Podcast Episode 6 – Matt Lee, continued

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Matt Lee, Continued

Published on: May 21, 2020 at 11:17 AM

In this episode we finish up our discussion with Matt Lee – Ryan Homes sales manager, small business owner, and one of our great friends. We’ll discuss our final two pillars: beNOBLE and beCHILL. 

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Podcast Transcription

Have you ever thought about making podcast with thought, probably too hard to get started. Couldnt be further from the truth when you use anchor. First of all, its free. So, check off box number one. It has easy-to-use, creation tools on your browser or your phone, Acura distributor podcast for you and you can make money. No matter how many listeners you have, it really is a One-Stop shop for all of your podcast knees. So stop delaying and download the free anchor app or go to Anchor. FM to get started. Welcome back. The core for Life podcast. Last time we started a conversation with Matt Lee a small business owner, Ryan home, sales manager and a good friend. Lets jump back into the conversation to see what he has to say about our being able to be chill pillars. Well keep moving, and Im here, right? When I kick it over to you here. For our be Noble, pillar. Sounds good, man. So, its personal Drive in Personal Fitness, but the be Noble Peller is where we kind of turn it outside of ourselves. So we start looking at how we use our lives to improve others. And so one of those things that we like to ask is how you do that. So mind, your business wasnt. Actually, I went to Westford when you didnt have to deal with the, the covid-19 issue and everything thats happening right now. How do you use your business? How to use your skill set to give back to your community, and your church people around you? Yeah, I love this color that you guys have a be Noble and I think I heard the previous Time Podcast you know, similar similar words of character and integrity and its for me the word for me that I always carry with me is just impact. Ive always been so impressed by people that that just have an impact, make an impact in the communities. They live the businesses there in the areas they serve, and I just always wanted to use everything that I do to try to have an impact as well. Not only from a small business standpoint but even a corporate stand Point, whether its employees, I work with meetings Ironman opportunities. I have but then in the small business as well and back to the small business conversation, we knew we wanted to do a small business in the community. We serve just like back when we plan it at church, right? In the community we live in because We are we live is thats where were moving around and thats where we go out shopping. Thats where we are on the, the soccer teams in sports, teams and whatnot. And so, we just always wanted to have that, whether its working with organizations, it could be schools, it could be churches, Boy Scouts, Girl, Scouts you name it? Weve always always just wanted to to serve and give back to those organizations, but then also buy different ways just to make an impact with the recent covid-19 thing we made the decision that we needed to close our stores. We took almost eight hundred cups out and deliver them all around to essential workers whether or is nursing home, grocery store, workers ers fire. Stations police stations that are really cool part just to be out and among the community. It did nothing for us for sales to be closed by from that standpoint. Its not the point. Its just about being in the communities that we live working Servin and I think we have that same kind of approach You know, went with church as well and being the community that were in and sending that message out that hey were all messy human beings, but we can all be here supporting each other. We dont take ourselves too seriously, but in the context of doing that lets just helped him pack each other as employees, friends, neighbors, co-workers, whatever it is. And its awesome to mention, you know, having that impact on employees like what do you do to help them develop in their career in their personal life, in every aspect? How do you take that? Cuz I said its a big part of the employer-employee relationship, you know, you have to have that given take. So, how do you give back to the people who are giving to you their time and their commitment to your company? I think, for me, its an ongoing process, theres no ham book. Bored as well. I think it anytime you have employees or coworkers, whoever youre working with whether or whether its a team that reports up to you, or whether its just fellow employees that are teammates of yours. One thing that is no doubt going on is there are situations with everyone? The first thing that we are as were all very relation to human beings. Ive ever experienced in that right now. Its great to be on the podcast, talking to other people. Its great to see your guys faces and a kiss. Right now, were in a period of having to focus on staying at home. But we are relational. We we desire relation to friend of mine is a self-professed introvert and he called me the other day and he said, you know, Im an introvert, but I am dying for interaction. Would you come and sit 60 away from me? And its got to be here in just talk. I was