Podcast Episode 23: Aaron Garrett – Modern-day Renaissance Man


Disclaimer: Ryan messed up and chose the wrong audio input… again. The audio quality isn’t the best, but the content is awesome!

Bourbon: Yellowstone Limited Edition

On today’s episode, we sit down with our good friend Aaron Garrett. He brought us some of the best bourbon that we’ve ever had as well as some of his homemade venison jerky.

He also talks about his career in the military, his time as an army chaplain, his family’s experiences with adoption, his gastric bypass surgery, and a small sampling of the things that he’s done in his life.

From bass fishing tournaments to starting his own gutter business (Premier Gutter Services), Aaron has done a little bit of everything. 

Podcast Transcription:

Hey guys, glad you could join us for another episode of core for life where your hosts Ryan, Matt, Mike and Andrew, we bring you another episode every Thursday to discuss four key pillars in our lives, be fit be driven by Noble and be chilling and how our faith is the backbone. Behind each of those pillars will be talking to them. Awesome, guest acting different topics and staying accountable with each other to live our lives. The way God intended. Tune in each week to see if there may be something missing in your life. Lets jump into todays episode after a quick, add for a sponsor Hey guys, this is Ryan wanted to jump in real quick to let you know that I accidentally chose the wrong audio input for this episode. So the sound quality isnt the best but the content is still awesome. Please hang in there for this episode and know that I will probably never do that again. Thanks guys. Enjoy. I am going to choose voice. Cheers to Aaron Garrett with us. A great friend, that we havent talked to in a long time. And were just looking forward to catching up on whats been going on in your life and you have a lot to talk about, lets jump right into it today. And I think he can share a little bit about it with us. Youre not a whole lot, but it is a pretty awesome Bourbons after one step a confirmed, it pretty quickly. It is a limited edition 2020 Yellowstone. Im so they release a new version each year. This is a seven-year Bourbon and then its aged in French. Brandy cast for 5 months and yes, pretty smooth. Think Im exaggerating saying this is the best bourbon weve had on this podcast so far salad Bourbon and you also brought a little little jerky with us. Are we got your first deer? First deer, very successful. By the way. Did you make the jerky yourself? And so you basically just take the seasoning mix in with me, be hydrated. Can you put yourself to I did not know. So I could we have a picture that I got here in one this year, but it wasnt this dude. Thats awesome. I think thats a good way to get started known you for a long time. Youve known most of us for a long time. I hear youre not super familiar with Matt and dont think right, you dont go back too far. But when I start doing a house project, anythings really any project and I think and I think to myself like an, do I have anybody in my life who has done this before automatically? Aaron pops into is for sure. Hes probably done it before so we can talk through some of that like some of the talk to your career. If you will I mean we love the open in my building. A treehouse do something out of it. And I dont know where it comes from my wife and I were literally just talking about like this crazy amount of confidence. I have in myself like the jerky is a good example. Like Ive never made it coming into it and Ill be okay at the very least. So I really like this kind of how I talk to life. Came out of high school. No desire to go to college all my friends are doing it, and because of that, I considered it. But sounds like its not really for me deliver pizzas for a while. I worked at a factory. And then right after the war started, I was like, felt called to join the Army in Iraq, in 2003 during the military. 95 years, active duty. Got the point twice during that time and towards the end of my initial contract. My life is like a, its time to get out. Im missing. You pretty much told me youre gone yet, and I got out. And then I got a job at a medical school in admissions cuz its really only skill set that translated and shooting people when you get back and then I join the reserves and actually still had some inactive time left to serve it again at the end of that contract was done. So I served 11 years, total And I got three times and then during that Reserve time, I knew I want to be in the construction. Cant get my foot in the door, moved up into Commercial Lighting systems as a project manager and then got into a home building as project manager. And then this year, I got laid off the Monday after New Years weekend and took a job with my roofing company that I was using. And then from there, Im starting a gutter business and Im back in July at Quintin. What Im doing that. Thats my career in a nutshell. Career. Career track scratches on the amount of things that youve done. I