Podcast Episode 4 – Core4Life in Quarantine


Core4Life In Quarantine

Published on: May 13, 2020 at 3:09 PM

The 4 members of Core4Life discuss how their lives and 4 pillars have been affected during COVID-19

Podcast Transcription:

Have you ever thought about making podcast with thought, probably too hard to get started. Couldnt be further from the truth when you use anchor. First of all, its free. So, check off box number one. It has easy-to-use, creation tools on your browser or your phone, Acura distributor podcast for you and you can make money. No matter how many listeners you have, it really is a One-Stop shop for all of your podcast knees. So stop delaying and download the free anchor app or go to Anchor. FM to get started. Welcome back. Everybody to the core for Life podcast little bit different circumstances here since the last time that we recorded. So a couple weeks ago, got together recorded podcast, number one, and we were actually all legally allowed to be in the same room together and things have changed drastically since then. Dont have Iris coronavirus covid-19, my wife and four kids and its its been an adventure. So were actually currently on zoom and doing just a group meeting and recording all the separate locations buttocks. My dad to be together excited to have to talk through what this is been like. For each of us just going through all of our pillars. As far as being fit driven Noble, chill. The try not to hit all the pillars here while were still in quarantine, in a lot different circumstances that we have been prior to this. So as long as we cant get together, yeah, make it work. I dont know if you wanted to take some time walks through each pillar. I think just with a change in circumstances, would be good to share a little bit about what each of us is doing here while were in work from home, type of a mode. So its a lot different. Then Ive been used to hear. I have way more respect for my wife than I have in a while. Being home with my four kids and working out a lot of patients, the patience is not one of our pillars but its one I really need to work on applicable to all pillars. Almost disregarded somehow didnt make it in the top four, but very necessary here and learning that my patience level when I thought was really high, not quite as high when dealing with four children at once. At home that are stuck in the house with me, it does change the dynamic quite a bit, when youre not at work all day and then also, what are you what are you drinking over there. Whats whats the whats the go-to for this podcast on Branch? So Ive actually been to this Distillery and its fantastic. Soloist Hillary email to do some Bourbon Barrel Ale but great little Bourbon and and that was what will be all enjoying here for the next? Lets go to start off, kick it over to Matt here. Talk a little bit about the pillar of being fed. We recently came off a challenge, actually just ended it in time for the quarantine to set in barely just got it in under the wire schematic. You want me to give us a little recap of what happened and what we doing. Now going forward to try to remain sit when we all maybe dont have Home Gyms to workout at it. Maybe 10 different categories. Do we test about on bench, press on deadlift, Max pull-ups, we did a visual before and after pictures we havent gotten that braided yet we need to get some volunteers to Grey before and after photos. What else am I missing? We did a row within a mile run, waist measurements. Ability. Bicep girth. One considering we all either stay the same as drunk as challenges but its always been wait base so it was fun to build in some other categories that really just Even playing field. I think were all of us needed a pretty, pretty competitive competition. So we just wrapped up that that last week, I know Im feeling pretty good about my games not necessary on the Wayside, but certainly on, but this week, you have really changed us accountable for working out. Now its more. All right, its just me. What, what am I going to do? Or is the accountability coming to play a trailer or anything like that in the last week? So I figured it was actually beautiful and around when you said its there, I thought you meant. He was staring at you, but I know it was, it was, it was cool to be outside with a lot of people bring the kids out, just tired of being cooped up, which is weird because we are cooped up in so many ways, but a lot of people still want to get outside and, of course, keep their distance but Did you maintain appropriate? Social distancing touch. Thats why we cant be together right now. Talk to you. People say theyre putting on their their quarantine 15 people saying that, not even a challenge for everyone, especially right now with the flu going around. What are the two main things that in general? Any doctors tell you to do to stay healthy. Block move that you stay active and watch your diet drink, lots of rest and hydrate, what is one thing that I can easily add? So whether its Im just going to How long do a gallon of water everyday? Makes me feel better and any. Its off. Its an easy, its not easy to drink a gallon of water but its its the paintable. So as far as removing something thats bad and youre diagnosed, not good for you. So whether thats maybe a soda. Almost like a thing as well, a lot of people giving something up but maybe this quarantine time get rid of something bad things from track one bad thing. Will come out on top afterwards. I know, I know none of you are on social media but I saw, I mean, the other day that said, I wasnt planning on giving this much up for Lent just in relation to the, to the entire covid-19, quarantine and such. I dont want thing. Ive been trying to do here after dropping a lot of weight