like, well first time Ive ever heard you at that until you build a relationship, youre not going to really be able to get to the point of even trying to have an impact or make a difference with someone because you have to have that relationship first and then from there, I can you could go anyway. You know that they could need they could need a shoulder to cry on. They cannae just someone to share with they could be even talk about a tough situation going on with their kids or their marriage or some other relationship there. And Ive got Ive got a couple of employees right now and actually literally trying to help help them with their tax returns. Because I picked up the conversation that they just didnt feel comfortable. And I said, sit down and do it. And we can, we can do this and, and you find out that, thats a huge Avenue of, of a way to help them, that you may have never even gotten to in a normal conversation. But because of the relationship that you build things, start coming out and as you interact and work with them and you start realizing that they may need some help in their lives with whats going on at the root of it. Ryan to your question is just lies and trying to create build and strengthen relationships. Thats awesome. So from your personal relationships, Id go as you come up in your career as youve grown up in the church and around around other other folks who are some of your biggest influences, like career-wise, just LifeWise anything like who were some of the people who have really spoken into your life. What are the pieces of advice? I always start growing up, was you need to, you need to feed and you need to be fed. So we need to, we need to always be. finding ways to make we just talked about impact other people but We also can cant not fill the tank as well, we have to be fed. So for me, Ive always tried to hold Ventures, that are both older than me. But also just from experience standpoint, maybe different, walks of life that I can, I can lead into and learn from to be fed from the earliest. The earliest Mentor. I can remember growing up as a kid was An older gentleman. That was the father of my pastor growing up, and he was just a guy that I think he just recognized that. You know, I could use some elderly guidance in my life and I could I was a messy middle schooler and high schooler. And he was a huge influence to me. Even as I look back on this day, going through college, one of my strong mencheres was Elite counselor at a camp, I served at in Pennsylvania. And that was a sports and athletic bass, competition camp, but tied around Tyrone. The Bible tied around scripture and tied around Christ, and I realized very quickly, as I had a cabin full of high school kids looking at me and saying, Why do I need Jesus? I figured out why I need to be fed. I need to be fed as much as Im trying to feed these high schoolers because I cant genuinely answer them if Im not being fed as well. And if Im a, Im not going to be able to pour into others. So, the importance of that has always carried with me as of more. Recently, a gentleman, in Ohio has his service, a big mentor to me, hes moved to Florida, which has been talk of. We dont see each other as much about once a month. We get on the phone and we connected and talk to each other and, and just see where each other is in their walks of life. So hes a, hes a strong dude. Both of us, just say family and his corporate background is very strong. Hes been very successful in his career so far from all the different areas that touch on your core for life. For me, I kind of look at it from a face Family, Fitness, finances, and fellowship standpoint. I always want to try to find One defeat me that that I can recognize has has things that can help. Go back to the rebalancing. We talked about know what, I need rebalancing. I need to go talk to my mentors now, I think thats, you know, thats huge. And I think that comes into play with different relationships that you have in your life, whether its a mentor or a mint tea, but then also the people that you were around. You know, we we look at it from a Biblical stand point. I dont know if Andrew and Ryan and the wall of us have been through rclc group with church. And one of the things we talked about was Paul Barnabas and Timothy and your Paul is your Mentor, the people that youre looking up to it that youre youre looking up to your your getting your, youre feeding from and then your Timothy is the person that youre feeding into but you know the core life kind of came about because of the the Barnabas the people that you were around. I think thats part. They can get lost a lot to you. You want to, you want to definitely be feeding from people. You want to be feeding into people but A lot of times, you forget about that component of having a good group of people around you, that you were, youre living the same life together, youre feeding off of each other. You know, youre with each other and keeping each other accountable, you know, I stay good. If youre, if youre keeping each of those three in your life, like all of these killers that were talking about a grade, you know, you can, you can have your own in your own life, but if you have each of those type of people in your life thats going to keep you going, you know, thats going to keep you strong. Thats going to keep you accountable