The Purpose Driven Life (Days 1-10)

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The Purpose-Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?  (Softcover)

I mentioned on a previous blog that I had started diving into Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life after never reading it before. It has been awesome to continue to pursue God and not the things of this world. I am going to post 4 blogs; since there are 40 days in the book, these will be broken down into 10 days at a time. If you don’t have time to fully dive into the book right now, hopefully you can gain something from skimming through my notes.

Day 1: It all starts with God

  • Don’t focus on yourself
  • Begin with the creator – God
  • Owner’s manual is the Bible
  • Ending:
    • It’s not about me
    • Col 1:16b
    • In spite of all of the advertising around you, how can you remind yourself that life is really about living for God and not yourself?   

Day 2: You are not an accident

  • Everything has been planned by God – talents, health, race, etc
  • God is love, that’s why we were made, didn’t need to make us
  • If no God, you’re an accident, no purpose, no right and wrong, etc
  • Ending
    • You are not an accident
    • Isaiah 44:2
    • Knowing that God uniquely created you, what areas of your personality, background and physical appearance are you struggling to accept?  

Day 3: What drives your life?

  • 5 common:
    • Guilt
    • Resentment
    • Fear
    • Materialism
    • Need for approval
  • 5 great benefits of living a purpose driven life:
    • Gives it meaning
    • Gives it Hope
    • Simplifies your life and focuses it on what’s important
    • Motivates your life
    • Prepares you for eternity
      • 2 crucial qs when you stand before God
        • What did you do with His Son, Jesus Christ?
        • What did you do with what was given to you?
  • Ending:
    • Living on purpose is the path to peace
    • Isaiah 26:3
    • Qs – What would your family and friends say is the driving force in your life? What do you want it to be?

Day 4: Made to last forever

  • Earth is just a dress rehearsal for eternity
  • Everything seems so small compared to that
  • Things that used to seem important, now do not
  • Ending:
    • More to life than just here and now
    • 1 John 2:17
    • Qs – Since you were made to last forever; what is the one thing you should stop doing and the one thing you should start doing today?

Day 5: Seeing life from God’s view

  • The way you see life defines your life
  • Life is a test, trust and it’s temporary
  • Test – everything is a test and god is watching
  • Trust – everything is Gods, we must trust that he has a plan for it and it’s not ours to decide what happens
  • Temporary – living for eternity
  • Ending
  • Life is a test and trust
  • Luke 16:10a
  • What has happened to you recently that was a test? What are the biggest things God has entrusted you with?

Day 6: Life is a temporary assignment

  • Don’t get too comfortable or attached
  • Discomfort, Discontentment, here on earth
  • We’ll never feel completely satisfied
  • Ending:
    • Point – this world is not my home
    • 2 cor 4:18
    • How should the fact that life on earth is just a temporary assignment, change how you’re living right now?

Day 7: The reason for everything

  • Everything was made for His glory
  • He created everything
  • Therefore, everything we do should be an act of worship
  • Worship God by:
    • Loving others
    • Serving others
    • Telling others about Him
  • Ending:
    • It’s all for Him
    • Rom 11:36
    • Where in my daily routine can I become more aware of God’s Glory?

Purpose 1: You were Planned for God’s Pleasure

Day 8: You’re planned for God’s pleasure

  • God is pleased through our worship
  • Everything we do should be for God, and that is worship
  • Should be the first activity we do when we open our eyes and when we lay down at night, and everything in between
  • Ending:
    • Planned for God’s pleasure
    • Ps 149:4a
    • What common task should you start doing as if you were doing it directly for Jesus?

Day 9: What makes God smile?

  • 5 acts of worship
    • Loving Him through relationship
    • Trust Him completely
    • Obey Him wholeheartedly
    • Praise and thank Him repeatedly
    • When we use our abilities
  • Need to focus more on how much pleasure God is getting out of your life than how much pleasure you are getting out of your life
  • Ending:
    • God smiles when you trust Him
    • PS 147:11
    • Since God knows what is best; what areas in your life do you need to trust Him most?

Day 10: The heart of worship

  • The heart of worship is surrender
  • Barriers to our surrender:
    • We get too caught up in winning, but we need to turn it all over to Him
      • Ultimate surrender was Christ dying on the cross for us
    • Our own pride
      • We try to be God
      • But we end up more like satan
      • This can bring envy
    • Lack of trust
    • Money, lust, ego, etc
  • Make it a daily habit, not a one-time thing
  • Ending:
    • The heart of worship is surrender
    • Rom 6:13b
    • What area of your life are you holding back from God?
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