Podcast Episode 8 – Life in Quarantine & “Act Like Men”

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In this episode (recorded on Zoom during the height of Ohio’s quarantine) we discuss how we’ve been trying to live out our Core Four pillars even in quarantine. 

We also begin talking through the book “Act Like Men: 40 days to Biblical Manhood

Podcast Transcription:

Have you ever thought about making podcast with thought, probably too hard to get started. Couldnt be further from the truth when you use anchor. First of all, its free. So, check off box number one. It has easy-to-use, creation tools on your browser or your phone, Acura distributor podcast for you and you can make money. No matter how many listeners you have, it really is a One-Stop shop for all of your podcast knees. So stop delaying and download the free anchor app or go to Anchor. FM to get started. Welcome back to another episode of poor for life. Today, were looking at the core for hear, no, no interview. We were all still fighting through the quarantine. And one of the one of the hop on and Im just driving to a couple things that we can talk about. So tonight, were just going to give a little recap on what each of us have been doing with each of the pillars through the quarantine. I dont want to dive into a book that we started reading all act like men and talk about the first couple chapters and how theyre affecting our lives right now. So suggest things kicked off, I will roll through what Im doing right now during the quarantine for these pillars. So be fit, eat fit been been. Okay, I feel like I could be worse. Im missing. You guys are missing. The could literally not be moving at all. Couldnt should not be moving at all. Just sit around in my house but you know, Im definitely missing the accountability of getting up early and Im going to work out with you guys, but I have been running running. Some miles were doing that Mile Challenge still, at least a couple of us. Ive been waiting for the knees, get back in shape and improved mile time, each time and and then the weather kind of took a turn for the worst again. So after that, just really been doing some try to do 10, push-ups after Zoom meetings, I do throughout the day at least a little bit, little bit active with that and thats a thats about it on that site right now. Im at throughout a nice, nice crossfit.wod the other day. That we we got after. So that was good. So if thats really it on the Beast is front right now, be driven driven has been pretty good. You do for work wise, weve been making a lot of changes that were trying to get in from at it right now and its really all hands on deck for the company as were fighting through this. So really a lot of lot of stuff going on, a lot of work to be bi going around. So were were still fighting, were getting through and were starting to see that momentum shift in the right direction there, so thats good. And then diving in some good, professional development, consent doing some podcast. Ryan, Hawkes been doing some live podcast with his with his interview. Hes at, hes had that Ive been jumping on and you just had on John Maxwell, one of the uniformed, most players in the leadership game right now and Leadership content, that was awesome to to get it to that. I hear from him and what hes doing right now during this. So thats been good and Be Noble and tougher for me. I dont know how much service Ive done to my head in a community, Sarahs my wifes done a better job with that, just continuing to have that servant heart. And its something that I can continue to to do better with overall and this just makes it makes it harder so not too much to know. Theyre on my I think were going to talk a little bit about being a servant leader within your family is a little bit later in this podcast and thats something that again and you work on. So thats thats be Noble and an empty shell, my color. Im usually always pretty pretty good with that when weve been since weve been doing a lot of. Theres a reason you were a sign that pillar. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Weve been doing a lot of virtual Hangouts, community group other friends, family. I mean, probably averaging, three or four jackbox night A week right now. So were really, really diving into that. And I having a good time, just kind of relax have been actually through this morning. I think Ive watched a lot less TV than I had prior to it. You know, weve been keeping busy with those things getting on connecting with people relationally through this virtual Hangouts and then Ive been good to you to dive into you know looking in the content for this and to you know do some video and audio editing and now that we know how to do WordPress, Ryans give us some introduction to that. So Ive been working on the website a little bit but thats pretty much it on my end. Kick it over to Ryan. I will have you been doing alright. So I think pretty similar with a bfit category, been trying to get out and run as much as possible. This past week has really put a damper on that. I did not get any runs in this past week, but Ive been trying to get like to wish miles every time Im not interested in increasing my 1-mile, run the time. Like Mike said, Im not not participating in that cuz I know that I will be the absolute slowest. No matter what. Its just the fact that I did during our competition but by like 1% or something like that. But yeah. So be fit, Ive got everything. I said, I got my perfect pull up in my doorway. So too, at least three or four of those every time I walk into my office during the week, which is actually quite a bit, And then Ive been doing I saw somebody Post online like doing 30 days of a hundred push-ups every day. So Ive been doing that just getting in a hundred push-ups I think Im on day 14, something like that. Its tough for body is feeling toit. Thats pretty good. Yeah, other than that, like you said, just missing that