and keep you trying to achieve Higher and Higher Goals. And Ill say like, Im Im looking at my list right now, my phone, I called Barnabas and Timothy and Ive got no Timothy, Im a sales manager, so its easy to create my Timothy of people that I can feed into at work Barnabas we talked about it with you guys. You know before you know CLC friends, you know, guys that Im Im living life with right now and then the Paul is here that I can always continue to improve within the That youre on this, youre on this podcast for a reason. You know, youre youre listed here is one of my one of my Paws and a guy that I look up to and obviously have looked up to her for a while and I appreciate your Insight and lots of different areas of my life. Its its an area where I think anybody can probably say that you can, you can always look forward to more measures and look the fee from people who have done lifewell in a lot of different areas. Thats an area that I think I can, definitely can continue improving myself. Yap, love that. I I still I still take it back to kind of driveway from you. Just what you just said, is we are relational people. Were built to be relational people and having relationships in your life is absolutely critical and people that you can Depend on people that you can grow with people you can have fun with and no were not to that till 4 yet but thats thats crucial and people you can ship people that know you that can hold you accountable and yeah like I said we are just weird that were absolutely relational people. Im trying to instill that in my in my boys and trying to walk that myself. I think just a finish up on the be Noble, pillar, he touched on it a little bit earlier. I said its kind of in our nature to find people who are on similar path that as us are people, who are kind of in the same life stages are. So people would like us. But I think you also mentioned that you sometimes learn the most from people who are on different walks and they have a lot to a lot of experience to give from other perspectives. So is there somebody from that perspective who youve learned a lot from, in your life? Yeah, I think. I think indirectly, one of the cool, one of the cool things thats been really encouraging for me. And, and life-changing, for me is in our church, we call ourselves Redemption Chapel for a reason, and we say that were messy people, we dont take ourselves seriously, but we take Jesus, seriously. And you look at the cool stories around our church. I wont name names but you look at so many of those stories and some of those, some of the stories that grow close with over the years and they were either coming out of their coming out of some super challenging situations as kids whether its a broken home. Whether its abuse, you name it to as adults, major addictions that weve seen, and they would come out of these situations and they Theyve theyve experienced that Redemption and now theyre at. Now theyre walking in a whole different way. Just to hear those experiences and stories is is so motivating encouraging for me because its not that its not, that life is perfect for them. Stop at life is perfect for any of us, but man, when you see, when you see what what theyve come through and where they are now, thats always been so motivating for me. And I can, I can think of a couple in particular that I know have come out of extreme addiction situations, and some Maze and hear their stories. I know you guys were in in the CLC. Ive been in the CLC as well and they have had heard some things that just amazes me and Miss make me appreciate a lot but also super appreciate knowing them and knowing that they are they they certainly recognize the value of Keeping keeping a strong foundation and caring that with you. And theres going to be times where its easy and nice. Excuse me there. Many times was its really hard and theyre going to have to youre really push their way through it. Those are really perspective gaining relationships for me. Absolutely cool, man. Thanks for checking in on that pillar, but I think were going to ship it off the mic now to lighten things up and talk about the beach, shell filler. But for now well leave that for the outtakes. Sure. Everybodys had a bowl cut face at some point. I know I did. And right now, this is the easy way to do, you know, I should have thought about this and, and Matt Ryan Andrew, its my bad. I own it, I own it. I took Dad I could have had some pictures pulled out. I miss Hitler. Another story. I can tell is that at our wedding both Heidi and I had a number of groomsmen and bridesmaids. If you picture sitting in the pews looking at a wedding, you got the bride and groom in the pasture up there than on either side. So nicely proportion. You got the Bridesmaids and their Fruit presses and youve got the groomsmen in their taxes and everyones very evenly. The even amount looks like a bunch of penguins in their Tuxedos and theyre all of a sudden what are the Penguins just happened to the fate and Keel over just really hot in the church. The air conditioning is not working and no one told the 12 year olds, not lock your legs up, I was just and not moving and being respectful and then thats all I remember is Lagos and it fast out. Yes. Yes, I think I did. I need to like that. They had to revive you. Like, during the ceremony, I think Matts back