial spirit and how for us, its hard to take that leap. I think a couple of us have thought about is taking that leap in jumping into her own business, or jumping into something that we have a passion for you. You said, you, you feel like thats Ingrained in. You are there any like I guess theres no tips, right? Its just something you you felt and youre just like, Im going for it. Yeah, I think honestly, I think everybodys everybody being safe as its easy. And its, its what everybody wants. And Ill be honest, I thought about, I like my mind bounces around. Im like, well, I could go out and start doing this or that. And and, you know, obviously, its being smart and Discerning, you know, hey whats, whats best for my family? Whats best for, you know what? What, what are calculated risks to take? But I think a lot of people dont move off. Go cuz there they like that safety, not, not saying, thats a bad thing, you know, in some, a lot of cases that could be a good thing, but in some cases, its just, are you willing to do it or not you know, just to try it out to go for it. So the wrap up the be driven pill here. Are there any Mentors are resources that have been influential in your life. So yeah, theres been theres been a lot. So we we were talking a little bit pre podcast near you guys were asking me about hunting and I said I would actually read to which is probably a misconception. I thought we were going to talk about but really close mentor of mine. He was a spiritual Mentor, he was a business mentor and just like a, he was, he was a hunter. He was probably a little older than my father and just a great guy. We hit it off. I met him at a church planting conference and he hunted. He, he was just a mans man renaissance man and he died of cancer a few years ago and it obviously losing a friend or you know, loved one sucks but he was like just somebody that got me and I could go. Do any time so its I havent found like a an actual memorized, a lot of friends, a lot of guys that bounce stuff off of but you know, as far as bike books or guys at Im in to go, Tim Ferriss is one of your business. Why was it that the book tools of the Titans? Its just its like you know, is thick is a spino a bicep or a thigh you know its just a wealth of knowledge cuz he interviews all these guys from Fitness to your business to all these different Realms life and you get to you to chew on that. And you know, its not super deep, you know, but but you get a nice nugget on a lot of his stuff. Read the 4-Hour Work week and other stuff hes done. Jocko willink. I dont know if you guys are talking about any more than that. Really, really cool. Solid. Im hard-headed guy. So, I need that guys to like really, you know, clock me in the head and put in your kind of straight, shoot me straight. Yeah, cuz if not, Im like, all right, I cant, I might respect you, but I dont know. I just know. I need, I need punched in the time in the chin, to get my attention. So, spiritually guy. Mark Driscoll got on to him probably 10 10 years ago and I know theres, theres been stuff surrounding him, but That that guy changed changed my faith route, like woke me up from, you know just kind of a passive Christian and really did that thing just caught me in the jaw and Im like this. Okay, this is this isnt just the church near the church sweater guy. This isnt he can you know he can bring it and I know hes not for everybody in and thats why I think theres different types of church. Has different types of pastors, we need, you know, all that flavor, but but hes a lot of his stuff is no, YouTube videos, all that stuff spoken to me, especially for guys. And it hit me at the same time. I could totally relate to that. I agree, dudes. Like theres I was struggling on my pack a suomy. Mark Driscoll James. If Donald those thats not even our pastor after you made theyre just going to hit it straight. Yeah, where you need it and we dont we dont want sugar coating right now. What you need to know you know, you need to be hit home cuz if you want to be a man and you want to leave your family and you want to lead the life that God has for you. You want to hear it straight? Exactly. I think when you get sugar coated you see through that and it makes you skeptical like well you know what are you? You might be a good guy but youre youre not youre not given to me straight. So what would you say change the most? Like when you got that knock on the jar, you know you went from he said a passive Christian. Two more active in your fit. Yeah thats a good question. Is ishen to be Noble pillow? Made me put my big boy pants on. Like Just as like my role as a man. So yeah, Ive been married at the time price for 5 years and struggled in some of those businesses that were going down. My wife was working full-time and Im like, I need to be the provider like I and it really made me like this is not cool that shes shes got bass, got a better job than me and Im like, family leadership family leadership. We didnt at the time we didnt have kids. We were talking about kids and Im like, I need to be, I need to step my game up. So I realize that you know, I dont want to be one of those guys that is just sitting on the couch, you know, let my wife, do we in the circumstances? You know everybodys got their own situation so Im not criticizing. You know if somebodys wife The Breadwinner or anyting but but I just thats where you at you. Yeah. They hit me and Im like, I need to I need to basically man up and you know ownmystuff. When I own my family and the direction we wanted to go. So what does that look like? Like taking the of taking control the Family Planning and bible studies, or anything like that? Like, what does it look like if it started that? Its it started with family, bible studies prayer at home, like just leading, it was just us to. Like I said, talking about kids, but it also, it humbled me and said, Im going to just Im going to take the counter top job with her familys business and, you know, Ive been on my own for a couple years then, you know, kind of a hard-headed kid. And it was, it was tough to do cuz I, I have freedom, you know, I could do pretty much what I want. And Im going to take a day off here. Im going to go go hunt your day for Maya to the home of myself, and just say, Im going to go work, you know, a quote on quote, regular job and and work for the quote unquote, man. Derrick Rose came through the fingers that, but yeah, thats what I did. So, when you talked a little bit about your, your faith, is there anything to that store in me? And how you ended up kind of how that played a big part in your life? Or whats, whats happened there? So I have a pretty boring Faith story. I wasnt like the guy that got in the hardcore drugs and turn my life around or anything like that. But but Ive also realized my age. It, everybodys face stories, it its all amazing. So you dont have to have always thought me and these guys that have these radical changes. Thats thats thats like cooler than honestly. I was born like since I can remember. I always had a, I always have faith. I always knew there was a God and I always believe in Jesus grew up in church is a little kid going to Sunday school and never doubted it not even, you know, I was, I did some dumb stuff is kid in high school. You know, I