Why what we believe matters the most


I’ve been spending a lot of time recently thinking about my faith and how it affects everything I do (more so than I ever have before at least). I’m currently listening to a 5-part series from John Piper called, Why We Believe the Bible. John is a much smarter man than I, so bear with me as I write out some of my simple thoughts and try to relate them to everyday situations. But a lot of my thoughts below will stream from this series.

This first blog is probably going to bring more questions than answers as there are certain questions we need to ask ourselves about how we are living our current lives before there can really be any valuable answers. Why are we here? What is the purpose? What is truth and why does that matter to me?

The question I’m starting out with is why should we be concerned about the Bible being true and why does that even matter to our everyday lives? IF, and I understand that is a big IF to a lot of people, the Bible is true; that means that all scripture is God-breathed, all truth for how we live our lives can be found in it and it will determine whether or not we will have eternal life in heaven or eternal judgment in hell. So…think it’s important enough to determine its validity?

If the Bible is not true, then where do you find your absolute truth? Is it, “just be you, man,” “just look within your inner self,” “Just do what you feel is right?” That’s a load of crap, because ultimately, might will make right, power will overcome and tyrants will prevail. Don’t see anything similar to this thought process happening in our society today at all do you? (insert sarcastic tone).

But what about some other questions like, “Well, can’t there be a mix of truth and error in the bible?” Or, “What about other books and religions, can’t there be truth there too?” Great questions, but if these things were true, that would contradict the core of the Gospel. And if that was true, why even live your life in any way that reflects the truths of the gospel. Just live life to its fullest and do you, man.

But again, if the Bible is fully true and God-breathed, that changes everything and should reflect in every area of your life. That should affect how you treat your spouse, your kids, your job, your community, your finances, your fitness, etc…the list goes on and on. There are so many questions that can be asked, but ultimately everyone comes to faith in their own unique way. And that is exactly what it is…faith. You can make arguments for a lot of things in life and we’ll never have the answer to every single question that’s out there. But I know it’s my faith in the Bible and God’s word that I will cling to in any trial I may face and that can give me confidence living in this crazy world because I’ve already won.

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