flipping bottle, bodybuilding friend, lifted me up. And tried to revive me while I was up there and they kept the service, and everybody acts like nothing to say to you at this point. We know thats true. Thats plenty of things that weve witnessed that. You absolutely should have been a normal life and said, Matt, we finish, we finished our pillars with the Beech Hill pillar for a reason, you know, Theres theres a lot of hard work that goes into being fit and being driven being Noble. Like thats its all grey stuff. Its great content. Its stuff that you got to, you got to put a lot of time into and and create those relationships that we talked about it to keep you keep you accountable and keep you motivated and keep you going. But at the end of the day, you know, we we we had to just tell her in because you got to have that good balance in your life. What you talked about with when youre going through Teriyaki Madness and what do you realize that you were missing that balance of you or your family life in there that was being very affected by it? You know. And I think thats crucial to to live in your life and continuing to to improve your life is, is having a good balance, do you know? So thats what this pillar is really about. Is not taking yourself too seriously and and having some fun, and you mentioned with your family. And I know you guys are big game playing family and right now with everything going on with covid-19 year. Got to do everything, you can to lighten the mood and have some fun. And youre talkin about the Olympic Games. I mean, that youre doing right now, just dive into that a little bit. What are you guys like to do as a family? Like, how do you, how do you keep that good balance? Yeah, thats a good point and, you know, it to be to be completely honest, that that that has been something over my life that Ive had to really recognize the importance of Because growing up kind of weird to say it but I grew up in a very formal family, that we might sit around and play Monopoly, but, you know, I I had just told her sister, so I didnt have brothers that I wrestled with, for nothings. Like that Sports was pretty much my outlet or or getting together with friends. So now that now that weve got our family and then I recognized very early on that, we wanted to raise our boys and we wanted to always have home. Be a safe place. We wouldnt have home be home. Be there Comfort place? And you know what the way to do that is just to find different ways and work to always have always have fun together. Theyll be times when we have to really buckle down and have her moment and that certainly happens daily. Sometimes we have to put her foot down and we wont always be their best friends. We have to be their mom and dad, but then other times we just want to have fun together whether its movie and popcorn nights, whether its playing games or both. Heidi and I are very competitive. No surprise there. And so that has filtered down to the boys. So we love playing games together. We are a gaming family hiding, not so much, but Going up and wrestle with the boys is fun as well. We just want to make sure that were always instilling in the boys that our home is a safe place and your family is a place that you want to. You want to be together, you want to have fun because we also know these tiles will be short. You know, our oldest son is 15 years old. Hes a freshman before. You know what, he hes going to get to the point where we are is too cool for school. We are not, and theyre already. I said, yeah, hes going to be off. So that will happen. So its its kind of back some of the things we talked about. So, Ill be intentional sometimes, its just making sure we sit that we can have a million things going on and where I can we do, but its about being intentional, sometimes easier said than done. Sometimes we do a good job with it. A lot of times we dont, So the Olympic thing right now with the most recent thing going on with covid-19, weve weve passed the boys look back on this time and almost never remember that had nothing to do with covid-19. It was just about this really fun time where we had a blast. We had a blast as a family. We were eating together every night playing games every night, just having fun with it. Thats kind of where were going there with what the current focus is around the Olympics. For sure. What about us? What about you and Heidi as a as a married couple. What are you guys like to do for fun? And Ill remind you like we had to remind her pastor. Lets lets keep this pg-rated. Severe your sister here. So what do you like to do for fun? Outside of those those activities? Do you like to take photo albums of Mike when he was, okay? Yeah, so I think for us it extends to we like to go out for date nights easier said than done especially in our phase of life. But anytime we can do that, we always get home, we recognize that pan. That was, that was critical to do. And I know theres a lot of people better about that than we are. We are continually working on ways to improve in that. Even with the weather in proving recently something something as simple as just going on, going for a walk together, just having that time to connect because with the busyness of life that can get lost pretty quickly. We like to travel together, we boys, weve always taken trips almost every year in her, 20 