loss challenge. I gained 14 lb of those back here. So, far here, as of this morning, but got myself a jump rope, thats the cardio. Im trying to get in a little bit more here. Lately, you doing some jump, rope everyday, havent been out running that much but jumping rope at the end of the competition, and then took a little bit of time off noticed, how much I needed that cardio, and then start to do that here back last couple days again. So hopefully thatll help me mitigating that last pound and keep it at 14 here going forward, being home and having to work remote. Spend all this time at home really and it takes you out of your element to cuz were used to getting up early. Going to Matts house working out and then starting our day but now were just at our work space pretty much all the time so making that time during the day to get out and go do something, physical is very important, so Prince and Ive dug out my old perfect, pull up bar that you hang on the door. So Im mounting that on my office door here in deciding it. Every time I come in or go out of my office, Im going to do at least three pull-ups. And then, I also decided you some stair runs today, up and down my basement steps. Just something to do. Turn on their workouts. Nobody was staring at me while I was doing The Rocks. Yeah, I just got to look for look for different things to do. You know, anything and everything doesnt really matter. Im Ill give a shout out to was recently on a Ryan Hawke podcast of virtual virtual live session with a beer about 250 people on it when he he was recording with General Stanley, McChrystal? And I like to say Id I have a couple of the same habits as the the famous General McChrystal did where he he actually only eats one meal a day and its in his dinner. He does it all the time. I cant say that I do that all the time but it is something that I found that is very helpful to maintaining and losing weight pending on pending on what youre trying to do. If youre trying to maintain is its a great way to know how many calories youre eating. The day and be able to control that if you just focusing on eating that one meal a day and the other thing that he does every single day, is wake up and gets an hour workout in every day. You know, now an hour might not be feasible for some people, you know, but its always about making the time, you know? So I can again I cant say, Im as motivated as he is. He says, no matter what it, whatever hes doing, hes getting up at 4 a.m. to go somewhere and hell get up at 2:30 a.m. and hell get that our work out in cuz thats the way he can start his day in order to make sure that its the positive day, you know. But if you cant do that, I mean, take take baby steps in and start the day off, with getting doing hard things. First, you know, its the hard thing for you is doing a workout or getting that Fitness in and thats something that, you know, you need, but you cant get it done. Then start your day off with it, whether its 10 minutes, you know, take that 10 minutes when you get up, you dont get your your heart rate up, get a little Sweater and start your day off that way and well just make your make your day, start off the right way and hopefully make it a positive day you do for me is kind of like a little bit like Ryan said, you know I see my perfect pushup thing in the bag. You said you got perfect pull-ups, right? Ryan. Yeah. You know I do a lot of these Zoom meetings throughout the days and you know, my thing is just after each new meeting and get up, get over there and do do 10 push-ups, you know, get that, get that going throughout the day and I thought you said it was just for intimidation. Well, I mean, its imitation, two people know I think that Im working out and stuff, but I try to use it to. Im intimidated right now in the back. You got a squat rack back there, which is probably late. Wait for you on there. So, my basement dungeon right now, Im not up to your level, I guess. All I will say something about that. The intermittent fasting or that the one meal a day and kind of having that eating window and then the not eating window. I know from myself as been something that helped a lot of special weight loss challenges. Im a snack her when Im at work. I dont have a ton of snacks that I can eat all the time. So dont keep a ton of my desk so its a lot easier to control what Im eating when Im at work, for 8 hours a day and then I come home and you eat dinner and then I can just stop at 8, whatever want to stop and do that. I will eat after that, but now that Im home all the time, thats where Im, Im constantly snacking up. Ill take a break after meeting or said a couple of e-mails. Ill go downstairs. Hang out with the kids and their eat something. Now, Ill use it to. So thats one thing that I kind of let go here after our challenge ended and something. Hopefully, I can get a kick back into here. Im going for this week. Intermittent fasting schedule schedule is easier to make decisions. You know that youre only allowed to eat during a certain period of time. So yeah Ill tell yourself after 8, Im not eating regardless of what it is. Yeah I was going to I was going to know what to think. Its important to note that Andrew know, some people have what they would call a sweet tooth Andrew has the the sweet and salty to wear. Whatever it is sweet or salty. You know. I do worry all of it to you and David all the time. I mean, so call the low willpower. So I need to force myself to just not eat at all or Ill just eat until everythings gone. I know for a fact, theres a piece of cake sitting out on my counter right now, and its just taunting me. So from our category, I know its been tough for all of us here under the more than being driven category. I know thats an area