mean, weve already talked out out here Easter. Already talked about shooting a deer then during that deer into jerky, which we are eating at the table right now and theyre just countless other things. I think about, when I think back to our friendship, like, just hearing you, you come talk about this like oh, you look, you in your love. Bass fishing to your you enter Bass Tournament all-time, right? Are you still doing that voice the year before that? I do love a good fishing story. Like whats the biggest fish that you got to stand up to describe? Its fine to do as a bass fisherman. So I I almost exclusively fish for bass. My biggest fish is about a five pounder which is about 20 inches long. Not quite as big around as football. But Ive got a couple musky that were biggest. One was like 42 in but I honestly try not to quick and I dont want to buy them. Cut my line a couple fight, they were pretty long, but theyre kind of meaningless to me. So my biggest bass. Another, I guess random thing like you did, when you were working with the roofing company, I called you after a storm sound like a man, my roof, our roof. I think somethings somethings up with it and you just brought the ladder as you climb right up there and youre walking around on my roof. Like just walking around, and I have a three-story drop off the back. I see you wandering. Just wandering along the edge as, in like that confidence, or that like lack of fear. Like, thats a good thing. In most cases, right, has ever been a time when thats I know I havent been bitten by that. I dont think anyways. Youre just jump on a roof and and now youre sitting on the roof all Ryan and goes against material from the store that I came back and hes literally sitting on my end. So I mean, Ive done on roofs before I think your roof is a 6/12 pitch, which is kind of got that threshold where its like, do you want to be comfortable while I take something thats deep? And so, Say youre very fine for me, but it did take some warming up and over the years. Today, I got to tell you, I was putting up my Christmas lights, but you guys probably coming in and I had, I had to climb out a little section of my roof like to get to the the top peak above my like above our bedroom in the front and I was terrified. Like, you can ask ask my wife like after I was done doing that, like I started shaking and like my foot slipped like half an inch and I stream some. Im so not a Heights, guys, like this. I havent put up Christmas lights in a long, long time. And thats one of the reasons why I look with bravery to pick it up there. Yeah. Thats what you need for roofing. Yes or no. Its dark, its slippery. So youre what, what makes you at that point, leave that job and start up here. Got her business that now going well, I hear that I could never even imagined you want to fish the name of the services. So When I took the job with the roofing company, I was a sales position. Ive never really done sales and we had a storm hit Akron. Big hail storm back in April, and I was just knocking out of park. When it came to sales out there hustling, everyday, my sales numbers were exceeding, everyone in the office and most the time combined. So then again, thats like the shoes of a confidence that I can just go out and do it. When you hadnt been the sales side of most things of that point yet. Summer was door-to-door. Some of it was warmly they call in but I was just signing a customers left and right and so When the hell a lot of times the insurance company would approve the roof, they approve the gutters and gutter work in most of the roofing contractors were there gutter work, too. Ive got a contractor. And so my boss and I were talking about buying a machine, starting up a gutter division, guys do that. Id run it, but then you put the brakes on it. After Id already been looking into it for a while and kind of seeing what the return would be in. So when you put the brakes on a house, I will obviously theres no need for it. So, I might pursue this on my own, but I went to him, because bless him in like a, I dont want to step on your toes. I want to make sure that youre for sure, done with this. And he said, yeah, Ill give you all my go to work, so just knock it out of the park with sales, and Im already having work lined up through him. Like I can do this, and if I end up, not getting enough work from him and Im having confidence on the sales side, then go drop my own work and Im in. So, in July following, the end of May, I went up to Michigan bar machine. The day, I went to buy it. I stopped and bought a trailer and haul it back to Michigan. Got the machine back that night. We went to see family up in New York, July 4th weekend and then my wife and I decided that when we got back, I was going to talk to my boss and let him know that. Can I quit and go full-time on the gutter stuff? Perfect way to do it and you have that business already drummed up, ready to go. And at the end of the day, if youre, you know, that you have confidence in yourself and youre ready to put in the