Weekly Pillar Post 10/19


beFIT – Ryan

Are you getting tired of the same workouts? Are you getting tired of planning your workouts? Here’s an idea that we like a lot – The Deck of Death.

Don’t let the name fool you… it can actually be a lot of fun. The idea is a simple one, but you could do it for every single workout and never have the same experience. It can be done alone, or with 2-3 people per deck.

King, Jack, And Queen Of Spades Playing Cards

Here’s how it works:

  • Grab a deck of cards (with Jokers)
  • Assign a movement to each suit. For example:
    • ♥ = Goblet Squats
    • ♦ = Push-ups
    • ♣ = Curls
    • ♠ = Sit-ups
  • Flip over the first card and do the movement assigned to that suit
    • Number cards are that number of reps
    • Face cards are 12 reps
    • Aces are 11 reps
  • If you flip a Joker, everyone does 15 burpees

We’ve done this workout with all kinds of movements assigned to the suits. We’ve also done it in pairs, competing to see which team can knock out the deck fastest. It’s a great tool to easily change up your workouts!

beDRIVEN – Mike

There’s a pretty solid pretty solid YouTube channel called Better Ideas. This guy has some very practical insights on how to get driven and keep yourself driven. Whether you need to get out of your comfort zone, create better habits, or just change your mindset… you’ll find some great tips to keep that drive strong. Here’s one I especially enjoyed:

beNOBLE – Matt

We moved into a new neighborhood about a year ago. It has been a weird year to try to get to know your neighbors, but I have been amazed by some of the creative ways that our neighbors have gone out of their way to connect.

This past week, the doorbell rang after dinnertime. Our dog went crazy, as usual, and the girls ran to the front door to see who was there. I could see out the window that a pair of feet were running away and hiding behind our car parked in the drive. The girls found a bag of Halloween goodies and toys hanging on the front door. Inside the bag was a paper that explained that “You’ve Been Booed!” This fun gesture made our night!

Over the weekend the girls returned the favor to two of our neighbors. Think of a way this week that you and your family can make someone’s night. A little planning and thoughtfulness can have a huge impact on others.

beCHILL – Andrew

Usually our beChill pillar focuses on things we like to do to relax and enjoy ourselves. Today I’m going to challenge you to NOT do something.

Social media…..

I want to challenge you to take a week off of all social media and see how you feel.

People have noticed many benefits from taking a break from scrolling through their “friends” filtered lives. 2020 has been a particularly stressful year for many and I could use a break to just relax and not compare my life to everyone else.

Silver Iphone

I remember not that long ago when I used to only check Facebook once a year to see who wrote something for my birthday. Now I find myself scrolling at random times each day for a few minutes just to see if anyone liked my last post. I remember not felling as anxious about how I was coming across to others online, or if I was championing the correct causes, or my family was looking good enough. I remember only working about being in the moment and interacting with those around me. I miss that feeling.

So if you also feel the stress of social media tugging at you each and every day I invite you to join me to beChill this week and ditch the social media for a few days.

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