accountability. Getting up at 5 in the morning and get your day started. Actually sounds kind of good right now. Even though I get a chance to sleep in till like 7 these days, is that thats where Im at with be fit and then be driven feeling pretty good. There like said got a lot of stuff going on at work. Our company was just acquired so we have a lot of stuff going on that. I have to get set up for the teams between companies, letting people communicate around the devops branch of my organization. So a lot of process improvements that were looking at to get into as soon as the kind of tight integration starts happening. Then weve got this podcast are parkour for Life business. Working on editing. All this podcast. Where can I get in the website up and running workout Social Media stuff? So, Always busy there and then my other side business. So am I be driven? Pillar is, is heavily weighted in my life, but then, that would be Noble pillar. Again, its a little tough little tough to do in these times. I think its just that interaction, making sure that people are checking in on people. Knowing where are your neighbors doing, though? And how people in your community are doing your community group, your church, just reaching out to people and seeing whats going on with them. So, we had an issue about our church where the leadership is calling the the counter against, and I was actually pretty nice to reach out to people and find out how theyre doing. So, that was kind of a Thats a nice feeling for that to be Noble pillar there but my wife is actually doing a lot better too. Shes planning on making cookies for people in our neighborhood tomorrow just give them to him and say I hope youre doing well, leave a little note, leave them on the doorstep so that they can have contactless delivery. And then so for the, The Beech Hill pillar, I think Mike Mike said, doing a lot of the Skype calls and zoom meetings and just hanging out virtually with you guys and it was actually nice to see Mike and I would have met our previous guess theyd stopped by to pick up a riding mower from my house today. So I had some cute on that interaction. Dont tell him that we were interacting face-to-face. We were, we were social distancing. It is social distance except It is ended up at Mikes lake house. So go to the lake is challenging with that Mower and I almost fell off a couple times but youll get the hang of it and he only electrocuted himself twice when he was trying to put in a bathroom. Fingers are still a little numb, but my kids are watching me, like I saw Sparks brat just playing a lot of board games as a family to, Ive never asked me to play Monopoly. Junior cars Edition like a ton. So we had the the longest Monopoly. Junior game ever yesterday and took forever to collect it regular Monopoly game, pretty much. But also we we play a lot of checkers. Me, and the twins. So its been fun, teaching them how to how to play and to think about their moves and plan ahead. Thats where Im at with the pillars. But are we kick it over to Andrew and see how you doing? Yeah. Do for me like I was told myself I had an extra hour everyday. I would definitely exercise more and lo and behold I have a gift of an extra hour every day. Since I dont commute to work anymore cuz actually been going good. Not as early as we usually work out together, but Ive been getting in listen about four times a week and then trying to run a day or two on top of that. Ive been going, good. Cool. I get back and make sure Im doing it on a regular basis and hit my major lists and fairly frequent basis. So its been nice being driven pillar working from home as I have been here for several weeks. Now, going to challenge a little bit doing projects just kind of in an office with no distractions. So, its been doing, okay, definitely. Im going slower than I have been for Cheryl distractions. You made children, right? Yes, children come and get the time. Instead of love. But yeah, its just a little bit of a challenge. My boss actually asked me to reach out to other people at work. Sending this other members are a team or kind of struggling, just kind of slogging through projects and trying to get stuff done and just kind of miss that interaction with each other. You can kind of pop over and yall talk a little bit and Ill get back into something. So that reminds me at a little bit, Im going to steal part of your pillar, not here, go for it. That reminds me. I actually set up a I called it. A virtual water cooler meeting that I just put out for the global. It team on Friday at 9 a.m. just send it out the entire team and said hey if you can make it jump on and I just want to try and I regain some sanity in this kind of been same time. Just have some face-to-face conversations with people dont have to worry about work, just chat and a cup. Feel like at least amount of people showed up. I was actually pretty cool and wanted to throw that out there as an idea too. So just put it seems meeting on your calendar or whatever. I am client. You have just a little like that if your people are looking for a little bit interaction, like during the day, its a couple of guys on our team. Weve one guy had like one of the calendar, a live location today. Alexa 365 different locations in the world, you should visit. She just been sending out and I am we made a little game of that. Its like a few been here for the city of this country. You get a point. Just like Max at 3 points a day, having a little competition. We can kick back to Brown a little bit. Make fun of each other. Just going to keep the day rolling. So any little thing like that so you can do, I think it is always a win, like the rest of you guys to for RB Noble pillar, youll be inside. It feels like Im being Noble, just making it through the day with four kids and making sure they get their school work done and chores done, and all that. And I know thats not totally true. That you guys got some good ideas. Other ways to reach out to the community. So I need to take advantage of some of those as well here too and some of those contacts and lastly just on the beach show, pillar went out and Im played 18 holes of golf in the cold wet weather. Weve been having Then you guys know Im not much of a golfer system that wouldnt fall in my, my be chill pillar cuz Im saying, Im terrible at golf would be an understatement, but is actually a lot of fun. So, nice to kind of, get out and get outside a little guys. Anything you can do, thats one of the few and if you cant go golfing, you can go tennis ball golfing which well well talk about later. And maybe theres a video that will come out of NFL, right? But thanks. 