to, thats a big change for a lot of people if youre used to go into the office like myself, being there for 8 hours a day, your with colleagues are talking about work stuff. All the time or face-to-face, meetings are just different than over the phone. Its a different Dynamic to that and Just thinking through how how to still be driven and be productive when were at home in a different environment has been a bit of a challenge for me, especially this last about week. Ive been working home now to be like just making sure youre getting to bed on time. Getting up on time, not slacking off. Making sure you still scheduling the meetings, that you need to schedule a blocking off time that you need to have found him to be really helpful. I mention on the last podcast, just my Affinity for a well-made Excel spreadsheet, a PowerPoint presentation. And thats just not something you can do in between emails, checking on your kids at something, somebody needs to sit down and really grind on for a little while. Im through this past weeks told me I didnt need a block off certain about the time at work but I found that to be really helpful to just set aside an hour couple hours work on some For a while, my wife is good. The kids make your kids are fed and happy or whatever they need to be into the plant outside. Maybe theyre watching a show and make sure that I can still get the things done that I need to do while were in this limbo, quarantined stayed. I know. But you guys hows the hows work been going? What have you guys been doing to try to make sure youre still productive and still able to get things done. Ive been working remote for a long time. So probably three years. For years, I work in the road every Friday. So from my time thats actually a catch-up day normally. So its if youre at the office you always have those drive-bys people stopping by. They need this than you that they can just easily access you and disrupt your Rhythm they have going. So I would always use Fridays as the catch up to Take care of everything that I didnt get a chance to take care of because I was interrupted at work. So, with the Advent of working, with remote constantly, I feel like Ive been Maybe a little bit more productive than normal. Just because I always looked to use that time to be more productive to get the stuff done that I needed to get done and without people driving by especially an it, everybodys asking how to restart the device and all that stuff. So I just have to focus and do work on the project that I need to get done has been really helpful for me. Heifer for me, I mean its hasnt been too hard cuz its been pretty crazy. For us with our business just because were were very transactional with our with our Core Business working for bringing in roughly, a hundred and twenty projects a month for for what we do. And this is cause the cause a bit of a hurdle for for what were doing. So this week Ive been thinking outside the box, coming up with a lot of different ideas and things that we can do and just a lot of different email threads going back and forth about what it is that were were doing and today and fortunately we had to Make a tough decision to let about 20 people go and repurpose mom going to different roles. You know what, I know a lot of people are going through similar things with their businesses right now, and I stir at the time that were living in and you got to make hard decisions. You can let you can let 20 people go or you can not and you can let the business crumble potentially and then everybodys out of a job. So its not like I feel for for the owners bar company in the decision to have to make. But ultimately, you know, you got to make those decisions sometimes and I get through it. So like thats the some of the top far. And well work through some of that and just trying to do what we can. During this time, when, when everybody is dealing with some of the same issues were, were trying to get through that. And were going to see where things go from there. Cool. For me. Work wise. The whole buyers thing is just a big is the biggest thing is were still at work. Im in manufacturing. So were still going and we continue to do what we need to do. Without the distraction. So a little bit settle down a little bit this week with the new things like were hopefully, were shut down to a point where Im just not too much too many more steps that can be taken that would disrupt what was doing, but just taking a lot trying to care for your employees. Well, I had to be responsible. Online continuing to do the work that you need to get done. So beyond that. Theres not too much has changed. As far as I know, Im trying to stay focused. Its a long those lines with our nobility pillar. Im were thinking of your people going through a hard time potential layoffs, like might just mentioned here as well to that especially people that are in, in retail restaurants, near travel industry, type type jobs. When we think of our nobility, how can we get back? How can we support other people there? Anything youre doing along those lines when you thought you had about, what can we be doing at this time? To really look Beyond us will be on our own family and try to give back to people. That might not be in, in the is good as a position as they were a secure position as they were even a couple of weeks ago. Yeah. So like you said, you are nobility. Pillar is all about others. Its about improving ourselves that we can improve others, we can help us out. And this time, were seeing local businesses that are really struggling. Show local restaurants that arent a chain for trying to patronize those as much as we can buy from them. Every once in a while, also supporting our neighbors. So the in our little cul-de-sac here, we