Pulling Together


Before Mike, Andrew, Matt and I began the podcast, we were just four friends that held each other accountable and cheered each other on with our fitness, our actions, our family life, our time with God, and so much more. That’s still a huge part of what we do.

We recently competed in a firetruck pull event for charity. It was a blast and we’ll definitely be training to bring home the win next year, but it got me thinking about teamwork and accountability.

Assuming you’re not one of the World’s Strongest Men, can you imagine trying to pull a firetruck by yourself? You could strain and struggle and flail around until you passed out. Your hands would be torn up from the rope, you’d probably pop a blood vessel or tear a muscle… but guess what; that truck is going nowhere.

Now imagine a group of guys pulling alongside you, all in the same direction and all at the same time. That load gets a lot lighter and the truck starts rolling. Once the momentum builds, you don’t have to pull nearly as hard.

That’s the way it is with accountability. If you have a group of friends around you that are “pulling” in the same direction it does a couple of things.

First, it lightens your load. Sharing struggles, battles, victories, and aspirations with friends takes some of that burden off of you. It allows people who love you to carry some of the weight of life and allows you to do the same for them.

Second, it helps you build momentum. Consistently pushing each other to stay in the Word, challenging each other with fitness goals, or just being a reliable shoulder to lean on all keep that truck moving down the road.

Third, it gives you support if you stumble. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone struggles. Everyone falls sometimes. It’s part of life. Having someone pulling right beside you makes it easier to get up. They can support you while you’re down and help get your feet back on the ground and your hands on the rope.

So, how do we find that group of people that are pulling in the same direction? We just so happen to have a private group on Facebook with a bunch of great dudes. If you’d like to be a part of that group, send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll get you hooked up.

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