44 Fitness been going pretty good. Ive been trying to work out everyday. Im got a little town for the buddy. So thats thats the only difficult thing is. Im, I am, I feel like Im an old man kind of breaking down. So, I am having to adjust for a couple things. Id rather be doing, but you dont go around 1 workout this. Its a nice mix up from working out. Its more stretching and rehabbing enjoying. That is something that we were distracting. Its really passive and yourself up. So That might be something better for you too. I know a lot of people are doing workouts the internet or trying to find work out on the plug into 4 month. I might get the benefit after that, so Im still. But I read a book right now called whats best next year minutes. Really, really good ever after my world as far as a christ-centered way. So really, really good challenge. Me a lot to get organized out my priorities in my mission. And so that really good. Im already seeing some some benefit from this for my daily work organizing. My office and stay organized and stay on task. Quick tips from that book. What you got my email so I dont have it. Its a complete mess. Thats terrible. I should show you my ex that my work inbox and my personal inbox with zero emails in them better man than me. Pick your brain. Reinert, how you do that? Sodium are being Noble. The only thing I was thinking of right now, so just a little past week. I have talked to people with her. What normally Or or longer eat in work, conversation seemed to go when were personal, how are you doing? And how youre doing? So people, I think to a little bit of a deeper level, how to learn who they are, and theres no connection there to kill it. You have to go looking for that social interaction more, so since its kind of been cut off for the most part, they dont have it. You dont think about it. Were thinking about our own lives with our families, in the car, for Andrew, my for a little distractions, your guys, three little extractions with running around and youre thinking about somebody who doesnt have any you know, how theyre doing during this song. Thats a really good point that those, the people who are probably feeling this the hardest to socialize, late Isolation part of it, so be really beneficial to them. And it would just be a really good piece of that. Be no ability to reach out and figure out how people are doing, find out what theyre up to and I can help, thats really good. Observation there as well. So they were pretty pretty princess with your favorite. Theyre on the way for me to run through some of your stuff that, you know, you again, you made a good point about people, looking for social interaction and just looking to talk with people and being really open with people. And that got me thinking, like, in a world where all going to be pretty upfront with the fact that we were Christians, we, we follow Gods word, you know, thats, thats what were the foremost in our lives are trying to drive towards. And, you know, one of those things Im looking to do, is start up something that are at our work, right? And I hopped on a train, a for Alpha course, the other day and trying to figure out like my thought was a less at all this blow over. Ill start doing this after were back at the office and can actually be with people again and see. Down with them face-to-face, but you dont got to thinking, like, this is what better time to talk with people when theyre going to be open to, you know, here in about, you know, the word of God. And this could be a chance to talk with them, see what theyre dealing with right now and seeing what, you know, what, theyre what theyre going through and maybe what, what they might need in their lives. So, you know, talking through that Im looking at it. Like whether they have an alpha online right now to be able to, to do with your co-workers or deal with with different communities that your hand. So, looking into that is another thing to to reach out, you know, to the community during this time and you do nothing after here and you guys hog and thinking about what I was going through. I think its important to also know through this like were giving content ideas of things that were doing through this time but the end of the day like were by far from perfect and experts on how to handle something like this. Like Mrs. Theres no handbook for how to deal with this and for how did it go through it. And, you know, work just just like everybody else, trying to figure out how to how to do in the game, where were utilizing each other to talk through it, to figure out, hey, whats working for you and whats working and whats not working? You know, lets work together on it. Then again, thats really a, a main reason to, for this High Casas at accountability for you. So, you know what? You know, what are you guys doing? How are you getting through this? Dont At the, I think it a step further and its not just for this like thats just this podcast in general. Like, were not by any means, experts in most of these areas, but we do want to are far from it. I wish we could be to want to have those conversations and bring you guys in on these conversations. So you can hear what were thinking and maybe join in the conversation that ass