have 18 houses. But just trying to especially today, as we were walking around just talking with people and finding out how theyre doing, every time I go to the store, I text my neighbor whose 70 and said, hey, is there anything that I can get for you? So you dont have to run out. Im just making sure that other people are taken care of during this time. And I found a group on Facebook, its actually called, Sparks of kindness that do a lot of great things that they post some various things that you can do to brighten peoples, they bring them joy, support them. One of those is just like taping notes on peoples doors or leaving. Its like at the grocery store just sticking them somewhere, just be there. A Bible verse that, you like or a word of encouragement like you got this or something like that, thats just a random thing that people can see and just be encouraged, especially as we face this dark time. And a lot of people are uncertain when you said, where their next meal is coming from. In this case, they might have lost their job. They might have a bleak outlook on what this spider is going to do into our world, to our economy, to their lives. So its just that little bit of encouragement and the little bit of care and go really long way. And I think I ski hear people talking a lot about just mental health during this as well. So theres that that actual stress, and you lose your job. Obviously, this is a huge impact on you and your livelihood. Ill be just being inside all day being under that quarantine as stress. When a lot of ways to just being able to give back if some encouragement and love, my wife, just dropped off some little things for some different neighbors here and there, but I think thats definitely key that we can support each other without a stealth physically being there. My wife is a big accident or if its super hard for her to stay indoors and then not have this social interaction or just interaction act with me and the kids. So I think thats thats definitely key. We can keep encouraging other people in whatever ways that we can. I got hopes that that mental health ass back that, you know, go crazy. While youre sitting in quarantine here, even think something like this, just the fact that were getting together and talking to each other and bouncing around these ideas and fig Ways that we can improve during the situation when I was going to shelter in place and let our bodies travel our minds Tribble and just building ourselves. So we can come out of this better than before. Yeah, yeah. And even part of that took a couple on that were, you know, were doing a zoom meeting with our community group with our church on Friday night and you know, its just a way to anybody can really use zoom. I mean, even though, you know, gives you a plugged ear, the the free account you can use 40 minutes on their on their free account, to get to get a bunch of people on their virtually and we can connect with our friends who are all going through the same thing right now. You know, everybody in our in our community group are most of them have kids and they you know, everybodys stuck at home right now or youre all feeling that quarantine effects and no just gives you away to to connect virtually talk with each other joke around play games. You know, do that kind of stuff. And again, its just a way to to help help each other and work with each other to, you know, 2 to get through this. Thats another good point. All of us have kids of an age that they understand some degree. Whats going on? So, how have you talk to your kids about it? Have you not with them? And writer? Doesnt have to go to school and hes rethinking an all day and never knew an iPad educational. Yeah, they like it in like some of that like they dont, Im going to friends are really sick. You know, that they know of age doesnt sink in the same way for them so they think its kind of cool. So we will definitely talk to him a little bit about that but I dont think it stinks in for kids quite the same way. I think what they do see is like, hey, I cant go play with my friends and right, so our kids and their friends, Marcus friends, dropped off some stuff for our kid which is really cool. They won of the dads, double their friend. Dropped off a picture that some of the kids through to our girls and havent passed the bag of break and bake cookies. If they made another family, dropped off some friendship bracelets for our kids as well. So theyre like coming up for their kids to their friends and hell be so crass, then just bring a little bit more normalcy, is there used to be an active? Head to their own yard cant really be playing with the kids. Thats type of thanks though. I had a great Point, Matt. Cuz its, you know what we want to help other people as theyre going through things, but just with our own family, your friends people that we can interact in. You know, how can we do with our pillar of being chill, being able to have fun being with that interact with others and then make it enjoyable. Mike your eyes the the master of being chill and funtivities and coming up with new things to do, that are fun and exciting. How do you do that in the quarantine? How to do that with your family? How do you do that with other people? Yeah, its much harder when youre locked in with your family all the time. You know, I got in a really, really, really love your family know which I do. So that patients, like I said I have a lot of patients. Yeah, I mean theres lots of different ways you can call me. We were just talking about the, you know, the zoom meetings and virtual meetings with your friends and and getting together with people that weigh. Yeah. I mean have a drink and have some snacks and do that. While playing a game virtually with your