wasnt, I wouldnt call myself a follower but I never never denied. It, never ran from it. Just just made dumb choices and high-school kid and hopefully, you guys can really feel like I can relate at all. It was probably, you know, went through those motions. I just thought, you know, well, as I get older, you know, then Ill youll become Neo do stuff in the church and be quote-unquote active in the church and then, you know, you just get more spiritually mature will, it didnt really happen that way and went out to a conference at Marcus was church actually and no business going there. But interested in church planning and went out there and it was like someone took my brain out of my head and put a new Brain. And then I just have this, this thing, click and met a guy, local guy out of Ravenna. It was same named Jimmy and he was looking to church plan. He had actually gone through Acts 29. He went through that whole training and was looking to plan the church. I might do this is the same vein that Im in. Like, you know, if you ever need anything, let me know. And week we stayed in touch and couple years later ended up working with him on a church plant in Kent and we started in a Methodist church meeting in the evenings and then move to a bowling alley that we got for free Christian guy. And then I bought a building there. I have some rentals on the side and met in the bottom of that building for a while now. And then I actually just last fall, it kind of fizzled out. Nothing bad, nothing crazy, but we just after 5 6 years, it fizzled out, and it was, it was tough. It was really tough. So, I went back to her our home Church where my wife grew up, and where we met and everything. And honestly, we just kind of took a hit the pause button on, you know, what we were doing. Just needed kind of, hey, were just going to Go through the motions a little bit here. Just kind of catch our breath, from six years of grinding, you know, ups and downs, highs and lows, and Church Lane. Hes definitely not for the faint of heart. Thats kind of the queen version of the face. Thats awesome. We all have. Everybody has their own story which were there. And Ill talk about a little bit too. I mean, no matter where you come from, its not a boring story, right? Cuz we know that ultimately, weve got the best thing to look forward to. So, yeah, for sure that her appreciate you sharing that, you know, to wrap things up here, youre here. Very physically fit man, you know. So lets, lets talk a little bit about your friend. Are were the Patriarchs you got to, you got some nice equipment in here and So looks and be deceiving, I dont know, show muscles right here, got married, let things slide and lies about 30. Im like man, I got dad bod going on. Like yeah, weve all had our entire story there. So I had a five-year-old about them for five year old. My daughter was and Im like I need to do something like I remember like just I need to do something, I couldnt get off go. So my buddy was in there, this thing called CrossFit at the time and Im like, call him up and Im like hey where are you working out at this place in Akron and Im like Im going to show up one day I showed up and like it was a worse thing I ever did but I did you throw up the first time? I didnt throw up but I was You see that plenty started, their new him. Didnt really know anybody else there, but Im like this, if it was terrible, but it was awesome at the same time. Im like, yeah, I did that feel good. So I went there for 5 years. No, great people actually CrossFit, I think it has a there like a, like a secular version of the church. Like, Im like, me and this resembles like, what the church should be at Community, they just take care people from all walks of life, all that same goal, but I went there for five years was doing was killing it. Like, I was in the best shape, probably in my life and tweaked my neck, tweaked my back, I got thanks to my grandpa and my dad got neck issues back issues, and my arm was like, numb for a while, and I know people not CrossFit. I would encourage anybody. Go to CrossFit. Do CrossFit just know your limits and I got to modify. Im glad we didnt get into that as long as youre not modifying to watch inside out. No, because my body is broken. Okay. Thats fine. So, I kind of got out of that Rhythm and that that really helped. You know, leaving work being stressed orb, you know, havent tough days that like burned, all that out. And then so it was tough like I was mildly depressed when I got, you know, got hurt and so I just started slowly get back into working out. And got some home gym stuff here. As you guys see, and just got back into lifting like the old days and its been good, you know, I love Rowan hard to get motivated out there to rot here with the CrossFit gym. You know they have some set workout and obviously around 15 20 other guys or you guys and gals, youre going to your house. I dont want to look like the last guy on the team. So youre going to, youre going to push yourself a little more it. So its harder to push myself here. But keep doing the least working out and trying to burn off some stress, but it wasnt so far, we will definitely come down and work out like that. Would be awesome if you work out by yourself most time. A lot of times, I either early morning, like randomly. Ill get these, you know, early morning, Stan swear, Ill come out here for 35 and More often than not, its after work get home, you cant take the kids to sports come out and try and crank out a 45-minute hour-long work out and you know I dont random thats actually my wifes. I cant work out there. The worst all the stuff I hate to do you do workouts with with your wife? So funny thing, she started coming to CrossFit. I thought this would be a good thing, you know. And it wasnt partly like that was like my time like that, that hour to like kind of get away. And thats kind of a hunting does, you know it? Ive recharged my batteries out there is and my time to get away but the more so it was like she starts really getting into it. Then it was like, well I did this on this workout and Im like, I dont know. I dont want to talk about it. Is that hole leading the family? Thats the only time Im better than my wife at CrossFit is when she is pregnant. Try to keep a really good about how you got the competitive advantage that were both pregnant. Leading a CrossFit class and they are the other girls in class saying, man, I cant even keep up with these pregnant. Girl got a cool cuz you push yourself liking. I think it kind of forces you to push. What, you think, what your mind says, your body can do and what do you actually can can do growth? Only comes in your discomfort. Exactly. Awesome. And wont appreciate you coming here and talk with us and you shared a lot of good stories. Had some fun and hosting us. Yeah, hold on. Yeah, yeah. I know we got some good videos. Were going to post office sell problem. I appreciate that. Thanks for checking out the core for Life podcast. If you like what youre hearing, why dont you tell a friend about us? Share a link to our podcast on social media or get in touch with us a tour for life or core for life.com? Thats core. Four life.com, catch you next time. Google for Life For Life.

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