work, thats really what you needed. If youre not ready to put in the work, then you probably dont want to start up your own business. But I did try to research. I got a small commercial contract and then we knew that that would carry us for a couple months in order to drum up some more work. And then it just exploded, trying to figure out how to keep up with everything. Thats awesome. I think its a matter of Seizing an opportunity to write. See you saw you saw through your work there was an unmet need for that the gutters, right? So you had the wherewithal to notice the need and then to jump on it yourself. So I think that speaks to you keeping your eyes open for opportunity and then not being afraid to jump on it. Like you have any words around that? Yes. So after the military, like I decided when I was in the Army to pursue a degree and so I was just taking General forces, start taking courses at 10. Cuz I knew I always wanted to start a business in like one of the things that they talked about was like the most basic formula for finding problems, finding a solution and find something to pay for that solution until like all of that was right in front of me, right? So like theres more in this market and then can honestly be I just want enough guys to do it and I run into other Gutter Guys at the supply house is all the time. Theyre talking about how hard it is to find guys to to do the work and how they just cant keep off. And so for me it was just perfect timing to enter that. Look like, is it just you? So it was just me at the first two months, and I had a couple guys just help me out part-time. Like if I had a bigger job and then in September, I heard, my nephew full-time. Wish down itself is Cool story. So hes been with me since September and Gutters by yourself for a while. If you like, I just cant picture by yourself. I guess I dont really know what goes into it and you bought this machine. What is this machine sew machine, coil runs it to the machine and as it goes through it, slowly formed it into the shape of a gutter. The other side. Like to the length on sight, if four houses on site. Im going to hit you up your contact information after at least a hundred. And one of them is a fan on the show, 20 episodes in and you said you were almost caught up. So well talk to you after the show. Will find out what we do wrong to do that before we talk to you. Encouragement. And today is a is important day, right? You said a year from today, was a year ago today, was what? A year ago today? I had gastric bypass surgery, so as of today, I am walking to the door and was like, wheres the rest of the schedule, a good looking looking good easier to get on the roof and get up to some gutters, your climb, the ladder all day too, if youre down a hundred, thirty-five pounds. how do I just being able to bend over and different ways like the way or whatever it is, you Definitely helps when youre leaning over the edge of the roof, theyre not feel like youre a little background like what went into the decision to have the surgery and kind of the background behind in general? Ive always been pretty active my at my highest weight. I was 320 lb. That was like the Vino you at that point. Even at that point, though, I could go run two or three miles has been active in the Army. Had a lot to do with that. Just enjoying working out lifting weights. Now wasnt easy to go do that. Nothing really need to do a wall sit for like an hour or so I have a ridiculous. Yeah. Maybe I can find guys win against them to check the record of strength and muscle. Without you being tired from wrestling other. 320 lb fairly active Sports in doing. All the normal guy things, I just couldnt do it well for the last probably 10 years. Anyway. I got out of the army like 250 and then gained another, 70 lb 2015. So I met with my doctor and I was like borderline diabetic and high blood pressure. All kinds of health issues, kind of creeping in on me. And he was like, yeah, youll be a great candidate for for gastric bypass and even if you dont lose any weight, its going to help with those conditions. Trying to manage way in like a different way. Like, Im running consistently exercising. Eating healthy to catch up on you. Its really hard to find time to do that. And so inconsistent with his fitness and health healthy start, the process April of last year work through all the Hoops insurance company needed. So, when we talked about this, before you mentioned that you want to talk to some of that stigma, I guess like of the that surgery or of the male kind of weight management, what you have to say about that. Like yeah. So I think with any kind of like surgeries to either help with appearance or wait or anything like that, but theres also underlying psychological issues can help. So just because someone had some kind of plastic surgery from like that like Surly Minos for proving reasons, right? Just cuz they want to look good or whatever. And so and so like for me losing weight on my own with incredibly challenging my biochemistry and