I got to go on a dream vacation this year with my wife and another couple. We left the kids behind and got into the sun in Mexico at an all-inclusive resort. 80 degrees and sunny every day – all you can eat and drink. We played volleyball and lounged around the pool all day. It was perfect…… for the … Read More

Counting Your Blessings/Giving Thanks


 The Holiday season is right around the corner and I’m already feeling the stress. Meals to cook, families to host, presents to buy, work to wrap up before vacation. This time of year that should, in theory, be relaxing and a great time to reconnect, tends to be more stressful than almost any other time for me. One reason the … Read More

New Beginnings


The new school year kicked off for my kids a few weeks ago but the complaining every morning is still fresh in my ears after dropping them off. Why do we need to go? It’s boring! I don’t want to sit at a desk all day. Can’t I stay home just today? Starting a new school year is hard. Heck, … Read More



I had the opportunity to attend a men’s conference in our church this past weekend. Ax throwing, knocker balls, bonfires and most importantly teaching from the Bible. It has been several years since I attended something like this and it was long overdue. It was so refreshing to simply be with other people that are striving to grow in their … Read More

Easter Thoughts


When I truly stop and think about all that Jesus did for me, it really blows my mind. Fully knowing that I am a messed-up sinner and guilty of breaking his commandments in numerous ways every day, he still chose to lay down his life for me.  When we talk about our beNOBLE and beDRIVEN pillars, there is no better … Read More



I recently got a chance to take a quick trip with some buddies to do one of my favorite winter activities: Skiing. The trip was everything I was hoping it would be. Fun drive. Good food. Great runs. It was raining when we got there but soon stopped and we had the place to ourselves for a large portion of … Read More

Embrace the Grind


I have heard this phrase since I was young, used in all different circumstances but with the same message. Lean into the hard parts of life and enjoy the process of growing stronger because of it. My two oldest boys are in the middle of their first year of wrestling. If you have ever wrestled on a team or just … Read More

Weekly Pillar Post 10/26


beFIT – Andrew Most of us would like to be at least a little bit stronger. Gaining strength and muscle mass takes a lot of time and hard work though. It’s important to maximize your training to fit your overall goals. I set a goal of benching 300 lbs in the next 12 months. I benched 235 back in March … Read More

Weekly Pillar Post – 9/28


beFIT – Andrew I have been hearing about a sport called Pickleball since a friend of mine purchased a house with a court in the back yard a few years ago, but had not had a chance to actually play till this week. It’s a cross between a badminton court, ping pong like paddles, and tennis like rules. It’s easy … Read More

Hospitality During a Shutdown


Imagine going to college right now in the midst of Covid. Wearing masks, online classes, social distancing, canceled sports and activities to name just a few changes. Sounds rough to me. Now imagine you are in America for the first time and English is not your first language. As an international student in your late teens or early twenties you … Read More