up on social media and yeah, we can talk through it with you. Well, real quick before jumping into act like men and a couple couple questions we got there. They were going to dive into forgot. We got we got a bourbon of the the podcast Fistful of bourbon is the one were going with. This is a blend of five straight bourbon whiskey use. So you know Im not going to ringing not going to give it a ringing endorsement, its a bourbon and a perfect and Im always going to give you my honest opinion. Then its okay, you know that man again at the book we had mentioned that were diving into 40 days of been typical manhood. So were going to dive into the first couple, a couple chapters that they had and wanted to address first. We we, we As theres theres some allegations and some things going on with James McDonald right now, the author of the book. And I think its always important to know no matter what the situation is. Were were first and foremost following, you know, following God and following biblical principles and thats what the book is based on. And thats what were going to dive into and talk about, you know, were were all human, were all capable of making mistakes, you know. And were going to talk about the content thats related to the biblical principles and theres theres some good stuff in their diving to sew the first, the first chapter talks about acting like men in general, one of the important things I think was said in it is failing to lead is failing to act like a man. You know, in all areas of your life, you know, where were called, by God as men to be leaders in in your community at your workplace with your family, you know. So I think thats, thats an important concept of two things. Dollar General in one of the first questions was your, what can you do today or this week to be a better servant leader to your family. And before diving into that, I mean, I was just getting on one of these podcast with Ryan Hawke and its saying, servant-leader is almost you dont need to say that because you really cant be a leader without being serviced. First, you know, but how are you guys trying to apply that today this week with your family? Yeah, I mean I do think that thats a good point that you cant, you cant lead truly unless youre a servant because if you end up leading by force or leading by a threat than youre just a tire, in that sense, youre not an essentially, a leader. And I think thats, thats where I tend to 10, Fulcher, especially with my kids like, you know, I start saying, you need to do this. You need to do that you You two must do this and it just just me barking orders at them. Instead of me relating to them and figuring out what, what they need, how I can meet their needs and make it out real relationship. Instead of a have a one way, one way street by bark orders at them, and they are expected to do what I tell them to do. So since were talking about servant leadership in our family and since were spending 24/7, with our families, I think that thats important to keep in mind because its easy to fall into those habits. When you dont have a delicate time for reset like Matthew still going to work. So you you might have a little bit more time to reset on the on the family side but you know, for being being in the house 24/7. Its hard to have that reset time that Im used to I will say being sensitive to What my wifes doing. Like, for example, this weekend, it was important for me to be home with the kids, so I could go out when Im learning about being servants. Is I need to be aware listening. So I know how to serve that one is okay, not just looking at myself and what I want to do, the trying to be aware of what my family needs as well. Got to get so true for me as well to just knowing I took from me and Im working from home and thats like more of a challenge and certain way. So I kind of feel youre tired from that in a different way than I would have in the past but also knowing my wife is picking up all the schooling for my kids on top of everything else. Shes done in the past here too. So kind of being sensitive that if shes going to need some of that time, my kids know that Im home, like I need to spend some of that time with them. And so being that you said being in that servant leader even though knowing that Im still working like in a normal capacity. I still need to pitch in or so cuz everybody else is trying to get to pick up more things as well too especially on the school front with the kids. So I know its something thats hard for a lot of parents out there trying to pick up additional schooling and make sure the kids are learning things on top of just keeping them entertained, to keep him satin and happy all day long, something there that I can continue the kitchen or Gillies. Give my wife a break on that sometimes Tell you both touched on, it is being sensitive to what our wives are experiencing and what they need from us and what they expect from us, then falls into that. The second question, were you talking about how youre being selfish? And I think that that that actually the perfect example. Is when you start thinking about, man, I need to get this work done or I need to do this and do this. So you know, your needs are going to have to wait, know if my kids come to the door and they say they need something or if I wife says all, can you watch the kids while I go take care of this? Its that that selfish nature like I I have it bad. Like I always think about me and Im not going to be able to get this work done. That I need to get done right now, but it does need to be done right now all the time. Its its theres time that you can make for other people and thats I think thats part of being a servant leader is making that time intentionally. Yes, maam is something that I think we all have voice that we can improve on that play. Something I can improve on and upset at the scera already and hopefully this is continual positive encouragement for her that