like my makeup is more challenging than my doctor. Like I had to meet with psychologists and dieticians and all cats like this huge team in the weight loss center. And so like if someones considering it, I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody that qualifies changing. And so they really that the Tipping Point for me was just realizing that I couldnt function as a, an active dad and husband chasing my daughter around and going on Hikes with my wife or whatever was comfortably until I knew something had to change my hard work this year. So, it definitely wasnt an easy route. What does that mean? Like what, what is it? Look like now that youre a year into it. What are the things that youre doing? How is your lifestyle changed? Whats what are you doing? So for me like my meal planning is is like, the biggest issue is so like that a large meal for me is like a kids Lunchable. Just because I I cant eat throughout the day, I need a little kind of meals. So Ive got to get it. I dont even know where is a protein and 60 grams of protein. And so like Ive got to get at least eight grams of protein per meal 60 times a day. And so Thats a challenge. Like Im constantly eating like a joke earlier that this trip is going to be my lunch for the next week in. So like Ive got a thing for anybody like that. So Im going to make healthy choices loaded with protein low in carbs and just make sure I get enough otherwise, Im not getting enough vitamins and minerals in monastic supplement. On top of that, I want to make sure that Im not deficient in anything you have to do it. I mean, if you dont feel like I have to take vitamin D, Vitamin B. A multivitamin. I take my vitamins, like, you. I just get real groggy cuz Im not getting it through what Im eating. Like I start driving. Crazy speaks to Lakes at the work. You two doing ahead of time even before going in for the surgery to Think Through like that the lifestyle change that was going to be. I think thats maybe some of that stigma. Thats like I like this is for some of that doesnt want to work hard and then doesnt want to manage their way and what they eat. Looks like thats the complete opposite. Like you have to do a ton more work. Now with what are you doing? Planning those meals out? Really sticking to that really closely because you cant have wasted meals. Now, this point is the amount that you take in that got to be good calories, good healthy meal, protein, all that stuff like that. Speak to some of that stigma that maybe you dont know. Somebody has been through that. That its a lot of work and then to continue afterwards theres a lot of work to that as well to make sure Im in the right times where I can see if you quickly my stomach just cant handle it. Along with that and still like to eat slow since quite The Connoisseur. A nice refreshing. Sparkling cider beer. And so, one of the risks is that overtime, my stomach was cut back out back. Hes like a horse, have to be aware of, that kind of stuff. What is the journey look like in the future. So the year from now to change drastically from what you have to do know, so like overtime, your tolerance to things changes. So like some people I cant eat meat. Anything like crackers or something like that and I do find with the other day for dessert and its just me. And so our time you build up tolerance, two things, you cant have too many calories in 10, getting back into bad habits. You kind of plateaued weight-wise then or is that kind of realize what influx is there is going to be even less of you but then we see you next. Probably plateaus. 5 * 845 pairs of jeans and then like, The next month, I drop like another 10 lb and like my jeans fit loose. And Im at the budget in the genes budget. Six weeks ago, I went from 190 to 183 + He like my jeans are still kind of like right there. I think Im good. Is there any way to maintain that weight? Like I was just whatever your bodys going to do. My bodys going to buy. This is Richard consuming. This is where youre going to stay, and Im super active right now with the gutters and stuff, average, 15000 to 20000 steps a day and sell. I think Im going to think Im going to the benefits of it. Obviously, we are the health benefits for your cement and psychological benefits like what, what other things have you experienced that I really feel like men. Im so glad I did this. So like if I look at myself just sitting here, I see the Aaron from a year ago until like mentally. Im not fully adjusted when I show up. Like, thats just one of those things, right? So like I care over and over. I do it over and over and then my mind starts to change to a psychological aspect is changing time. I also do like that or not like that because we can not do that next. A movie date night. Would you please put on a shirt? Thats awesome. Where you look great, man. Its very, very impressive. Animation where the driving factors was your family right now so your daughter and your wife and how many dogs you have known about your family and that whole situation is actually 20 years