years of marriage would be maybe only missed two or three years tops and we go on a trip without the kids, not the middle of the kids, let the kids, but being able to get away on your own has always been important to us. So traveling has always been fun. We He did that before. We had kids were first married and weve tried to carry that through and then we like to just be with friends. No backyard volleyball has become a new favorite things to Andrew and his that reside permanently in our garage. Weve done things of which we played mixed doubles Lake Tennis League together. That was a blast. We played the volleyball together again with Andrew and his wife. So we just like to to do things together whether its, whether its, with friends, or recognize the importance of of, just on our own playing, the sports with you. I thought I slept like, playing some kind of sports with my wife. Tell each other, what were on the same team, like, were in this together, with, with our family, when days are hard, like, were on the same team. Were not against each other, while trying to get the same things done. But its fun to get out and actually play on each others teams in some kind of sport to. So, I definitely enjoyed playing volleyball over at your house and were You know Im saying courts? Do we have the second? We get? Yeah, because seconds and then were going to bring that out early in playoffs one time but a lot of fun and I promise you guys didnt do this up with me but you one of the other things that we always recognize that is great to do together when were able to do it is Working out together or going for a run or even that to that support thing being competitive together. Anytime you can combine and some kind of an aspect of working out, because its proven that when you when you workout your, theres so many positive endorphins in it that get released in your brain, actually develops. And yet when you do that with your spouse, there is theres always a time when you look back and be like me and Im glad we did that together because its heck a lot more fun to go running with your spouse and by yourself. So yeah, theres that aspect to it as well. I will never run with Sarah because she will never run, will never run unless shes being chased by something. Thats why I deleted my wife. I can still kill me in a workout. She actually has today. And so thats something that we we enjoy doing together as well. Relate to that has planned a couple of those workout or the non-core for group people that has cucumber. Everleigh. Open up, open up, puke warning on the workouts that we publish from Laura. Awesome well thanks man. I think you think you aint pretty much answered all those questions about a lot of great content for us here tonight and again we appreciate you. Stepping up and jumping on the podcast here with us a couple things we like to finish out with. We, we always encourage them challenges again, were all about accountability and were keeping each other accountable right now. Were starting a challenge called act like, man of forty days of biblical manhood and were just getting rolling on that which were doing. Were going to do over 40 weeks, I believe, instead of 40 days but its something that we will get rolling. Were getting rolling here right now. Were going to keep each other accountable with each week and talk about. And another one we just started up is a running challenge. So we were talking a little bit about that and weve, weve been posting screenshots, pretty much every day of people posting, their runs, you know, everyones got a, an app that they use that, you can track and see where you run and how Are you ran and what your mile Pace was and all of that. So it was a pride that I was posting those but it its been super motivating for me to, to try to continue to improve my pace and and get that going. So were going to keep doing that for a while. And you pulled your arm while youre running a mile. Yeah, I picked up the pace in the last minute and got those arms Swinging Doors, and the next day as well. I did a little bit upper body workout here as well to put in here for preciate the time and look forward to getting you on here again, some point. Yeah, thanks for having me and just to give you guys a Like weve already like we talked about the same kind of things. We brought through this whole conversation, this life isnt easy and were going to have were going to have successes and were going to have times where things are tough. But when you got when you got an outlet like these guys and core for life where that you can lean into and it can help him courage you and it can help motivate you and when times are down or I can just help, give you something to do when youre not sure what to do. Its much easier to do it than just, being by yourself. So, yeah, thanks, thanks guys. For leading the charge with this and I hope theres people are getting a lot out of this. Great, thanks. I really appreciate you being on right man. Thanks for checking out the core for Life podcast. If you like what youre hearing, why dont you tell a friend about us? Share a link for a podcast on social media. Organ touch with us a tour for life or core for life.com. Thats core four life.com catch next time. Google for Life, acidic on for life. Diddy net worth.

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