This week (and maybe more weeks into the future if this goes well), I am going to throw some Core4 pillar goals out there for the week and see how it goes. Time to focus on the daily wins to accomplish the bigger goals…


  • Exercises of the Week:
    • Push-ups: 60/day
    • Curls: 30/day
    • Reverse Flys: 30/day
    • Air Squats: 60/day
    • Crunches: 100/day
  • Diet:
    • Dinner to dinner every day – meaning no breakfast, lunch or snacking in between
    • Only exception is 1 apple and/or 10 pistachios each day


  • Going way out on a limb here and am going to attempt one random act of service in our neighborhood. Really putting myself out there…I know.


  • Get to the pool with Sara and the boys which Sara has been wanting me to do all summer
  • Get to the lake with some of the Core4 members


  • Accomplish each of these goals by focusing every day on what needs to be done
  • Start off each day with devotions and prayer to get in the right mindset

These are not the hardest goals by any means, but I think sometimes it’s easy to think about some of the bigger goals you want to accomplish and forget about the daily/weekly activity that needs to happen to make you successful with the larger goals. Dinner to dinner without eating in between is not the easiest. I’ve done it a few days a week here and there, but 5 days straight is going to test my will.

I anticipate the other members of the core4 keeping me accountable on these goals this week. Hope some of our followers will as well and join in with some of their own goals. Post them to social media if you want and share this with your network…let’s keep each other accountable. Have a great start to the week.

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