ago. November 20th. Theres sometimes twenty years ago. We start dating. Can I join the Army pretty much and daughters about to turn 8 in a couple weeks? Now were in the process of adopting. The second kid will get placement of a four year old boy in January. So what is the? I just waiting for the paperwork to go through and all that stuff are. So hes from they are kind of in the process of doing all that placement, paperwork stuff, but really the only thing were waiting for the holidays because they dont want him to associate Christmas or New Years with a significant transition and leaving a family right now. What are the feelings that come along with adoption? Like youve done it once with Brian know about the tackle, it again, walk us through some of the emotions that youve experienced. Just the whole process. Like, how did that we went into the only exposure to an option? We have is Lifetime. Movies is so super excited. The amazing, but were super guarded because we dont want her birth family to come and steal her back like in the movie, right? And so are our adoption with her was incredibly unique. We cant really learn till afterwards but and I said it because its an open adoption and so typically in adoption open adoptive parents agree to send letters and pictures to the biological family just to let him know. He like your kids are growing their healthy. Theyre okay. And then I dont generally fizzle out and over the years as the biological family kind of come to closure and then realizes like the kids doing good for my daughter. She was at her birth, father was an only child to a single mother and he passed away prior to her being born. And so she was the only thing that her grandmother, has left cuz their son passed away. And now were her granddaughter was being placed for adoption and so just that story alone was kind of like I want side were going into this were growing our family like its a great day but we go to the courthouse and we get placement in at that very same time. The birth mothers are basically terminating her rights and so is this like This amazing like overwhelmed with joy to everyone with sadness for the birth mother until like as much as you want to be happy. Like thats still your heart broken for you, right? Because shes got to walk out of the courtroom without a car seat or nothing. and I, And then she had the birth mom had an incredibly close family, super supportive but they have the same crew that has it. Theyre never going to see their grandkid again or theyre going to go to some crazy family. Thats not going to take care of him the way they hope. And so they reached out to the agency and decide a DCF are in a Meredith will just be open to like meeting at the agency and just so we can see her periodically. And so from there, we agree to it and its just kind of driving into this amazing. relationship where they come over for holidays and birthdays and we probably seem every couple months to Im just going over their house or whatever. fish has been obviously different but yeah its like its its a truth and we never even imagined it so with this adoption of a person to stay until Were were talking about having some sort of open relationship and continue relationship with his foster family, cuz theyve had him for a couple years and theyve got a relationship. Again, its just another extension of of our family at this point. Thats awesome. Thats such a cool story like hearing how it still affects you and how that impacts you and impact the birth parents and impacts everybody. Im sure everybody who is that, that Courthouse. Have you been able to? I know, your dude of deep faith in like have you been able to share that with the birth family? Or today have any of that that I share with them? Yes. So pretty much every Christmas the paternal grandmother and great-grandmother, they always come there, Christmas service with us and like we get to talk through, whatever it is shes going to And so were very open with our faith to them and then the maternal side and theyre all Believers Church and sell the others. I know it yet, still see brother of ours, back driving though six, seven years ago now and 2011 end of 2011, maybe and then took two and a half years to do that but a little bit more but some challenges and things that youve gone through already. I mean, What what are some of those things in your life that have helped shaped you, who you are today to how you got there, how you made some of the decisions that you had to make a start there and then well keep going. So, My mother passed away when I was 7 years old and thats really the kind of a start of mine. My wife got me where I am to do. So before seven years old when that happens, right? So seven years old, my mom passes away, my candy seven-year-old. I dont really know what that means or the impact is going to have and answer my sister. And I end up living part-time with my aunt, our time with my dad, cuz hes trying to juggle work and morning and trying to figure out how to be a single parent and I and he