she I do not want to have her position, you know, the deals with the kids every day all day, love the kids but I mean thats at the light and she does it on with them. I miss you Donna that youre doing a ton of school work and they give you that extra appreciation for real like Miranda Ryans wife and Laura Matts wife who are homeschooling the kids in like just what they have to do to go through along with everything else. Theyre doing. Like they are servant leaders. Like you are all of our wives are and you know, I think we all can definitely continue to this to do better in a day or so, What will move on here and wrap up with maybe one more question? The second chapter was about equality, man, and this chapter was really looking at how equality man, examine his heart, exposing the fears that generates, the lies that leads to send, you know, and its talking about mastering your own fears instead of being Mastered by them. So for you guys. So whats the top rated shoe in your lives, fear or anger? And why Ill start off this one first and made for me, its pretty easy answer would say. I would say its anger on my end, you know, Ive done. All right, being able to control the sphere, hopefully feel kind of relying on God. And in areas, when we come through challenges and relying on him, to get us through those those tough times. But for me its more like the little things day in and day out that just set me off. And again Im sure like you guys are kind of revolves around the kids and Doing things that that took me off. And she do instead of instead of, you know, really taken a second and just realizing like, hey, theres a, you know, where is there hard, that, where is this coming from? Lets figure out the root issue of it. You know, Im just more quick to react and quick to get angry and thats an area that, you know, I have to continue to work on as well. And thats actually a point that I was going to bring up to, from the the first chapter is that one of the things that you mention was dont act like a child and acting. Like a man means not to act like a child, and Im part of that. You lesson that that was talked about is that men should respond not react and that really kind of straw come to make his famous. You, I have the same anger reaction pretty quickly like when something doesnt go my way and I think that stems from the the selfishness Is pretty much natural for most men that we want our way. Usually pretty quickly. And if we dont get that, then its kind of an easy step to anger which is obviously not biblical. And its not something that we should strive for something that we should look the gun contain and the other. Your answer resonated pretty strongly with me and just reminded me of that respond. Dont react sentiment from the first chapter. Remind, Im probably a little different not as much on the anger side a little bit more than that, that fear side or you dont think I feel like that that insecurity a little bit more. So, and Ill have, like that, the negative thoughts, play all in my head for, you know, for whatever it is. And sometimes that probably cost some anger as well to eyelash out trying to defend myself in a way that that I dont really need to because youre overthinking things. You got too much in my head with negative thoughts. You know, rather than just be able to be comfortable, being a man and just knowing, youre my value, my place in my roll. Think you can kind of get caught up in your own head and overthinking things and end up having a lot of negative thoughts that are going to drive you, two to do things that are just stupid that you dont need to do and try To make yourself feel better. Feel more like a man in ways that are just being really stupid or instructive. You fell for a lot of people. You see that play out. I think a lot of peoples lives. That have big Falls from grace that I think a lot of that is fear and insecurity kind of Drive, some of those decisions do I bake. My salmon is sometimes the same time out beers causing or driving maybe That decisions of the same in my life but I dont think what he went back to try to see the route. I really like to go into definitely calling that out and it certainly was doing that in the music. that sounds, I think its interesting that even between the four of us, we all have different answers to just that. That simple question and you can definitely tell each other personalities. Weve known each other for a long time so you can kind of see some of that coming out. And it would be interesting to see like what everybodys personalities are on some of those tests just to see like, were some of that lies. Yeah, for sure. And I mean that something, you know, will probably look to wrap up this podcast here but maybe something. As we we push out some content to the website and social media we can we can get some of these questions out there and hopefully for our 5:10 listeners we can get some feedback and maybe at some point well get some more feedback when we get some more listeners, who knows. But well get that stuff going and I get this all out here pretty soon but they close at 11. Do it here for the night. Well wrap things up and appreciate the time here with you guys again. And then the day were brought humans were also called make Steaks and trying to learn from him and trying to get better. And thats what were trying to do here with this podcast again, is is trying to walk through some of these different areas of life with each other and continue to grow and try to get in. Try to get better every day. So, thanks for listening. Catch you guys next time. Thanks for checking out the core for Life podcast. If you like what youre hearing, why dont you tell a friend about us? Share a link to our podcast on social media, Oregon touch with us a tour for life or core for life.com. Thats core. Four life.com, catch you next time. Google for Life, acidic on for life.

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