Weekly Pillar Post – 9/28


beFIT – Andrew

I have been hearing about a sport called Pickleball since a friend of mine purchased a house with a court in the back yard a few years ago, but had not had a chance to actually play till this week. It’s a cross between a badminton court, ping pong like paddles, and tennis like rules. It’s easy to learn, fast paced, competitive. Pretty much everything I’m looking for in a new game.

My skill level still leaves a lot to be desired (I won one game out of 7) but I had a blast playing. Its just the right amount of cardio to get you sweating but you can still play for two hours and not feel exhausted.

Hooked on Pickleball | San Clemente Times

Many of your local tennis courts are starting to set up specific nights dedicated to Pickleball already. Can’t get enough? You can set up a court in your own driveway as well.

So old or young, in shape or just starting out, Pickleball can be a great way to have some fun exercising.

beDRIVEN – Ryan

I recently obtained a Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification. I know… super exciting for all you non-IT folks out there. I’m sure I put all 3 of the other Core4 members to sleep with just that one sentence.

The reason I bring it up is an important one to think about though – Continuous Improvement. Now, I’m not talking Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen Events, Kanban boards, or anything like that (although I do love talking about those thigs too). I mean Continuous Personal Improvement.

What tangible steps can you take to grow this week? In your career, in your relationships, in your spiritual life? Take a few minutes now and write out a few goals for Continuous Personal Improvement that you’re going to start this week. Maybe some of those goals will take a little longer, but at least take that first step!

Close-up Photo of Man Wearing Black Suit Jacket Doing Thumbs Up Gesture

beNOBLE – Mike

Black Lives Matter

All Lives Matter

Now that I’ve got your attention; how is it that some phrases can be so polarizing in today’s culture??? 2 words…social media. I’ve been having this conversation lately with many different people and honestly am just trying to listen and ask questions. It’s easy to see some of the things going on and jump right to, “that’s racist and we need change.” It’s also easy to sit back and say, “sure there’s still racism, but is that really the norm?”

I personally cannot say that I am a black history expert. I can’t sit here and say that’s all in the past, because I did not grow up having to deal with the types of challenges that many have faced.

What I can say, is that if we as a culture continue to focus in on worldly things, we will always be disappointed, one way or another. Sorry to say it, but whether Trump remains in office or Biden is elected…our world will still be very broken.

So, I don’t think my job is to tell someone why they shouldn’t use the phrase “Black Lives Matter” or why someone shouldn’t say “All Lives Matter,” my singular goal is to try to bring the conversation back to Jesus. Talk about a world with a lot less controversy and divisiveness if we were all focusing on HIM.

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.

Colossians 3:2

beCHILL – Matt

It’s officially BOURBON season! As the weather gets cooler, grabbing a warm dram of bourbon becomes even more enjoyable. Since we have begun the podcast, we’ve all gotten a chance to taste a variety of great bourbons. This is the first year that I’ve taken up the hobby of researching and hunting for different bourbons.

If you’re a fellow bourbon hunter, let us know if you score one of the prized limited release bottles. Showing up week after week to your local store to track down that elusive bottle is a rewarding experience. Even better is sharing that bottle with your buddies. Cheers to friendship and making time to connect with the people in your life that will help you level up.

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