gets into drugs pretty heavily and Im off I love yous and then that causes us to move to Ohio and shes trying to get away That lifestyle. Im yes and family here. So we kinda going to start fresh, New York, New York. So move to Ohio and I was in 5th grade. So three years. After my mom passed away. We moved here. Things are going pretty good. My dad gets remarried. Plethora of Step siblings. Now, answer my sibling count jumps from me and my sister to 12. So I have three half-sisters half-brother, biological sister, and then six step-siblings and internet, were all living in one house. My dads doing much better now and then he gets into a car accident. So I drink heavily drinking and driving got in the car accident and I became paralyzed from the belly button down. Hes no longer working. My stepmom was no longer working cuz shes staying home to take care of him. Think I was 14 and like I was a critical point for me and myself, going into high school and I just really kind of lost to know where I fit in kind of start going on a bad past myself. As a 14 15 year old and then Couple friend invited me to their youth group. I went and just connected. Its only felt loved. It really took me in and This is really history I accepted Christ and then give you some of that story earlier right after high school during the military and served as an assistant be involved in Ministry. Got married. Thats my daughter and the chaplain assistant. I knew you would wanted to do that. And one of the military did that for quite a quite a while. Whats your kind of think in combat is basically to be The Bodyguard for the shop phone so that they dont carry weapons. And so we are his protection. When were not in combat, then were basically a secretary. So we, we do all of his cool, secretary, new mini skirts. Show me what man, your legs look great. In a mini skirt. Preparing for services in printing bulletins and setting up. The service has maintained the chapel and all that good stuff. During that time, the Army, I was deployed with an aviation unit, all over Iraq. And then the second time I was with a killer killer unit and so we did a lot of ground Patrols in Baghdad and so we would go out with the teams on the patrols to two fish would be, there is an immoral support form. False sense of security, when the chaplain. Theyre, theyre the gods with them even though I just feel better about it. So so we can go do it and its pretty open for your eyes. Bernard appointment sir. I mean, obviously the challenge in, right? So Their first rocket, hit the base and one laying on a cotton. I rollover off the cats and try to get my body armor on even though it was like a mile away on the Airfield guy. Distance from Salinas. After a while, and then eventually stopped. But I know the night he called home and his wife was leaving him and he came to me, a 21-year old private Letting him try and talk and praying with him. I kiss. Just story after Story like that, right? Somebody had to go inspect the car bomb and it wasnt a Car Bomb, but I did just shook him so bad, that Im going to talk to you and so my job is being where they are hidden weather app. Whatever theyre doing. What skills do you think you took from that? It sounds like listening like was a huge one that youve gained out of this and just being able to build a rapport with people like what other little bit. I honestly think thats just naturally who I am. And so I would say that but I didnt know if the military We obviously go through training, going to learn different counseling techniques and suicide, prevention techniques and stuff like that. But really its like Did you guys do a bourbon tasting Skarmory? Bring you the stuff? I dont really think because you can see it in how you talk and how you associate with people. Youre honest, your direct confident. Thats why people gravitate towards that cuz youre not trying to push something on somebody. You just trying to listen to him and give him an honest opinion. And thats if you add that to your hard-working ethic that you got, when you got a business thats going to take off, Let me ask you something. Im a open-ended here. Put you on the spot, cuz thats what we love to do. Like I said, you, we got people listening. Youve got great stories to tell. And if you were going to tell people listening, whats something in your life, or in their life, that they, that they need to ask themselves to really get to where they need to go and their life, you know, cuz I know we are, we all are grounded in our faith, but we still ask questions, we still are trying to figure out our, whats our path. Whats whats Gods path for us? Not everybody has that. You know, if you were trying to tell that to somebody, what what would you say to them to try to figure out for themselves, what they need to do? Where would they start? Thats a really good question. I dont want to give you a. I just walk around it. So my wife and I are like we literally talked about this job right after the holiday comes after New Years and Okay, well yeah, this thanks but