friends is one way to. I just continue to connect and relax and have some fun through this time, but I think overall, its just important to not just try to pass the time and try to feel like all right. If we got to we got to get by, we got to get through this. And then we can get back to our normal lives and get back to everything that were doing and having some fun. Then, you know, theres, theres definitely a ton of stuff that you can do, you know, while youre while we are stuck at home, Yeah. I will say as far as far as the family goes in and with the kids, Sarahs much better at it than I am and she comes up with a lot of good ideas and then I know she uses interest and other things for all her, a different ideas and and coupling on that. But it was a lot of different things. You can look at online to to get ideas and activities. For the kids that are not just sitting at home and watch Netflix and youll put on movies, you know, theres theres different activities and scavenger hunts in different school activities that are fun to do like, on the iPad and learning learning activities and things like that that you can do with your kids to just get them. Get them doing other things again than just watching us into watching a movie for me, you know, Im the Im the outside. Yeah you know so as long as the weather is nice enough which for Ohio as long as its in the thirties and sunny you know then and were going outside and is optional. But, you know, like, even take the day was awesome. That mean, it was probably in the, in the 50s but the sun was out, a lot of the day. And so, I mean. Yeah, the kids were out all day. Riding bikes. We, we live in a cul-de-sac. So yeah, theyre riding bikes all around, playing sports playing games, outside doing anything, you can again, stay active with them, you know, its just seeing seeing the kids do that. Its, its awesome. You know, it to, to see them just having fun, not even really knowing or understanding what the situation is right now that were dealing with, you know, were just trying to trying to continue that with them and the other having a good time. So I think for four people individually, its important to do stuff that you like, like, dont dont stop doing that. So, if you do, if you have a hobby or you dont have one, get one, you know, find something that you can do. Like most of us are still trying to work through the days spending some time with your family. Evening in that at night instead of just sitting down watching TV, I mean yeah I have a have a hobby to get. You do get into something that would be worthwhile that you liked doing I mean just think outside the box with things that you like to do recording podcast recording podcast you know at 9 at night and just having a good time with your buddies, you know? I thought about what you said for his kind of that mentality of dementia patients, that I need to have just dealing with my kids in the day-to-day basis, but my wife and I talked about just like, what do you want to kids to remember about this time there with us? We always talk about wed like to have more time with our kids would like to be able to do more with them and we dont have time because of work or whatever excuse we have, and we have their undivided attention. Now, if we dont want to just to be a ton of screen time here in the next hour, many weeks is going on for so we thought about that a lot. Like how do we want to make this a memorable for the kids so that if they look back on, this thing could be like, damn gets really great times together with our parents, with each other, to just try to do something memorable each day, something that theyre going to remember, theyre going to have fun with. I mention the last podcast, just how much of a BoardGameGeek. I am so plates in wrist the other day. And I know you remember when my four-year-old took down my older nine-year-old and just to look on his face of accomplishment in his right left and I know hes going to remember that for a while. Beating your older brother is something you never forget. So just trying to make some memories each day. Look at this is trying to just have them do something memorable. Something that theyre going to look back at this time and think that follows fun of school interact. My parents way, more than I get to on a normal basis. The one thing that weve been doing that is actually pretty easy. Im sure. Everybody has the random piles of Legos around, so now hes been watching the Lego Masters show. You can just come up with categories and then the sign your kids like 2 hours to build something and then just let him go for 2 hours and then judge. It is awesome. So they have to pay any attention to them, got it, obviously a good podcast. Number two in the book tear. Ill just stay just for all your other email parents workers people that are trying to continue to better themselves here that I listen to a podcast. Just in in the show notes are on a social media, why dont you write down something that youre trying to do? You two better those around, you better yourself that are your family. Im in one of the categories would be fit, be driven, be no will be chill anything that youre doing during this time. According to that but you trying to get through and try to better those around. You would love to hear what you guys have to say, and hopefully, this is encouraging as were all kinda in the same boat, and Ill try to make it through here. So, been awesome, interacting with you guys here. Thanks guys later. Thanks for checking out the core for Life podcast. Check us out on social media at core for life for our website core for life.com, thats core four life. See you next time Google for Life For Life.

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