I think Ill just sit home and like grieve the loss of my job and come up with all these things. It was my fault. Im not adequate enough or I can just go fix the problem. And so later that day, Im applying for jobs and updating my resume. I need to do And so, like nothing shaking and so far that is like a mom dyed, my dads in a car accident in life. And so, Whatever my wife is dealing with stuff, shes a great example, I just look at you. So bothered or upset or hurt or whatever that emotion is, its tied to that event. Like what is it? Thats throwing you off right now and like, is that really important? So I came back from my second appointment and I just had this deep anger. And so while I was there are patrols on stop the guy from lighting, a sister on fire throat on fire because The family was told that she committed adultery because she was a disgrace to the family and he was going to make an example of her, essentially and stopped him. But when youre dealing with, with that sort of thing on the other side of the world and then you come back here and you hear people complaining the Walmart. So that has milk inside. First world problems are Black Friday deal. I try to take it as seriously as Im supposed to take it, but Im also not sweating it. So far, it hasnt been the end of the world. Go to things because they dont look right. So like I could sit here and complain about the 2020s and not go to the grocery store and do all these things and let it control my life for a day. Whats going on and say like Do I really need to be angry acting this way to this problem? Where am I going to trust in my god dude? Like its a crappy situation and Ill get through it and if I dont I dont want to go be with them. To the question, too. Because I struggle with that because I feel like Im like you Im a little bit too blunt in the situation where I try to respect other people and their feelings. But at the end of the day, we have a different perspective on things and its like, you know, I know were going to trust in Gods plan and what hes got for us. You brought up coronavirus and well go with that. Like its a good case in point right now people who dont have that like how do you how you do with that how you react if youre not, if you dont have that, I dont have this like Blatant disrespect for Corona, right? Im not out there, trying to catch it and Im like, find the closest one to believe that God gives us all intelligence and Were supposed to be Discerning in our choices and and wise, but to your point like Im not going to let like what I feel is rational or logical and pulled me back until I have a hard time relating to people that have feelings. she would like a cut from the same cloth job because they I had a hard time relating to customers and I need to work on my EQ was good but not good. I thought about that for a long time and Im like, no, I actually feel like I have a pretty good eat to you because I can control my own emotions, I can identify your emotions and I can respond appropriately when necessary. The problem is you may feel is necessary. Thats a debate for maybe. Well talk about that. Still sell right there yet. Did we miss anything? Like we, we talked to a lot of the stuff that we, that we were talking about a little bit before the podcast. But anything else that you wanted to talk about to a kind of wrap this up? I mean you didnt mention the most interesting, man. I guess that you sent me a lot of things in the world. His business is the mix of all of you. Got you got a little bit of everything. Thats why Ive been great to talk to you about all these different aspects. Again, this is really surface-level to if we try to get deep on some of the stuff but I mean you got a lot of stories to tell so Im sure well have you back. Your dad will have you back. I might do a whole episode on adoption and I do Talk about the deployments and stuff like that and just so much so much, interesting stuff. Its the cool part of a podcast, right? When we just get to drink bourbon whiskey jerky and talk us some cool people. Like we we love you. Like youre an awesome guy. You got a lot of great story to tell now thats what we get to do with a lot of lot of people that we meet with. Thats why were doing it. Were not doing it for a really many other reasons. Other than that it forces us into having those conversations in to talk with cool people and hear their stories. So we appreciate you sharing all that with us tonight. Thats been awesome to hear your story and Im sure our listeners will react well and just be impacted by various aspects of it. So, thanks so much for coming on. Thanks for bringing this awesome Bourbon. And Better Business, really have to take off. Thanks for checking out the core for Life podcast. If you like what youre hearing, why dont you tell a friend about us? Share a link for a podcast on social media, Oregon touch with us a tour for life or core for life.com. Thats core. Four life.com, catch you next time. Google for life.

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